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The two Brexit ’Tsars’ are Alexander Boris Johnson and Alexander Downer who are between them legally responsible for the death of my Catalan sister in Australia in 2000, before trying to kidnap me in 2006 & torturing and attempting to murder me in 2009 in the UK over which there is no plausible deniability.


I had left Australia because of the Cold War lies.


... the vicious thug alexander downer is on public record threatening to knee-cap anyone in australia who opposed howard, before cameron et al were illegally threatening to 'remove' identifiable paceniks in the uk in 2009, and downer re-invented himself as ambassador in the uk...







The politicians only keep escalating what is going on now, that is already just too serious.


The British and Australian governments must now immediately cease and desist/stop trying to continue to cause the most serious harm to peaceniks... under the cover of Brexit, which does not apply to peaceniks who were already forced out of the UK into exile in the European Union anyway. 


It really does say a lot about a so called democracy when it is... peaceniks !! who are the ones forced out of the UK into exile in the European Union.


There are now two 'Foreign Secretary's' who already have previous form acting illegally in the UK in 2006 and 2009 against peaceniks opposed to the... Iraq War, now trying to act illegally... under the cover of Brexit !!


The 'Tsars' Alexander Boris Johnson and Downer are bullies who are not honourable, nor are they gentlemen.


It would be impossible for any decent and civilized law abiding civilian to negotiate with those Two Attila the Huns whose starting point is to illegally deny peaceniks legal representation, while violently attacking them.


They lost in courts years ago.


The same politicians who were telling everyone to look at what was going on in Zimbabwe but not the UK in... 2007 are the same ones doing it with Brexit where of course what is going on in Zimbabwe is being blamed on a ... woman which is all very Mount Athos etc. I am not sure how many women are in the completely unelected House of Lords in the UK that is astonishingly called a 'democracy' the politicians and media barons in the UK have no problem with. You don't see politicians in the UK complaining about Qatar or the House of Saud etc.







I don't personally believe a single word politicians say about Brexit, because they haven't settled the very serious lawsuits they already have with peaceniks, that they already have no legal grounds for not having already paid, because... we are not a part of Brexit.


The politicians are nothing more than a bunch of violent con-artists who are so untrustworthy.


It really is taking the proverbial for politicians et al to not only want their off-shore tax havens all around the world while -also- wanting to restrict the freedom of movement of law abiding civilians... in the European Union, which is no larger than for example, the US, China, Africa, or Russia.


The self-serving politicians just recklessly career through revolving doors wreaking mayhem without any consequences, ignoring law abiding civilians are entitled to a settled legal order, so they can live their own lives.




A Pandora’s box was inevitably opened in 1995 when documents from Australia that are my personal and private property were lawfully sent to me in New Zealand.


It is a matter of fact those documents which are my personal property have never been shared by me with any politicians, lawyers, ambassadors or government officials in New Zealand or elsewhere and have nothing to do with any tax havens anywhere.


The Australian government did at that time know I lawfully had personal documents that are only a Pandora’s box entirely of their own and others doing.


(The latest New Zealand Prime Minister... worked for Blair during our time in Parliament Square, Central London too)


YET what we now know/is conclusively proven is politicians !! and their government departments did illegally share that personal information from those documents... among themselves… all around the world with… devastating consequences.


The only possible reason they ILLEGALLY shared that personal information I was lawfully given in 1995... among themselves was to... try and cover up what they had done.



... uncivilized and ungentlemanly -thug- publicly threatening to knee cap anyone who opposed howard...



In 1999 my nephew was executed in Australia, which a jury did find was obviously not a mistake.


In 2000, it wasn’t a secret that my sister was leaving Australia to come and live with me in the UK.


My sister died on 4 September 2000, several months before she was due to come to the UK.


I do know that someone unwittingly divulged personal information that led to my sister’s death because other people wanted plausible deniability and the wrong people to blame themselves.


It was obvious those responsible wanted to be able to say they had been given the personal information that led to my sister’s death.


It was after the death of my other nephew who was a twin, in a car accident in Australia in 2001 that people complained about the opportunist Alfred ‘bloody’ Brookes.



... the ministry of propaganda...


It is obviously more than a bit weird to be trying to effectively hold a Catalan hostage !! etc their whole life because of... governments lies:


...the government have been trying to hold donna a hostage her whole life...


Of course it has been conclusively proved no-one has any plausible deniability over what was going on in the UK on 4 September 2006 and 4 September 2009.






The British and Australian politicians have no 'plausible deniability' over the illegality of this in the UK on 4 September 2006:



... we conclusively proved in court on 13 december 2007 when we won that there was no 'plausible deniability' for politicians et al over this no due process on 4 september 2006 that was linked to every other case there ever was...



