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I am an ordinary civilian with multiple citizenships who has already been a prisoner of Brexitgate ‘Tsar’ Alexander Boris Johnson’s lies for - 8 - years now, while he has done nothing but cause the most serious harm to defenceless law abiding civilians.


This is the big time collusion against law abiding civilians that led to Johnson torturing and attempting to murder me in 2009:



... Blair's Labour MP, now Corbyn's Shadow Home Secretary the Abbott colluding with DUP just like Tories, weaponizing legislation (now repealed) in Parliament Square, Central London targeting peaceniks... that did not exist anywhere else in the UK...



It says a lot about a so called democracy when... peaceniks are exiled !!


I don't see any politicians or media barons exiled.


It was a very dirty war waged on peaceniks for a very many years in Parliament Square in Central London.


I will never forget the journey through the night into exile.


What happened to peaceniks in the UK could not have happened anywhere else in the European Union because it is Westminster who are the biggest warmongers in the European Union.


Sad, but true.


My exile in the European Union curiously seems to have started some kind of peculiar ‘trend’ because since 2016 it’s certainly become very fashionable among the elite that I most certainly am not, to be a dual national exile of some description in the European Union and Middle East.


It is impossible to deny that legislation made in the UK in late 2011 that like all else before like above had no due process and failed on 16 January 2012 was purely designed to try and force me into exile.






I was a) exiled from the UK to the European Union in 2013 following prolonged inhuman and degrading treatment throughout 2012, before b) the same Brexit beast Boris then lost what is claimed to be one of his dual national ‘high end’ NGO’s in 2016 in Tehran, although Iran don’t recognize dual nationals, followed in 2017 by c) a Catalan President who did a Brexit referendum before swanning off to Belgium and d) the Lebanese Prime Minister suddenly returned to Riyadh and resigned more recently during the House of Saud's five star ‘purge’ to the errr… Ritz Carlton.


The different 'cases' involve two women, and two male politicians, who are all at least dual nationals.


It's only ever been the peaceniks without a whole entourage of lawyers.


What Davis the con-artist has said is seriously, seriously illegal:



... Last time anyone looked all British politicians had no problem (Labour would have done the same) bunging (for example) £2 billion !! to the DUP (from Northern Ireland) no questions asked to keep trying to illegally delay lawfully settling peaceniks lawsuits from the mainland UK over 7 February 2005 'vote' (above) @ 22.00 that led to peaceniks being forced from the... mainland UK into exile within the European Union ...


The involvement of the DUP under the cover of Brexit does include peaceniks lawsuits, which the politicians have never had any legal grounds to 'delay' lawfully settling.




Where is the ubiquitous hack/er Mr Murdoch in all of this one asks ?


Ultimately the common denominator is the Brexitgate ’Tsar’ Alexander Boris Johnson who is currently posing as ‘Foreign Secretary’.


He did a bizarre cameo gushing about his errr… alter ego Trump on Fox News in the US, having done a volte-face after describing Trump on 9 December 2015 where Trump who is Johnson who is Trump as "unfit for public office" because he is "divisive" !!


Imagine Mr Murdoch trying to spin the original 2015 soundbite in the UK with the Brexitgate 'Tsar' Boris Johnson standing alongside Trump saying he was unfit for public office because he was divisive. 


The Guardian have conflicting spin to the Times on where the Brexitgate 'Tsar's Professor Joseph Mifsud works in the FBI story. 


The real story in London is over September 2009 when Johnson tortured and attempted to murder me because that crossed all red lines.


There is no way of ever resolving any of that in the UK so I was forced into exile in the European Union where my legal justification is very obviously reasonable self-defense to try and put myself out of harm's way. It's well known the British government never wanted to talk with us about what they did because they despise civilians. 


Westminster, Washington and Moscow are meanwhile all united bad mouthing the whole concept of the European Union. 


What is so extraordinary is all the politicians objections to someone being a... peacenik !!


I kept my promise to Brian and did what I said I would do and was forced into exile because of that.


It is what it is.


The politicians just need to pay their bill now and leave me alone.


The whole Brexit business is so nasty because no politician is actually listening to any civilian. The UK have covered up what was going on in the UK while grandstanding about Northern Ireland when excuse me but the politicians top priority in the UK was illegally removing... peaceniks on the mainland UK, which btw... the DUP in Northern Ireland voted to try and do too !!


Where is our 'special status' because Tory-Lib Dems and Labour all colluded with the DUP against peaceniks on the... mainland UK ? 


No politician's door has ever been open for us over what happened in London that really is actually more serious than anything else because it is impossible to deny we were targeted on... the mainland UK, including by the DUP from... Northern Ireland where there is absolutely no denying we are... peaceniks. 


Yet the Johnson was spinning the Iran deal in Washington while simultaneously complaining about the latest Brexit round big time because it came with attached strings like... paying his bills.


All roads always actually always legally lead back to Johnson being legally responsible for being worse than irresponsible. 


Johnson is very obviously along with the rest of the Brexit nasties not big on paying their bills, while he is just trying to instead stir up trouble, which is all any peacenik has ever seen him do. 


I certainly do have reasonable grounds to believe that he only became Foreign Secretary to keep trying to cover up what he had done to me in the UK, because the long trail of public records prove that really is -all- he did in the UK.


In my own case where I am a law abiding civilian, it is very straightforward that the British government of no due process are just illegally delaying paying out on a lawsuit. It is seriously illegal what they have done and I quite properly do not want to see anyone else tortured in the European Union over free speech !! for goodness sakes. I wouldn't trust any politician or media baron after what happened. 


The separate matter of the legal reality of Article 50 is that it is only about a divorce that has no trade deal because it is self evident no organization anywhere would tie itself to being -forced- to make a trade deal in two years.


The best that could be said about the rest is Brexitgate UK and their twin US with their Brexit cheerleader in the Ecuadorean embassy in London are trying to spin the wheels of the Iran deal for corporate profit because everyone knows it really is a legal impossibility to undo the Iran deal made in 2015. 


It was always completely unacceptable for politicians in the UK to go around violently attacking peaceniks over... free speech !!







27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!