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There was a UN delegation from Geneva who came to visit Brian and myself in Parliament Square one day after they had done some waffle-on or another in the British Houses of Parliament.




... brian was the only law in town in westminster, preceding the rome statute and coming into force of the international criminal court who only appointed judges in 2003... (brian 4 november 2004)...



Brian told them straight and there was real truth in what he said, that we needed UN peacekeepers in Parliament Square to protect… peaceniks from the UK government because there was a very dirty war of no due process waged on peaceniks in Parliament Square, Central London for so many years.


I didn't contribute to the discussion at all because the members of the UN from Geneva were all very chauvinist tools as though war only affects men and so on.


There is obviously a very serious problem when the Houses of Parliament wage a dirty war on defenceless civilian peaceniks over... free speech !!


I was forced out of the UK into exile in the European Union over... free speech !!


It was so dirty when you look at all the politicians in the Tory-Lib Dems and Labour working with the likes of the DUP from Northern Ireland against peaceniks on the mainland UK.


Of course the UN are useless and don't care about defenceless civilians anywhere.




What on earth did the DUP in Northern Ireland think it was doing voting against peaceniks of all politics and religions and no politics and religions on… the mainland UK ?


Some ‘peace process’ !! joining in picking on the… peaceniks on the mainland instead !!


Blair and Stakeknife Corbyn’s Abbott is a seriously two faced liar who has never really supported peace.


If Blair & Co had really been serious about the Good Friday Agreement they wouldn't have been violently attacking peaceniks on the mainland UK.


This is so revealing because all the politicians in Westminster were voting to violently attack peaceniks on the mainland UK instead:



... the two-faced liar abbott... voting against peaceniks on the mainland uk...


Where’s politicians good faith in any ‘peace process’ anywhere, let alone Brexitgate ?






There's a lot of double dealing among politicians going on manipulating a vote and public perception over the EU referendum where in fact only 37% registered voters voted for their lies:


... the majority of people in northern ireland did not vote to leave the european union and are not leaving anyway, regardless of if and how they voted, because they have dual citizenship, yet the dup were bunged £2 billion (which labour would have done too)... 


The thing is, the involvement of the DUP under the cover of Brexit does include peaceniks lawsuits, which the politicians have never had any legal grounds to 'delay' lawfully settling.


Meanwhile Redwood the MP for Wokingham which is a very safe Tory seat in the richest borough in the UK, voted against his own constituents, who voted to remain too, while advising rich people to move their money out of the UK !! 



... the brexit referendum was only all about whatever politicians wanted...


It's impossible to understand how Redwood rationally reconciles vocally pushing to leave the European Union, despite even his own constituents not voting to leave, while telling rich people to move their money out of the UK too. 



... it beggars belief...


It's a matter of fact that 63% of registered voters did not vote for all the politicians lies, because of course most people are never fooled by any of the politicians.


Once again, the DUP have a disproportionate influence through Brexit because both Tory and Labour once again rely on them to spin, while the DUP do not even represent the majority of people in Northern Ireland.




It really is impossible to deny all the politicians in Westminster are using Brexitgate to try and stir up divide and rule again, because the public from all walks of life were united in their opposition to the Iraq War.


... right the wrongs...


Where’s the ’special status’ for… exiled peaceniks ?


It's actually very serious.


I have been the real prisoner of Brexit 'Tsar' Alexander Boris Johnson's lies for 8 long years now because that ultimately forced me into exile in the European Union because it is obviously impossible to reconcile a politician abusing public office to torture and attempt to murder you, while he is using the entire apparatus of the state to hide the 'trophy tapes' because he didn't want to front up before a civil suit in front of a High Court jury to explain no due process and then some.


It is a matter of fact there is no other case like it in the UK where unfortunately the truth is it is not easy to find anyone in central government who is not tainted by it, which was never our fault.  


I always did my best to lawfully settle the unprecedented lawsuits.  




This is the Abbott trying to cover up what she was involved in that included the violent attack on Brian (and Steve) at Downing Street:


... this is one of the police officers involved in the attack on brian at downing street trying to cover up what he has done because we filed the tapes of the attack in the high court (that was really another lawsuit) when they tried to bring a malicious prosecution against brian in the magistrates court, district judge snowjob, the cps and the MET police were forced to drop etc ...


