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I grew up in and left !! Australia when I was young primarily because of the Cold War lies of nests of spies which had the most serious consequences for ordinary people.



... a cheap and vulgar Walmart imitation and bargain basement Russia Today who is not actually terribly British at all, and definitely not old school British or in any way European either...


When I was in Parliament Square and there was no longer any pretence there was any Cold War the same nest of spies who once claimed to be ‘opposed’ were openly only maliciously targeting we peaceniks.


This didn’t become a real 'issue' until the Brexitgate ’Tsar’ Alexander Boris Johnson tortured and attempted to murder me in September 2009 because the government didn’t want a massive amount of civil claims going before a High Court jury because there had never been any due process.


He should have resigned then.


That was the point when the great cover up exponentially escalated including the government legislating in 2011, to force me out of the UK, into exile in the European Union.


This is a very clear which part of no don't you get ? way back in September 2006  (the 'police' heavily edited):



... charing cross 'police' station... and the real world of the british state literally terrorizing us on 4 september 2006 ... before 4 september 2009...(in 'cases' they lost in what was an escalating campaign of... terror against peaceniks)...


Most people know British politicians and media barons are only always trying to manipulate public perceptions.


In fact, there is nothing in Article 50 about there having to be any... trade deal because the EU would obviously never tie themselves into having to make a trade deal with anyone within two years:



... it's obvious to any sentient human being that the 'divorce' is the 'meal' has ended.. and is not contingent on any trade deal, which is an entirely separate matter that is not even part of article 50...


The Brexitgate 'Tsar' certainly doesn't speak in my name, on behalf of, or instead of me, which is the real problem with Brexit because politicians are only using it to say they can do whatever they like with law abiding civilians freedoms, which is simply not true.


It just highlights what we had to put up with while he was relentlessly bullying us and far, far worse in Parliament Square, where predatory doesn't even begin to describe what was going on.






The politicians in the UK and their media barons at Sky News et al were not at all subtle in openly broadcasting on 19 July 2009 that their top priority was to illegally 'remove' we peaceniks (there were no accompanying caveats they would act within the rule of law) while being cheered on by all the media barons and BBC state broadcaster, which was after the MET Police had boasted on 19 July 2007 they had an 'unlimited budget' to get rid of us:



... in the uk it was the politicians and media barons who were united in trying to murder the... peaceniks !! in parliament square, central london over... free speech !! with the weaponization of ss 132-138 socpa 2005 legislation that didn't exist anywhere else in the uk (now repealed because they shifted up a gear to the exile legislation in 2011 ) ...


In the UK the politicians and media barons were united in wanting to illegally 'remove' peaceniks over... free speech !! because the public from all walks of life have always been united in their opposition to the Iraq War.


The public opposition from all walks of life to the Iraq War was based on being a member of the human race.


The 'police' were incentivised by the brown envelopes to violently attack us to try and... avoid lawsuits. 


We really did experience all sorts in Parliament Square, Central London.


It is matter of fact that in the UK in April 2008 I did end up with a High Court Order (that is really a lawsuit) involving Habeas Corpus against all those involved who illegally imprisoned me without legal representation or trial over -free speech- !! when politicians and media barons first attempted to illegally 'remove' me from the UK.


I personally think the 'cleric' spin hides what was really going on in London being done to... peaceniks !!:



... there were the 'men in suits' and all sorts of skullduggery in the uk in 2008 when the UK government were first trying to illegally remove me because i am a... peacenik...


Most people reasonably believe that Erdogan staged the attempted coup in Turkey to consolidate his power which is far more likely and is what happened, in what was all like a very bad B-rated movie.


The reality was the CIA did work in and with the UK. There was (for example) one 999 call when the operator said she was recording the men yelling at me threatening me, and she is telling me to walk away, walk away now. When the 'police' turned up the men did pull out US 'diplomatic immunity' so the police had to disappear them. All the tourists had just been gobsmacked watching what they openly and arrogantly did in broad daylight.


They were not people who had ever stood up for free speech and they behaved like occupiers which of course is the sad reality of what they are doing in Europe, because they are only here to make money and don't care about civilians at all.


