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The savage and uncivilised British Houses of Parliament (ie: “both houses and black rod”) really are a finger pointing bunch of con-artists with a capital C who don’t win in court because they don’t do the due process of the real democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law.



... 27 june 2007 & the blair - brown switch at the gates of downing street... the "official" keeping up appearances to "save the blushes of politicians, media barons and the corbyn crew...  with only us unlawfully arrested in almost identical circumstances (to 5 August 2006 when I was tortured) that had led to Blair’s resignation"...


The British politicians had weaponised legislation that didn’t exist anywhere else in the UK, over … free speech !! very violently targeting peaceniks in Parliament Square, Central London, without any due process in what was a very dirty war waged over many years.


The politicians never had any 'plausible deniability' because they only targeted peaceniks in Parliament Square with their legislation.


By the summer of the war on Lebanon in 2006 the British Parliament were desperate to get rid of peaceniks in Parliament Square, Central London, because Spain had been forced to pull troops out of Iraq in 2004 and we were going to win in courts in the UK, over their legislation against we peaceniks in the UK.


On 4 August 2006 Steve and myself were campaigning as we often did outside Downing Street too, when a man from a group of Lebanese protesters across the road came and spoke with me about the war in Lebanon. All the protesters came across and a man held up his child to the gates and yelled at the armed police in Downing Street, asking if they were they going to murder his child too, as the justifiably angry crowd turned on Downing Street.


It did briefly look as though protesters might well go over the gates and the armed police at Downing Street certainly looked taken aback, presumably confronted with the possibility of opening fire on protesters with children ?


Really ?


Of course the British government are always pointing the finger anywhere else looking to blame someone other than themselves but they had no-one else to blame but themselves.


On 5 August 2006 they maliciously targeted me under the cover of Corbyn’s Stop the War march when I was unlawfully arrested outside Downing Street.


It was always a legal impossibility to explain how I could possibly have been picked out of the massive crowds in Whitehall and unlawfully arrested on the false pretext of ‘obstructing the highway’ which was… closed by… the MET Police.


Steve was lost under a sea of around 20 MET Police when he was unlawfully arrested for ? being in the vicinity of Babs ?


Anyway, what really happened was, I was tortured.


The British government who torture peaceniks in the UK while pointing the finger at other governments are not seriously concerned about torture.


The government invented a ‘multiplicity’ of malicious prosecutions around this unlawful arrest to try and hide a) we were winning in courts over their legislation and b) the torture on 5 August 2006.


Blair was forced to resign because lawsuits would happen over (for example) 23 May 2006, 5 August 2006, 4 September 2006 and then 31 January 2007.


I was unlawfully arrested on 27 June 2007, at the Blair-Brown switch, half way through our legal battles we conclusively won in courts on 13 December 2007.


On 27 June 2007, the government had been rounding up peaceniks in Parliament Square although the main event was at Downing Street.


I was with Steve in Parliament Square when he was suddenly unlawfully arrested (he heard police officers being told over their radio they got “the wrong one”)


Later several of us headed off to the Charing Cross detention centre to see if everyone was okay and wait for people which is what we always did. As we passed Downing Street we thought we may as well stop for a bit.


Corbyn’s glee club were across the road doing their thing and we stopped to do our thing as usual by the gates at Downing Street. Then we realized everyone was looking at us because we had just spoilt the ‘official’ scene with all the press lined up in Downing Street with Corbyn’s crew across the road in the piggy pens.


No-one could complain because we weren’t stopping anything that was absolutely clear all around us with our having front row seats so to speak because both Blair and Brown would have to pass by us to enter and leave.


So their grand show had to be put on hold because it would look more than a little odd arresting just us outside the gates of Downing Street, in their whole world of keeping up appearances, in almost identical circumstances (to 5 August 2006 when I was tortured) that had led to Blair’s resignation !!


The police had to start pedestrians moving along Whitehall again so they could encircle us with a small rent a mob of local civil servants to give ‘police’ the opportunity to just swoop in and unlawfully arrest us without anyone being able to see what was really going on to save the blushes of politicians, media barons and Corbyn’s crew.


The police said several words to Kitty Kat before grabbing her and just grabbed me without saying a single word to me or arresting me for anything.


The Charing Cross Kommissars were in a police van they kept us in for quite a while. They very strangely asked me, what we were going to do when they went to war with Iran. I was very surprised they asked me the question for all sorts of reasons because it seemed so incongruous when they were in the midst of the Iraq War. I just said I couldn’t see how they could possibly do it.


The MET were obviously really unhappy over Westminster Magistrates finally being forced to issue the summons against the Commissioner of the MET Police we had applied for on 23 March 2007, dated 26 June 2007 that led to all sorts.


On 26 June 2007:



... 26 june 2007... this is what they were trying to cover up when brian and i were unlawfully arrested in court on 26 march 2007... in the fraudulent 'contempt of court' case (below) in no due process land, that sought to keep us out of the high court...


