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It was many years ago the one who strangely bought a goat she christened Mrs Peel took me on a holiday somewhere beautiful by the coast to a place called Point Lonsdale, and she swore which was remarkable because she just never did.


She called a man Alfred “bloody” Brookes, who I must say she did not describe in the most favourable of terms. 



... the stolen generations... too many tears...


When I later asked her other half why she said what she did etc, he said it was about me, which did turn out to be true.


It was when I was given some ‘court’ records (accompanied by too many words of spin) it took me all of about… oh… less than five minutes to reach the dawning realization they wouldn’t actually withstand any legal scrutiny and that the deception went to the ‘highest echelons’ which is truly unforgivable but nevertheless is what it is.


I was an Odile and Odette looking at "everything in the round" who would of course know that the real truth was 1 + 1 = 2.




It was an extraordinary Schrodinger’s Cat of multiple deceit on so many levels, it is fair to say the (for example) Australian government would not want before any court, while of course I do have a very real responsibility to try and protect the privacy of those very badly hurt, which goes far beyond myself.


It was always a nightmare that too many people had been hurt over that it was never fair for me to have to try and properly resolve on my own which is in many ways by and large impossible to do anyway.


I had collected godparents no-one would ever want as godparents etc.




In fact I had walked away and left the country when I was young and had never wanted to know anything because I was trapped in a life that wasn’t my own that was surrounded by nothing but the most appalling deceit of which I am entirely innocent because it was never my life.


The public records prove this is inevitably not really entirely all true:



... the opportunistic… alfred “bloody” brookes and... the ministry of propaganda...



It was the most evil ’social experiment’ even in the times of all sorts going on in Australia.


I remember a house… the swing… and most of all the lies. So many lies. Nothing but lies.


Who was Brexitgate 'Tsar' Alexander Boris Johnson the 'politician' and 'journalist' really torturing and attempting to murder on 4 September 2009 ?


There will not be any more torture of defenceless civilians over free speech !! in the European Union.


The one who hid !! behind a pillar by the Parliamentary bookshop in Westminster (who was not a defenceless civilian) when I walked on by because he knew what he had done to Brian and myself knows he would not like the same done to him.


I know that is a proven fact because he always refused to hand over the 'trophy footage' to me and front up before a High Court jury in a civil suit to see what they think about politicians no due process and then some.


He viciously attacked too many people in our campaign, causing the most appalling serious harm in his efforts to try and cover up.


It is fair to say I would never trust any politician because the breach in the public trust was so serious etc.


The Australian politicians spin is fanciful because they obviously knew the supposed situation they find themselves in over a royals outdated constitution when they started acknowledging dual citizenship, which to be frank so many rich people just buy these days anyway.


Perhaps they need to do a little bit more work on their own ‘transition’ in their royal colonial half-way house.




The royals with their far from 'Commonwealth' do ummm... have an array of citizenships themselves.




I know I am European.


I do really love the European Union because the whole concept is actually entirely natural. 


It was always absolutely despicable that governments spun the Schrodinger’s Cat which is even more an ‘irony’ because I was the hidden Catalan, so in among the vast array of citizenships I manage to have collected entirely legitimately, through the most appalling trail of exiles, I do also have Italian citizenship.


I am a true ‘universal’ citizen, although I personally see myself as Southern European, albeit forced out of the UK into exile within the European Union.


The British government functionaries once slipped up in their early records giving away they knew, while falling all over themselves to later destroy as many records as they could, which they found to be quite a complicated business in the round.


Only they created their own deceit.



... the anti-european union allies showboating in denang, vietnam… after the human tragedy of world war two... the horror of vietnam that flung australians straight back into pointless war, hid much that was going on in the middle east…


I had never really thought that much about all the lies when the British intelligence services originally said I was not “allowed” to campaign because of course they say that to anyone and it was something I did conclusively prove was not true.


Their lies of so long ago are not my life.


The British ‘intelligence’ services did record the conversation with the one who had a goat she christened Mrs Peel who it has to be said did not have anything favourable at all to say about the British police either, which did indeed turn out to be more than true.


Most people are agreed that there is considerable room for improvement in the people skills of the British MET police.


