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The global system of 'administrative governance' inevitably means that everyone lives in a Stepford ’Village’ deceit of divide and rule where ‘everything is not always as it seems’ or rather the truth is not told because of the manipulation of… perceptions, when there is no due process.



... the catalan 1492 er's exiles... catalan, french, spanish, italian and british... expelled by a millennium of all royals, religions and politicians through all the 'stages' of 'administrative governance' that led to the european union...




123: 11, 22, 33 & 666:




The Matryoshka of the MI5 Democracy Village ’social experiment’ at the ‘highest echelons’ that my brother and I were raised in:




… the stolen generations of the catalan - ‘sephardi’ (1) and the germanic - ‘zionist’ twin (2) …19 february 1999 - 2008  and 25 june 2013…  4 september 2000 - 2006 - 2009 and 18 & 25 june 2006 - 2011 … (22 february 2006 - 13 december 2007) 17 august 2007 -17 august 2011, 19 february 2016 ...


The two who lived at 646 were not the same as the two who moved to 11 when we left.


My brother and I did both walk away from Hotel California, which to be frank was pretty weirdsville with the goat Mrs Peel and so on.


It's self evident the old school 123 presumably is 11 equals divide and rule, 22 is trying to use any 'catch-22' to stop any two law abiding civilians uniting to lawfully challenge the government and 33 is the no due process of the state's 666 (ie: the state illegally becomes judge, jury and executioner when there is no due process)


In all the true circumstances Dante's 'Divine Comedy' is seriously unfunny.


... who would have guessed...


The original 9/11 was 11 September 1714 when Catalonia was divided between all the related European royals emerging 'nation' states of France and Spain.


The Cayman's is of itself a 'jewel in the crown' :


... the old cayman's... for a rainy day ?... 


The far from 'Commonwealth' off-shore empire has been 'hidden' in full view with all it's half-way houses for many years now really:


.. this was no 'hack' or 'leak'...


The related royals stashed the cash because ? :



... 1399 goes back a couple of years... in rather an 'elastic' use of the word 'private'...


Let us be honest the British Parliament who legislated the 'autonomous' City of London into existence for the 1% would never support any real 'People First' tax 'reform'/'autonomy' within the European Union for civilians that would, for example, a) limit the collection of taxation to just from goods and services people buy to b) fund public services and c) a universal basic income that would d) raise wages because e) corporations would have to pay a decent wage to get people to do a decent job for them etc. 


It's only law abiding... civilians freedoms in the European Union the 1% oppose.






In the mainland UK I did repeatedly and conclusively prove in full public view this 22 FEBRUARY 2006 lie to try and stop two law abiding civilians uniting over free speech where there was always supposed to be Article 11 Freedom of Assembly, was incompatible with the rule of law because it never had any due process:


Tucker v Director of Public Prosecutions [2007] EWHC 3019 (Admin) (30 November 2007)


(They 'forgot' to a) invite Brian and myself to my own appeal where b) I had illegally been denied any legal representation anyway, before c) they went ahead in my/our... absence !! because their whole point was to never do any due process because that original seriously malicious prosecution, which was quite extraordinary unravels everything that followed.)


It is impossible to deny the abuse of all due process is self evident in that original malicious prosecution.


It was a very serious miscarriage of justice because of the very, very serious consequences that any legal analysis proves would have always been very simply remedied by a High Court jury in lawsuits, which is what the absence of all due process was trying to avoid.



... 48 unlawful 'arrests' in the cover up over there being no due process...


The truth that was a 'known known' was Brian and myself had proved the legislation was incompatible with the rule of law long before 23 May 2006 etc etc.


Any reasonable and rational law abiding person would know the European Union Charter of Fundamental Freedoms that came into force on 12 December 2007 and was included in the Treaty of Lisbon on 13 December 2007, has supremacy over the arbitrary Article 50 which was also included as a propaganda device.


There's never been any 'plausible deniability' over 4 September 2006 or 4 September 2009 in the UK.


On 4 September 2006 it's a very clear "which part of no didn't they get" ? : 


... 4 september 2006... charing cross 'police' station, central london... there's no 'plausible deniability' this was a clear... no...