On 17 August 2007, all the police and government just 'disappeared' an assailant who violently punched me in the head in what was an undercover operation, in front of loads of witnesses, before literally running into the arms of 'police' when he was chased by Steve and Gary. 


Frankly what really happened in the UK on 10 April 2013 that the politicians could never explain is far more extraordinary than any of the 'cleric' spin:


... 10 april 2013... this is the real world that really did happen that exemplifies brexitgate that no-one will ever see on any media barons front page because it begs so many questions...


The British politicians had no problem with 666 !! knowing full well that they had no defence that was recognized in law they could possibly ever use before a High Court jury in a civil lawsuit claiming anyone 'reasonably believed' what 666 was doing was lawful.


It was just truly terrible what went on in the UK.


It was just abuse heaped upon abuse.


This was no 'leak' but a boast about being willing to take "mountains of gold" to spin Brexitgate from the same con-artists:


 ... 23 june 2014... this was no leak... this was a boast... because the daily mail (who own the london evening standard along with lebedev's independent) were 'embedded' in johnson's matryoshka of the mi5 'democracy village'...  


In 2010, the legal reality that is very far from lawful is the politicians and media barons in the UK were the true 'complainants' in the unlawful 'arrests' of Brian and myself on for example 25 May 2010 and 8 August 2010. 


Technically because 'Russia Today' were 'embedded' with the Matryoshka of MI5 Democracy Village which was illegal, and began on 1 May 2010 before the election a few days later they did 'interfere' in what was a 'hung parliament' except that what that really hides is that Brian and myself were the real targets of the planned operation, started under the cover of an election. The reality was the Russian government were there with the full knowledge and permission of the British Parliament. The British Parliament had to plan to start the operation under the cover of an election or it would have looked even stranger than it did anyway.


Brian and myself were the targets, not the election (which the British politicians easily rigged to suit themselves by spinning the student fee lie). 


The public court records prove there were questions that could not be answered in the High Court in London over who made the decision to prosecute whom in what was really the malicious prosecution of Brian and myself. The 'embedded' news media didn't front up to court themselves in the whole disgrace. I have never seen such a disgraceful show trial (and we had all seen quite a few) which brought new meaning to the word surreal.


It's obviously very, very upsetting for me because the purpose of the operation was to try and cover up Johnson torturing and trying to murder me in September 2009. I never want to hear from the Russian government ever again either. Brian and I obviously never even had any interest at all in Russian politics and it was well known Brian didn't like the Russian government.




What became clear is the British government like the Australian government are first and foremost friends with the Russian government rather than any kind of protectors of their ‘own’ people.


The Russian government were part of Alexander Boris Johnson’s whole Matryoshka of the MI5 Democracy Village while he was Mayor of London with Lynton Crosby writing his spin then too.


It really was a right old nest of spies in Central London that made the Cold War look like a walk in the park. 


This proved that every Cold War spy completely wasted their time and lives, because as was proved time and again then, the UK intelligence services were in complete cahoots with the Russian intelligence services, as one after another Cold War UK spy ’defected’ to the former Soviet Union.


There is more 'irony' in that truth than is admitted because of course those found out were only really being relocated to avoid too much public embarrassment for the politicians et al who are essentially con-artists.


It just looks odd now having the US military in the European Union while the US administration are openly hostile to and briefing... against the whole concept of the European Union.


The latest US President only continues to highlight a seriously fundamental flaw and weakness in having what is really the U.S. military's NATO in the European Union. 


Of course no-one could really even begin to call the UK a 'democracy' with it's wholly unelected House of Lords and so on that has completely escaped the 'attention' of the Brexit club who never stood up to or wanted to change their own blatant cronyism that is the worst in the European Union.


It is a matter of fact (that is not my personal 'opinion' or mere 'comment') that Johnson was legally responsible for torturing and attempting to murder me in September 2009 -and- then running his malicious prosecution through the Matryoshka of the MI5 Democracy Village between 1 May 2010 - 4 May 2012  etc to try and cover up.


All throughout 2012 when I was being subjected to prolonged inhuman and degrading treatment Johnson was seen to be the primary instigator time and again and in particular of really vicious state violence from his... police.


He had no shame when Brian died.