It's a matter of fact the police officer above was the police officer Brian first complained to over what the TSG did to him at Downing Street before the police officer above and the TSG tried to cover up by unlawfully arresting Brian and trying to maliciously prosecute him.


Steve was unlawfully arrested after Steve and I broke through police lines to try and... rescue Brian, where I was just thrown back, before trying to then hang onto Steve for as long as I could.


The reason the attack happened was because Steve and myself comprehensively won at Southwark Crown Court on 13 December 2007


... the cover up...


The Abbott (now Labour Shadow Home Secretary) was actually on the pavement by the tents below watching what she voted to do !! before slithering off when I challenged her, claiming she was "too busy" (while I was for example unlawfully 'arrested' etc umm... 48 times !!)


The same police officer still trying to cover up what he did (the politicians et al have a very clear 'conflict of interest' over free speech): 


... there is no democracy in a country that violently attacks and... exiles peaceniks...


It is not the case that politicians in Westminster could ever claim they didn't know what they were doing to we peaceniks, or that it was all a 'mistake'. 




The Westminster, Washington and Moscow alliance who are so openly anti European Union, forcing… peaceniks !! out of the UK into exile in the European Union, is Anthony Blunt all over again.


The Australian intelligence services were completely compromised by the British intelligence services from their inception because the British intelligence services were clearly working with the Russian intelligence services all along.


In the real world it’s impossible to find any real difference these days between Westminster, Washington and Moscow whose headquarters are the ‘autonomous’ City London really.


The Brexitgate ‘Tsar’ Alexander Boris Johnson who is so Anthony Blunt isn’t remotely European at all.





The old five eyes Murdoch who is Britain’s chief hack/er is an Australian born naturalised… American, and so on it goes.


They spin like Churchill’s Westminster who sacrificed Australians at Gallipoli and abandoned Europe at Dunkirk.


They don’t want peace and prosperity for everyone in a united European Union.


It really is a right old nest of spies in London that is worse than the Cold War.


Anyone can see there is clearly a huge legal problem using spies against peaceniks because peaceniks are no different from any other law abiding group of defenceless civilians.


In my own experience undercovers were only used against we peaceniks to try and find/provide 'plausible deniability' for politicians that in our own case they don't have because it was... politicians who weaponized legislation against peaceniks in Parliament Square... that didn't exist anywhere else in the UK. 


What happened to peaceniks in the UK could not have happened anywhere else in the European Union because it really is the Westminster axis who are the biggest war mongers in the European Union who will endlessly spin divide and rule wherever they can and with whoever they can find.


Sad, but true.


Imagine being a woman !! and having the ‘choice’ of voting for one of the Brexitgate alliance of ’Tsar’ Alexander Boris Johnson, Trump or Putin with all their seriously misogynist propaganda putting down women, which is obviously a real turn-off for women.


And the Rees-Mogg’s and Farage’s of this world are supposed to make them look better !!


Most people in the real world are not like these people, who have the entire apparatus of the state behind them.


It was my own experience in Parliament Square that Westminster are either misogynists or rent-boys who are united in their open hatred of women.




It really does say a lot about a so called democracy when it’s the… peaceniks who are exiled from the UK in the European Union.


I do support a European army for two clearly identifiable reasons which are the UK (who are the primary ministry of propaganda always pointing the finger somewhere else) and US/Russia have never been and are not reliable allies, while the European Union is no more a ’superstate’ than (for example) the US, Russia, China, Africa or the Middle East, who do have and could all have their own unions of any kind.


Of course the true reasons behind the EU army are not really about the European Union but an EU army will be necessary in the future.


In the real world, Saif Gaddafi was lounging around in London singing Blair’s praises while peaceniks were being violently attacked in the UK before the Tories who also violently attacked peaceniks in the UK were recruiting their al-Harati mercenaries in the two-faced war in Libya where I don’t support either ‘side’.


There's no politician in for example Africa who could claim they didn't know what happened in Two World Wars where millions upon millions of civilians bore the brunt... in the European Union.


People outside the European Union are too quick to forget what really happened on mainland Europe.


The politicians in Africa who really care about their civilian populations will join and stay with the International Criminal Court with armies of lawyers.



27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!