Two Catalan sisters on 4 September 2000 and 2006 then again on 2009.


What is really disgusting is the British and Australian governments actually tried to use the same... trial dates  (22 May 2000 & 31 December 2000) in the landmark jury case over the execution of my nephew in Australia against me.. in the case (above) they lost in the UK also involving trial dates on 22 January 2007, 22 May 2007 & 31 December 2007 !!  


They were just endlessly terrorizing me.


I proved in court, I was lawfully "resisting" a gang of seriously violent thugs (who had told so many lies and didn't want anyone to know what they were doing):



... 22 may 2007 & 13 december 2007... we were all saying the same thing as in "which part of no don't the politicians get ?"...


We had been illegally denied legal representation by the time we won on 13 December 2007.


It's hardly surprising that on 9 November 2017 (which is five years after the court record over 31 December 2007 was handed over on 9 November 2012) and after I have been forced out of the UK into exile in the European Union in 2013 because I have been illegally denied legal representation for so long, that I declared my legal justification for exile is 'reasonable self defense'


It's exactly the same as it was on 4 September 2006.


There was never any due process of any kind in Parliament Square, Central London etc in the UK.




It is impossible to deny I was (along with others) being maliciously targeted by politicians in the UK over many years because it is a matter of fact the politicians waged a very dirty war in Parliament Square, Central London on peaceniks over a very many years illegally using legislation against peaceniks that did not exist anywhere else in the UK.


What would certainly be obvious to most law abiding civilians is that Alfred ‘Bloody’ Brookes had been mixing politics with much else for considerable personal profit, exactly like the two Alexanders.


It turns out there was the most appalling double dealing going on all over the place between politicians and government agencies trying to cover up all sorts.


This Foreign Secretary and now Australian Ambassador is a supreme hypocrite and then some, because he doesn't like Catalans in the European Union either !!:



... the half-way house thug was foreign minister until 3 december 2007...


Let's not forget the old boys club of nasties including Murdoch and Lynton Crosby too, none of whom have any credibility with the public.


It is a matter of fact it is admitted that (for example) on 13 October 2006 the British and Australian governments recorded a telephone conversation between myself and family members discussing what was going on, which led to a complaint being made to the Australian government, as indeed was the case on 7 October 2009 etc.


The original 9/11 was in Catalonia on 11 September 1714 (after Catalans were expelled all over in 1492 and then again during Two World Wars) when it was then divided between the emerging 'nation' states of France and Spain.



... downer was the link between howard and bush pushing for the iraq war that conclusively proved there was no war on terror...



The Iraq War in 2003 was obviously a cover up of a cover up over the MI6 & CIA 'Operation Ajax' in Tehran that saw Mosaddegh illegally imprisoned for life on 21 December 1953.


It was obviously Byzantine to call peaceniks in the UK in 2005 criminals over free speech, which we conclusively proved was a lie that had no due process.


It was always joke among our friends etc that my brother and I were well known to as even adults have the identical habit of considering it a treat to enjoy fresh peas in a pod from brown paper bags.


This was because when we were little the one who bought a goat she christened Mrs Peel would take us to Prahran market !! how close, yet so far, because it turned out the other pea in the pod had always lived just around the corner.


In all the appalling circumstances the best possible settlement for everyone is that outlined, whereby ‘The Catalan Company’ of peaceniks are incorporated outside the UK in the European Union so we are independent of the royal circus and vice versa.


The declaration of legal justification for independence outside the UK in the European Union is very obviously reasonable self-defense.


I don’t want anything to do with the Westminster warlords in the UK or their half-way houses and I do back the creation of an EU army because there is no evidence the U.S or Russia are really allies of civilians… in the European Union !!


The terms of the full and final settlement are designed so there is no real or practical crossover between either the royal circus or peaceniks within the European Union, and in fact it is very careful to not step on anyone’s toes, while still lawfully protecting ourselves.


My own objective is to encourage human potential within civilized society so I want to be able to live within a legal order myself outside the UK within the European Union, which means our being independent of the royal circus. 


Brian and myself proved we weren't the ones who had any interest in any take-over of Parliament Square in Central London in 2010 - 2011.


In fact, the lawful settlement means no-one has to leave the European Union and there is peace in our time.


It is obviously in the interests of the UK government and their half-way house to pay the financial settlement without delay so that we are independent of one another.


There is no more 'trust' because that has been so comprehensively abused.


It is wholly unacceptable to have politicians and government agencies going around maliciously targeting... peaceniks, because they are... peaceniks !!


It is absolutely unlawful for the British and Australian governments to do nothing but bully, harass, threaten and worse… peaceniks !! they themselves forced out... of the UK into exile in the European Union.





27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!