When Brian died I experienced the indescribable accumulation of all evil circling like hyenas, literally gloating over what they had done.






The truth is the Brexit sleazebag ASIO Assange with his entourage of lawyers was parachuted into London in 2010 by Johnson to try and cover up the 2009 torture tapes in... the UK.


One just switches off when you read the garbage put out about the latest off-shore financial 'leak' when you read the law firm involved has a 'compliance' officer who is ex-cop from the UK called Woods who thinks ASIO Assange's wikiwoo is a reliable source of information.


The British Parliament legislated the 'autonomous' City of London into existence that is 'hidden' in full view.


In 2010 'Sir' Kier Starmer who was Head of Doughty was also head of the CPS trying to cover up Johnson's torture tapes.



.... ms robinson from doughty is really.. asio assange and starmer's lawyer so the guardian are just spinning all their own lies...


(A member of our campaign had the Criminal Cases Review Commission in the UK email him several months ago, incredibly claiming that after two years !! they had brazenly deleted an email from him about a case... without even reading it (so they claimed) !! Of course the true facts are they read the email and then waited for two years, wasting time, before deleting it... themselves. It was many years ago, when I once went through the process of complaining to the Criminal Cases Review Commission that there was no due process, before they actually wrote, they knew it was all political etc !! and still did nothing) 


I was the real peacenik in the UK illegally denied legal representation on 23 June 2010 in the High Court in London over the torture tapes which were secured, which they have just always refused to hand over to me for... 8 years.


The public records prove that it was Starmer's Paul Harris SC from Doughty who was one of the lawyers trying to cover up for him. 


Doughty had known about torture going on in 2006 and 2007 before 2009 because they were the barristers for 5th August 2006 when we won on 9 July 2007 (Doughty didn't have to do anything because the CPS admitted they had sat on the case for almost a year knowing there was never any evidence to charge me on... 4th September 2006 where:


a) two CPS lawyers who had come forward over 5 August 2006 as -my- witnesses !! were fired




b) all the lawyers ran over the 4 September 2006 case (that was invented to cover up the 5 August 2006 case) Steve and I won on 13 December 2007 )


When we walked out of court on 9 July 2007 when I won then, four of us were unlawfully 'arrested' and I was tortured... again !!. 


It was terrible what happened when we walked out of court on 9th July 2007. The police literally closed off the whole of Horseferry Road in Central London and violently attacked us. I remember Brian being dragged across the road and seeing Steve on the ground, while I was thrown into metal railings by the park there, and into the side of a police van before being bundled in and driven around. I managed to press the buttons on my phone in my pocket to try and say what was going on. Doughty et al had never called any lawyer for us before it took... two hours for the police to 'book me' into police 'custody' with an Inspector Stacey trying to implode my knuckles etc etc etc etc.


Of course none of us were ever charged with anything. 


It took 'police'... two hours to book me in on 9 July 2007.  There was a lot they were trying to cover up even before that day.


Belgravia Police Station is several minutes drive down the end of Horseferry Road really. All the court staff watched and saw what the police did and did nothing, knowing the circumstances in which we had just won. There was such a massive !! cover up going on even then.


What happened on 9 July 2007 was very bad.


In 2010 'Sir' Kier Starmer's Paul Harris SC from Doughty was working for him:




... harris never even so much as had a single meeting with brian or myself because he was always really working for starmer... 



1. There was no mention from lawyers that the government had weaponized ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005 legislation that didn't even exist anywhere else in the country (now repealed) against our Parliament Square Peace Campaign (where they don't even mention above there are separate campaigns being prosecuted).


2. All the lawyers were trying to cover up the government had illegally publicly said on 19 July 2009 they wanted to 'remove' us.  


3. I was the one on the witness stand in the High Court who saw all the lawyers faces as they stood in unison and the Judge ran on 21 June 2010 when I started lawfully blowing the whistle in the High Court which was only going to lead to the cover up that was going on over the torture tapes from September 2009 etc.


It was known that I had already very publicly asked in open court in the Magistrates Court in early November 2009 for the tapes, which they could not lawfully refuse to hand over to me.


