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The British politicians interestingly definitely do live according to mob mentality, where our own experience was once they start causing law abiding civilians serious harm they will only just continue and endlessly escalate, because that is obviously the… easiest course of action for them.


They just pay all their jobsworths to do their dirty deeds.



... the politicians are STILL going on about hating civilian women and foreigners... 


We never saw any politicians or their jobsworths do or even make any effort to do due process because their mantra always was they had an "unlimited budget" to cause as much harm as possible.


The mob mentality of the revolving doors of politicians means their actions have no consequences for them because they just pass the baton around each other as they recklessly revolve in and around whatever is next.


One of the reasons war is such big business for Westminster is because it is again such an… easy life for them.


All politicians have to do is spin a few lies the news media repeat and that is that.


If politicians had spent as much time on discussing going to war as they do on Brexit, the Iraq War would never have happened.


Instead they spent seven hours discussing going to war in Iraq and seven hundred hours discussing fox-hunting, and several years discussing Brexit which quite a lot of planning went into orchestrating with their migrant crisis which however you look at it, they created, to scapegoat 'the other'.


I have always really wanted to write a script about their spending 7 hours debating the Iraq War, while spending 700 hours debating fox-hunting, which now includes the added dimension of Brexit.


A guy did an excellent banner that showed in detail how everyone voted that was entitled 7 hours Iraq War and 700 hours fox-hunting.


There is such an extraordinary contrast in that politician went to war after several hours of contrived debate, while having spent years spinning Brexit without producing anything at all of substance, let alone that is legal. 


The politicians obvious uncaring attitude to law abiding civilians has not improved with Brexit where they only have excuses about anything and everything.


It was the consistent public opposition to the Iraq War in the UK from people from all walks of life that led to politicians and media barons becoming so discredited that has led to Brexitgate really.


I don’t personally believe politicians ever planned to leave the European Union themselves because all the politicians really are just wallowing in spinning all sorts, where they don’t really have any arguments with the European Union about money at all either.


The real problem is politicians are con-artists so of course they don’t want to treat law abiding civilians with any respect because then they would have to stop being con-artists.


If politicians were remotely genuine they wouldn't even still be ridiculously selling their own unelected House of Lords as democracy.


The sum total of Brexit is politicians still don't like civilian women or Johnny Foreigner which really is not either new or news.


Those were politicians two consistent themes in all the years I was in Parliament Square in Central London.


Their views never did reflect the real world.


Brexit is pure spin from the usual human hating suspects like Blair, Downer, Howard, Johnson, Lynton Crosby and Murdoch.


The advantage of Brexit for the likes of Blair who is actually responsible for inventing Article 50 on his way out the door in 2007 when he could not possibly have used it himself, is they just swap places with the likes of Corbyn to try and spin themselves as... suddenly on the side of the 63% of registered voters who did not vote for Brexit, to try and re-invent themselves.


There's no way Blair could have spun Brexit himself but he does benefit from it.


I will obviously always remember politicians incredibly violent treatment of Brian and myself and other peaceniks too, ultimately forcing me out of the UK into exile in the European Union over the Iraq War. 


Brian was right, the politicians need to right their wrongs, instead of just continuing on down one wrong path after another.

27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!