I always told the truth, including on 22 January 2007, when big ears et al above, were earwigging in a private conversation before complaining to their 'Judge' Snowjob about my commenting the 'police' are "fucking criminals". I never did deny saying what I did and indeed proved was true, which was as it turned out, even then, something of an understatement.




Everything the Westminster warlords always did to us, through their violent weaponization of legislation in Parliament Square, treating us completely differently to anyone else in the whole of the UK, because the legislation did not exist anywhere else was "void ab initio" (bull from the beginning) :




...4 september 2006 & 22 january & 22 may 2007 etc on 13 december 2007... we had comprehensively won everything in courts of law ...


There is no 'plausible deniability' over our being treated differently to anyone else in the UK by the entire apparatus of the state, because the ss 132 -138 SOCPA 2005 (now repealed) legislation did not exist anywhere else in the UK.


The evidence always was it was only always the government who were resisting a... peace zone in Parliament Square, Central London.


The repeat performance involving torture -and- attempted murder took place at Belgravia 'Police' Station on 4 September 2009 over which there was never any 'plausible deniability' either, which is why the warlords in Westminster always refused to hand over the tapes, which had been secured and there really is no doubt, I did ask for in court early on in November 2009.




It is a matter of fact there had never been any (of what were all illegal) 'searches' before any 'State Opening' before, let alone that involved dragging us out of our tents, for what ?? :


.... i was unlawfully arrested on november 18 2009, after they had held brian down on the ground for 40 minutes, because it is a matter of fact i had very publicly asked the judge and 'sir' kier (doughty) starmer's cps in front of police in court at horseferry road several days earlier, for the tapes from 4 september 2009  ... 


(Doughty were already covering up the torture from 5 August 2006 & 9 July 2007 that along with Bindman's and Garden Court Chambers they did all know about and is incl. in HQ12X002745. Two CPS lawyers who had resigned came forward as -my- defence witnesses over 5 August 2006 that I won on 9 July 2007 before we walked out of court and four of us were unlawfully arrested and I was tortured ... again !!) 


In legal terms, it is a matter of fact the Brexitgate 'Tsar' Alexander Boris Johnson is legally responsible for what happened in September 2009 because he was both the Mayor of London and boss of three successive Commissioner's of the MET Police.


Starmer literally made his whole career out of covering up the torture and then the torture and attempted murder of me in 2009 because Bindman's & Doughty were the law firms in the original 22 February 2006 spin.


... 22 july 2010... jean charles... ian tomlinson...




There were no terror attacks in the UK on my seven plus years watch in Parliament Square, Central London because the warlords in Westminster were so busy trying to illegally 'remove' peace !!


I am an honourable person who kept my promise to Brian, doing our best to save civilian lives.


All we ever did was... free speech.


The dramatic escalation into the torture -and- attempted murder of this female peacenik in the UK in 2009 created all sorts of very serious legal 'difficulties' that resulted in a further 'sequence of events' that led to my exile because the warlords in Westminster proved they were never going to allow me to go on a witness stand before a High Court jury in the UK. 


It is very straightforward that the abuses of all due process took place in the UK because it is undeniable that we were treated very differently because the weaponization of legislation maliciously targeting peaceniks... did not exist anywhere else in the whole country in the UK.






In 2006, the Australian government were forced to close a recklessly arbitrary 'shooting zone' in an area members of the public used in Warburton, Australia after a landmark jury ruling that the execution of my nephew (by a police officer's son vocally supported by the gun lobby et al) was no 'mistake' :



... 22 may 2000...


... another winfield... it is a matter of fact the jury convicted the shooter because they concluded the execution was not a 'mistake'/there was no 'plausible deniability' ... 



... the execution... 


They went all over the place etc but they couldn't change what the jury had concluded:


... @3.33...


The Commissioner of the MET Police 'Sir' Ian Blair et al sitting in the unelected cronyism of the House of 'Lords' did all make snide 'comments' over the years.


It just beggars belief !! that the MET 'Police' et al maliciously built their 22 February, 22 May etc script in the UK (that we won on 13 December 2007) around that court case in Australia !! over... free speech in the UK.