In 2010, Harris obviously never wanted a meeting with Brian and myself because they were only ever trying to cover up the torture tapes etc like Bindmans and Birnberg Pierce. Jan Luba from Garden Court didn't represent Brian and myself because he was hired by Bindmans who represented the MI5 Democracy Village. When Brian and I complained we didn't have a 'land' lawyer, the court just said Brian and I could not have any 'land' lawyer, claiming it was enough that MI5 Democracy Village had one. We never knew or met with Luba. Garden Court did know about the torture in August 2006 because they asked Brian and I to go to a meeting with Bindmans over another case we won that was before Brian fired Bindmans, and they saw what had happened and asked me about it. In hindsight I think they only asked us to the meeting in 2006, to see what we would say about the torture because we were always going to win the case on 14 September 2006. 


Superintendent Terry the Tosser had invited myself and Steve Jago to an informal meeting on 7 July 2006 with Chief Inspector Andrew Robinson at Charing Cross Police Station that unknown to us at the time (because they never told us what they were really up to) they actually used to invent fraudulent witness statements to try and use in court on 14 September 2006 over 26 March 2006 when... Brian and I had been unlawfully arrested and released without errr... charge !! The brazen and blatant corruption was incredible. They even had the nerve to unlawfully arrest both Steve and myself on 9 July 2006 because Superintendent Terry the Tosser and I quote what was written "wants Barbara to answer the following questions (about ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005) before being released". The lawyer had to point out to the errr... 'detectives' I didn't need to answer the questions because 'police' had unlawfully arrested me for an alleged obstruct pc (another case they lost).


It is a matter of fact that the now Chief Superintendent Terry the Tosser et al never said to Steve and myself on 7 July 2006 that they wanted us to go to an informal meeting, which was held on the top floor in their offices, so they could try and invent 'witness statements' over their 'test case' they could only lose on 14 September 2006 because the legislation was 'void ab initio' which was an understatement. This was the two most senior police officers of a Central London police station being completely corrupt in a whole food chain that was corruptly making vast sums of money out of seriously abusing us for politicians. The most senior police officers really only invited me to a meeting because they wanted to try and work out how to keep making money and getting promotions. They brought the police into the most serious disrepute because the food chain was rotten from the top... down, which is why they had to be disbanded after 13 December 2007. In fact they just spread out and kept going.  


It is just despicable and beyond reprehensible the MET Police tried to spin the date of my sister's death -and- the trial dates of the execution of my nephew in Australia against me in cases and court dates they chose in the UK. I had never mentioned either to the MET police, so it was the most incredible invasion of and abuse of privacy and so on.


It's a matter of fact that Bindmans, Garden Court, Birnberg Pierce and Doughty all knowingly covered up the torture of peaceniks in the UK. 


It was in October 2006 and Steve was waiting for me to be released from Charing Cross 'Police' Station one time in the cover up over 5 August & 4 September 2006 (that they spun into all sorts of other cases by devious means, all of which we won) and he said a lawyer (who had been a campaigner at Greenham Common and said she'd never seen anything like what was being done to us) came out looking as white as a sheet. When he asked her what had happened, she explained what transpired to be the government had set up what they tried to claim was a 'clandestine' unit that cost £500,000 (ie: no-one in government wanted to take responsibility for authorising it) to try and make lawsuits go away !! (because they already knew they had a serious problem with no due process and torture) The most polite term that can be used was the government had hired 'profilers' trying to treat me like some kind of 'social experiment' when the government's real problem was peaceniks with no legal training were winning !! in courts all the time. I had just instructed the lawyer as most people would, to write down the questions they asked and the answers I gave, and they all ran at that common-sense suggestion. The police always refused to hand over the CCTV of all that too because they behaved appallingly. 


The so called 'profilers' were bunged £500,000 of public money in one of very many attempts of all different kinds, to try and cover up legislation that didn't exist in the rest of the country over... free speech, had... no due process.


The abuse of us that went on was just so shocking where everyone involved were bullies and far, far worse.


It was around the same time that lawyer said she had been sitting in the custody suite another time I was unlawfully arrested and Superintendent Terry the Tosser hadn't noticed her, before storming into the custody area yelling at the officers "Who gave Steve Jago my fucking phone number ?" because a police officer had actually put Steve through to the Tosser.