The British ‘intelligence’ services did come to visit me in Parliament Square and I told them to go away because I wasn’t doing anything illegal and had no ‘ideology’ of any kind.


I was none of their business.


Was Britain’s own hack/er in chief Mr Murdoch (an Australian born and naturalised... American) being ‘questioned’ in such a manner ?


Of course not.


There was a strange ‘juxtaposition’ on 5 August 2006 when British ‘police’ from Bermondsey tortured me, strangely saying I kid you not, the Australian police are worse.


I did not comment.


Torture is torture.


When you are being tortured your mind can detach from your body, so all my mind was really thinking was logically the pain would stop at some point.


I remember they had a message written on their whiteboard (at Kentish Town) to call the DPG (diplomatic police) at Downing Street and so on, who were not exactly known as fans of we peaceniks.




In April 2008, it 'transpired' the British government claimed they had literally airbrushed me from their records which was quite odd really because there I was, a real person standing in Parliament Square with Brian, being the real me, the universal peacenik.


When the High Court was faced with a Habeas Corpus application in April 2008 requiring the British government to produce me and explain how I came to be illegally imprisoned without legal representation or trial, the High Court tried to say it could not possibly be true (knowing full well that it was) before inviting me to the High Court when I was then... released to try and work out how they were going to try and cover it all up. I have a High Court Order that is really a lawsuit against all those involved.


It was a very real Schrodinger's Cat with 'men in suits' popping up all over the place.




Imagine my ‘surprise’ when:


a) the two ‘heroes’ from Bermondsey who lost in court on 9 July 2007 over 5 August 2006 when the CPS and they were forced to admit in open court they always knew there was “never evidence to charge (me) with anything”




b) we walked out of court and were unlawfully ‘arrested’ and I was tortured etc all over… again !! presumably in revenge


c) turned up in Parliament Square during the Tamils (Gordon Brown ‘save them’) protest in 2009 falsely professing with quite some insincerity they were ’sorry’.


Brian and myself managed to be unlawfully ‘arrested’ under the cover of that protest because I was very publicly ‘enlightening’ the other protesters about ‘police’ hiding behind the far from ‘Confidential’ document disclosed dated 19 May 2006 they claimed gave them cover from politicians in ‘both houses and black rod’.


Really ?


Most people would ask which part of ‘operational’ in no due process was that ?


The lie always was they 'distinguish' between 'operational' and... 'following orders'.


I always just kept my promise to… Brian.


That was obviously always far more important because there was a very real war going on.


Real defenceless civilians dying.


I did what I said I would try and do for the… benefit of everyone.


There is an irony in that one because I won't actually personally benefit from the free speech I did stand up for, in the UK.


I am Catalan in reality and in my heart of hearts, despite it now being divided between the ‘nation’ states of France and Spain, which is how I became Italian too and here we are with a European Union, which really is very, very important for millions upon millions of law abiding civilians.


I am proud to be Catalan because it really does mean something to me, but what is also really important to me is the European Union.


I will always be a Catalan in exile because I am of the European Union which is about all of us, because wars have only produced so many stolen generations of all sorts who are robbed of the most incredible beauty of life. 


My own deeply personal story is about the long journey of exiles in war.


There is a sadness that still hangs over continental Europe who experienced the brunt of two devastating World Wars there will never be any triumphalism over because millions upon millions of innocent civilians were killed.


We will never forget.


Brian was the greatest peacemaker of our times, lost to us forever in war.



... brian really was the only law in town in no due process westminster, preceding the signing of the rome statute and coming into force of the international criminal court who only appointed judges in march 2003...


It will always be important to remember the real man who showed such courage standing up to all the politicians and press saying what they were doing to all our children was wrong.


He stood for everyone and he was always right.


Sometimes we all just have to have a good cry because that is human and being human is a strength that connects us all too.


We do all have an all too real responsibility to lawfully defend our European Union that is not really about politicians at all, but about who we all are and what really is the most extraordinary and inspiring diversity of cultures among real living people.


In a time of universal deceit, the real democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law is an evolutionary act.


The rose at the castle at the foot of the mountains overlooking the sea, is thirty five miles from the border, but I will always be in exile somewhere else in the European Union because ultimately peace in our time is more important.



27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!