There is a very good reason law abiding civilians don't need the "permission" of 'politicians' and 'media barons' to lawfully exercise ... free speech.






... all the political 'sides' used the same violent weaponization of ss 132-138 socpa legislation against us, while people from all walks of life opposed the iraq war...


In fact, ASIO Assange who was parachuted into London in 2010 to run cover over what was really going on in Parliament Square, had legal representation not given to everyone else. This is all the more curious/noticeable when you consider that his whole entourage of ('Sir' Kier Starmer's Doughty led) lawyers never went to the European Courts at any time since mid 2012 when the sleaze-bag sloped off to the Ecuadorean embassy. 


I was publicly being subjected to prolonged inhuman and degrading treatment throughout 2012 in Parliament Square, Central London, while repeatedly being illegally denied legal representation.


Brexitgate 'Tsar' Alexander Boris Johnson's tasteless brigade have no track record of ever standing up for law abiding... civilians free speech, let alone opposing... war:



... tasteless... lord rothermere @ the daily mail/london evening standard etc... lack any dignity or basic common decency because all law abiding civilians are united in opposing the murder of defenceless civilians, regardless of any secondary politics ...


Whenever there is a terrorist atrocity in the United States of Ammo (most recently in a church) there are only crocodile tears from the usual ghoulish suspects in 'politics' and 'news' media. 




Of course, the former Catalan President (who is another 'politician' and 'journalist') has similarly always unlike... civilians, had a whole entourage of lawyers, long before he toddled off to showboat in Brussels.


Puigdemont poses as a Catalan exile without any history of being an exile, hiding the true tragedy of a millennium of Catalan exiles that led to the European Union.


In contrast, I was forced into exile because the British Parliament rather 'astonishingly' made an entire Act !! (the Police Reform & Social Responsibility Act 2011 of errr... no due process against me to try and cover up what they had donewhile I was illegally denied legal representation) 


We are obviously easily legally 'distinguished' from the likes of Brexitgate's ASIO Assange who a) always had a whole entourage of lawyers while only ever spinning b) legislation he has noticeably never challenged in the European Union Courts that has applied to everyone, despite everyone else not having the... same legal representation. 


The weirdsville:


... 10 april 2013 in the city of london... it's the goat of mrs peel following us again...


The original Catalonia was divided between France and Spain after 11 September 1714, which neither an election on 21 December 2017 or a second referendum etc will change. 


The reality is people in the European Union don't want to keep changing their... entire lives based on the whims of an ever changing 'coalition' of national politicians anywhere.  


The evolving nature of the European Union is such that people's own personal identity is no longer solely defined by 'national' administrative borders that have changed multiple times throughout history anyway.


I certainly have no interest to declare in the spin in Spain.


This Brexitgate grandstanding by politicians is so cynical:



... it's only... politicians grandstanding as 'revolutionaries' in a win-win all round for them in brexitgate really because both rajoy and puigdemont are only trying to boost their own... votes etc with 'nationalist' spin...


It is a matter of fact I did lawfully start blowing the whistle on what was going on in the UK in the High Court in London on 21 June 2010 which is why I was illegally denied legal representation on 23 June 2010 that had and did lead to all manner of real lawsuits :



...  i must have instinctively known something that i didn't know for certain until later in amsterdam...



It was obvious the Prism hoax was spin:


... the more law abiding civilians can do the real democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law, the more there is peace, love and justice for everyone...


In all the true circumstances Dante's 'Divine Comedy' is seriously unfunny:



... the 'five eyes' asio assange troupe... in all the true circumstances this is seriously unfunny...


It is a matter of fact that on 22 October 2017 the peace and harmony of the rule of law lawfully confirmed instructions over very real lawsuits to the City of London 666 which represents ‘the mark’ of the no due process beast, with our by contrast a) peace b) love and c) justice for everyone on 13 December 2007 etc over free speech for law abiding... civilians.


What I personally love most about the European Union myself is the extraordinary and inspiring cultural diversity of people within the European Union that exists outside of and is not defined by whatever happens to be the latest passing 'populist' stage of administrative governance.





27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!