The government just threw money at anyone they could think of to have a go at us.


There was no due process in 2010 anywhere and I had no legal representation because everything was just a cover up of a cover up.





Once when there was one of those phoney staged protests with Russians doing the whole UK 'save us' spin at Old Palace Yard a Russian man came and spoke with me and said he was worried about the protest because while many people oppose Putin et al, they don't want the UK either. I said I obviously agreed and didn't support such people either who willingly turn a blind eye to what the British government do, where of course we had problems from both governments anyway.


The likes of the BBC, Russia Today and Fox News are far more similar/uniform than anything in the European Union, despite the enemy within the European Union being NATO.


Russia Today is very British and American because that is where most of their presenters and performers come from.


And sure enough Brexitgate ‘Tsar’ Alexander Boris Johnson then goes on to become Moscow’s favourite ‘Foreign Secretary’ where anything and everything is the fault of the big bad European Union ‘superstate’.


The problem being that this supposed European Union ’superstate’ is no bigger than for example the U.S. Russia, China, Africa or the Middle East who can all have their own unions.


What no decent and civilized law abiding civilian wants is 'politicians' and 'journalists'  like Johnson re-introducing the torture and attempted murder of peaceniks !! over free speech !! -within- the European Union.


What Brexitgate has proved to everyone is that the UK, US and Australian governments are not only not reliable allies, but are like the Russian government completely opposed to any freedom for law abiding civilians in the European Union.






The really gruesome cover up has gone on too long, causing too much very serious harm:


... the true legal reality is the uk have been lawfully instructed to pay our lawsuits now and are just wasting time... the drivel about emails, even if it were true, are nothing compared to their hanging on to the torture tapes from 2009, they never wanted any high court jury to see... 


Which part of -8 years- !! trying to lawfully settle lawsuits in the most reasonable manner possible is not clear  ??


I am personally already 'divorced' from the entire British Parliament because there is absolutely no doubt I have been forced out of the UK into exile in the European Union so there is no lawful reason I need to wait for what ?? in order for lawsuits to be settled ??


The British government are the most horrible and dishonourable con-artists of the worst kind.


How they treat law abiding civilian women is just disgusting.


My own 'legal justification' for exile outside the UK in the European Union is 'reasonable self-defence' !!


I don't want to see anyone else in the UK go through what I went through over - free speech - that saw Brian die.




I do personally find it repulsive that the Brexitgate ’Tsar’ publicly poses as some kind of  'victim' standing up for what ??  because all he has ever been hiding for 8 years now !! is that I am the real victim of what he has done, with  just one cover up after the next.


It’s absolutely unconscionable that the person who tortured and attempted to murder me is Foreign Secretary.


I do now reasonably believe that the only reason he became Foreign Secretary was to keep trying to cover up what he had done.


In fact ’Tsar’ Alexander Boris Johnson’s ‘British’ facade with his phoney accent and very affected mannerisms are very superficial and only a copy, because he is obviously far more American and Russian than he cares to publicly admit.


He is a cheap and vulgar Walmart imitation and bargain basement Russia Today who is not actually terribly British at all, and definitely not old school British, or in any way European either. 


For the avoidance of doubt, I never want to see or speak to Johnson, who has made me a prisoner of his lies for 8 years.


He hid behind a pillar by the Parliamentary bookshop in Westminster when I walked on by because he knew what he had done to Brian and myself and should have resigned many years ago. His actions said everything I could possibly ever need to know because he always pays other people to do his dirty deeds and always has.


Johnson who is completely untrustworthy is a vicious bully who hates women and has no dignity or self respect at all.



... the truth really was, brian was the only law in town in westminster...


There’s no-one in our Parliament Square Peace Campaign who ever had anything but complete and utter contempt for Johnson.


And we were right.


Brexitgate is all exactly the same vicious snarling and lies we had in Parliament Square that led to my being forced from the UK into exile in the European Union.


It is exactly the same two faced lies that led to Two World Wars in what is now the European Union.


The European Union can only continue to prosper by building it’s own EU army because the UK, US, Australian and Russian governments have proven they are hostile actors when it comes to the people, prosperity and peace of the European Union.

27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!