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The Brexit and Catalan referendums are clearly being used by politicians out of public favour more generally, as a platform to re-brand 'politics' as ‘revolutionary’ while really making much ado about nothing good for civilian populations.


... no true catalan exile would ever be supporting brexitgate's re-branding of the edicts of expulsion from 1290 that spread throughout europe...


Puigdemont poses as a Catalan exile without any history of being an exile, hiding the true tragedy of a millennium of Catalan exiles that led to the European Union.


The original Catalonia was divided between France and Spain after 11 September 1714, which neither an election on 21 December 2017 or a second referendum etc will change. 


The reality is people in the European Union don't want to keep changing their... entire lives based on the whims of an ever changing 'coalition' of national politicians anywhere.  


Puigdemont was only catapulted into power (much like Theresa May) in a political deal among politicians who made him President for their own political ends.


Rajoy and Puigdemont both have problems in maintaining 'fractious' political alliances where grandstanding over a 37% referendum for public consumption is a win-win welcome distraction for both, bolstering their own 'nationalists' rather than those seeking real 'autonomy' that works for everyone.


While they dance to the cameras nothing will change for the benefit of the public whatever the outcome which is just political posturing.


The evolving nature of the European Union is such that people's own personal identity is no longer solely defined by 'national' administrative borders that have changed multiple times throughout history anyway.


It would for example be very unusual to hear most Bretons even describe themselves as French, whatever the Parisian central administration of any time might say. 


What is certain is no genuine Catalan exile would ever be spinning the Brexitgate 37% which is re-branding the Edicts of Expulsion from 1290 that spread throughout Europe leading to the Genocide !! of Two World Wars before the European Union.


In the UK and Israel it is the royalists and Zionist leaders who have never supported a European or Middle East Union for law abiding civilians.


The Balfour Declaration of 1917 led to slightly more than another British colony, in the Middle East, that they always planned to populate with Europeans.


Puigdemont is a royalist and Zionist just like Rajoy.


They are both united in supporting Brexitgate which is only all about politicians who legislated the 'autonomous' City of London into existence for the 1%.


This is like a re-boot of the Duke of Edinburgh/Phil the Greek who is among the world's foremost racists:


... the germanic tribes... hitler's 29th april 2011 'marriage of convenience' spinning the old eugenicist yarn that wants to treat civilians like cattle, to hide their for example unelected sloth hanging out in the house of 'lords' which promotes the worst cronyism...


Let us be honest the British Parliament who built the 'autonomous' City of London 1% would never support any real 'People First' tax 'reform'/'autonomy' within the European Union for civilians that would, for example, a) limit the collection of taxation to just from goods and services people buy to b) fund public services and c) a universal basic income that would d) raise wages because e) corporations would have to pay a decent wage to get people to do a decent job for them etc. 


The current model of 'administrative governance' in the UK includes they have built a VITOL 'state within a state' who are only the largest global oil trader who have an annual 'turnover' of $270 billion because they use taxpayers money to fund weapons, soldiers/mercenaries to take-over governments.


The Brexitgate Minister for Europe 'Sir' Alan VITOL Oil Duncan who is an archetypal fascist posing as 'libertarian' has always actively opposed law abiding... civilians freedoms and in particular law abiding civilians... freedom of speech.


He doesn't oppose the European Union per se, just law abiding civilians freedoms within it.


The Edicts of Expulsion in 1290 that spread throughout Europe had as much validity (ie: none) as a referendum supported by 37% of the people, that originally targeted Sephardi and those who supported them. The Brexitgate royalists and Zionist leaders have always looked down on Sephardis because what they have always really been hiding is the Edicts of Expulsion which is now just being rebranded as Article 50 boasting about 'mountains of gold'.


Catalans have been exiled throughout all the evolving 'stages' of administrative governance in Europe.


The Brexitgate 'Tsar' Alexander Boris Johnson who made a whole legislative Act without any due process !!  (The Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011, to cover up and at best exile a female peacenik he tortured and attempted to murder in September 2009, he subjected to further prolonged and inhuman treatment throughout 2012):



... it's a boast, not a 'leak'... the old school bullingdon fascists have all been boasting for years about being willing to make 'mountains of gold'...


Brexitgate has shown that all a referendum that is chosen by politicians does is publicly give politicians a platform to claim they have more power while they spend their time talking about politicians, politicians and more politicians and whatever politicians want which is only inevitably related to their own very narrow circle of political alliances.


The referendums just provide a convenient excuse for politicians to re-brand themselves as revolutionary while claiming they hold power over all civilians freedoms.


The fact that politicians use what they all know is a minority 37% pretty much reflects people’s historical voting patterns because there are no outright favourite politicians these days because they are by and large selling the same.


Puigdemont originally said he wasn’t standing for re-election so he is just taking his mountain of gold from the ‘revolutionary’ Brexit bandwagon where politicians will have made whatever backdoor deal they have because it was always odd that all the regional governments in Spain allowed Madrid to divide and rule them anyway.


The failure of such referendums is that they operate from a perspective of propaganda that is trying to trap people in administrative governance based solely on narrowly defined and socially constructed government approved 'identities' of political convenience.


The true identity of Catalan exiles is that they have been expelled by all the related royals, religions and politicians for the past millennium that led to the European Union. Puigdemont is a politician posing as a Catalan exile who has no history of or honesty about exile, which is very, very different for... civilians who don't have the whole entourage of lawyers that he has... always had.


It’s well known you don’t find many descendants of Catalan exiles living in Spain for very good reason because it's the same royals.


The fact my own heritage is ancient Catalan and of Catalan exiles, and unfortunately exiled myself obviously does not mean I nor anyone else is 'owned' by any politician playing a nationalist identity canard to collect votes.


The repeated expulsions of Catalans over the past millennium does really mean we are of the European Union which is actually replicated by many other people these days, thankfully most usually through more peaceful migratory means.


What I personally love most about the European Union myself is the extraordinary and inspiring cultural diversity of people within the European Union that exists outside of and is not defined by whatever happens to be the latest passing 'populist' stage of administrative governance.


27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!