Haw & Anor v City of Westminster Magistrates' Court [2007] EWHC 2960 (Admin) (12 December 2007)


The PM Blair and MET Cmmr Blair were losing in court all over the place, facing growing unprecedented lawsuits over no due process.


Let us be honest, the public in the UK do also know that Cherie Blair is not an advocate or lawyer for 'women's rights'.




The 27 June 2007 was less than a month before:


a) four of us were unlawfully arrested on 9 July 2007 over my winning the 'convoluted' torture case from 5 August 2006, where when we left the court I was tortured all over again !! presumably as revenge for much.


b) the malicious prosecution involving Blair's armed police and Special Branch over 31 January 2007 was abruptly shut down on 19 July 2007 during live proceedings, when I was literally kidnapped from court to stop me giving evidence.


c) the Commissioner of the MET police was summoned to court on 24 July 2007 over 23 May 2006 which all ended up in the High Court in cases I was attached to.


On 31 December 2007  Steve and I comprehensively won at Southwark Crown Court (in what was the final one of many linked cases) so the government knew they were going to lose unprecedented massive lawsuits before High Court juries because there had never been any… due process.


It is an obvious matter of fact and law there is… no recognized defence to… no due process.




I have no idea why the Crown then tried to lay claim to Parliament Square on 19 February 2008, which we didn’t even know about until 2010.


When Brian and I discussed their attempted land grab we couldn’t see any advantage in an argument over possession of it ourselves ? because ultimately we only wanted Parliament Square to remain as it was for all the public which is how we fought that part of Johnson's malicious prosecution in 2010 - 2011.


The Crown didn’t send their Attorney General along to court in 2010 - 2011 when Dominic Grieve was involved in too much including the torture and attempted murder of me by then anyway.


It was actually during the western backed 'Green Revolution' in Iran in 2009… that the Tories publicly said on 19 July 2009 they were going to illegally ‘remove’ us, before Johnson crossed all red lines and tortured and attempted to murder me on 4 September 2009 before Brian died and I was forced into exile in the European Union. 


The same time the UK were trying to illegally 'remove' long standing peaceniks in the UK over the... Iraq War:



... the same time the politicians and media barons... in the uk were trying to illegally 'remove' long standing peaceniks in the uk over the... iraq war...


It is well known the MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ 2010 - 2012 supported the western backed Green revolution in Iran.


I was forced out of the UK into exile in the European Union because it is obviously impossible to reconcile a politician torturing and attempting to murder me that has been covered up for 8 long years because Johnson always illegally refused to hand over the ‘trophy tapes’ and front up before a High Court jury to explain no due process and then some.


It is no secret the British Parliament did legislate in 2011 to try and force me into exile, subjecting me to prolonged inhuman and degrading treatment without any due process, throughout 2012.


(Of course when Iran won in the UK courts in January 2015, the Iran deal followed which everyone knows is a legal impossibility to undo)


It really is quite astounding the UK complain about elections in other countries like (for example) Iran when you look at Brexitgate which is obviously a very serious electoral fraud because only 37% of registered voters support it, while Tory and Labour both rely on the DUP who do not lose their European Union citizenship and do not represent NI who voted to remain, to support them.


This is the same configuration who weaponised legislation against peaceniks, forcing me into exile.



... it's not really a 'secret' that labour's blair and not at all anti-war corbyn along with tories always rely on the dup... 


There was certainly nothing about race, religion or politics behind their united vote against peaceniks way back in 2005.




We peaceniks should always have been given 'special status' in Brexitgate because we had already been forced out of the UK into exile in the European Union, which the government did always know, and is very serious.


The reason exiled peaceniks should have had 'special status' is because the British government have only been illegally ‘delaying’ lawful settlement of peaceniks lawsuits, which cannot be... conflated with/bundled up with/overtaken by their... separate Brexit deal with... other governments or any other excuse they might happen to think of.


It is fair to say I reasonably no longer trust anything politicians… say.


I have effectively been made a prisoner of Brexitgate Alexander Boris Johnson's... never ending lies... for 8 years too long.


I am now in exile outside the UK in the European Union and the British government et al know and do not dispute my own lawful instructions are:


a) lawfully settle my lawsuits without further harassment etc that is causing serious ongoing harm etc


b) arrange written confirmation of safe passage into what they do not dispute is a suitable place of exile within the European Union, which should actually resolve the very serious legal issues around exile too, which benefits everyone really. 


One part does go with and is inextricably linked to the other.


For the avoidance of doubt, I obviously don't ever want to speak with or hear from Johnson, who does not and will never speak on behalf of or instead of me.




It is well known filling in forms is not my strong point.


It really does say a lot about a so called democracy when it is… peaceniks forced into… exile !! over... free speech.


There is an irony that like Brian, I will never personally benefit from the free speech that we really did stand up for, forcing the repeal for all law abiding civilians in the UK.


It is what it is.


It was standing up for free speech for law abiding civilians that led to my exile.


I hope that people in the UK find peace beyond politicians Brexit groundhog day. 


27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!