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Brian Haw started our campaign on 2 June 2001 which preceded 9/11, the War in Afghanistan, and the coming into force of the Rome Statute and the creation of the International Criminal Court in July 2002 that did not appoint any judges until March 2003, and the Iraq War.



… ss 132-138 socpa 2005 (now repealed) & the police reform and social responsibility act 2011 aka the alexander boris johnson cover up act trying to give him immunity over torture and attempted murder female peacenik 2009…



He was the greatest peacemaker of our times who was the only real law in town and so the government waged their dirty war against peaceniks through the violent weaponization of legislation.


It was peaceniks in Parliament Square, Central London who stood up for free speech in the UK, challenging all the politicians and media barons who waged a very dirty war against us.


When a government then makes an entire legislative act to try and cover up they have tortured and attempted to murder you, they are at best, trying to force you into exile.


(I was subjected to endless Nazi jibes, simply because of my being a Catalan, who have been expelled by all the royals, religions and politicians all over Europe for the past millennium.


It is well known the germanic British Balfour government and many of their Ashkenazi Zionist collaborators look down on southern European Sephardi who they consider inferior, when what they are really doing is hiding the English Edicts of Expulsions in 1290 that spread throughout Europe first targeting Sephardi and anyone who stood up for them.


The Edicts of Expulsion had no validity as indeed their re-branding as Article 50 does not either.


The British government and Zionist Federation in the UK and Israel have never supported a European Union for law abiding civilians and do not support a Middle East Union for law abiding civilians either)


It is impossible to deny there was a deliberate ‘policy’ of targeting, persecuting and worse of we peaceniks in the UK because the original legislation did not exist anywhere else in the UK so we were treated very, very differently, so our experiences are inevitably quite different from anyone else in the UK.


... there is an obvious connection between a government waging war and the weaponization of legislation in the uk that leads to the torture and attempted murder of a female peacenik in uk...



Our case is ‘distinguished’ because we have always been law abiding civilians, not politicians, while we have always been illegally denied legal representation unlike those who have whole entourages of lawyers.


1. ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005 (NOW REPEALED)


On 13 December 2007 Steve and myself comprehensively won over everything at Southwark Crown Court, paving the way to multiple High Court jury lawsuits.


... politicians and media barons have absolutely no track record in standing up for law abiding... civilians free speech which is far, far more important than anything politicians and media barons say...


In February 2008, the government sent us to the Oxford Union so they could go through all our property while we were away. I know this to be true because when I asked one of their agents what he had been doing in my tent, because he told me had broken the lock to sleep there, knowing the tents were expressly off-limits, (there were plenty of tents) he tried to laugh it off and distract from what he had been doing by sexually assaulting me.




The British politicians resorted to torture and attempted murder in September 2009 because they had run out of any ability to prosecute us over anything while violently trying to stop High Court jury lawsuits against them.


The British Labour, Tory and Lib Dem administrations have all always without lawful excuse refused to hand over the torture tapes from September 2009 because it is a legal impossibility to deny what happened.




I only survived because Brian heard me scream and so became a witness and they knew they couldn’t get away with murdering us both at the same time.


It is a matter of fact, Alexander Boris Johnson was legally responsible as a) Mayor of London and b) boss of three successive Commissioner’s of the Metropolitan Police.




I was illegally denied legal representation 23 June 2010 to stop me blowing whistle on cover up over torture and attempted murder in September 2009.


They knew they could never prosecute me again after their torture and attempted murder of me in September 2009, which they were only always trying to cover up.


I had very publicly in court in 2009 at Horseferry Magistrates Court demanded the tapes be handed over that were secured, because the police had tortured and attempted to murder me. 


...labour and tory were both always in bed with the dup...


One day when I was returning to Parliament Square, not long after Brian had died and got off a bus, Johnson was standing by the arches of the Parliamentary bookshop obviously doing another ‘journalistic’ hit piece against me in Parliament Square. When he saw me he hid behind the pillars with another journalist. I passed by without saying anything, because I did not need to say anything because his actions in hiding !! behind a pillar from the woman he tortured and attempted to murder while killing my best friend said it all.


... the dup... this royalist love fest was no protest...


He is a typical bully with no dignity who pays other people to do his dirty work for him and exemplifies British war propaganda 101 making a joke about everything to do with war. That is what those who persecute others do because they lack any integrity and the most basic decency and respect for civilian human life.


The conspiracy to torture and attempt to murder:



... the dup, this is the labour and tory dup, who always avoided appearing in court over lawsuits...


When I was tortured and the government attempted to murder me, I inevitably developed a different perspective and matured outlook on life because I had looked into the darkest recesses of the human psyche waging war on defenceless civilians. My memories of torture really only ever remind me I miss Brian. We were best friends with a genuine shared passion in peace, love and justice for everyone.



... royalist floral bucket's n'all... on the latest 29 april marriage of convenience between hitler and eva braun...


It is true that I have no respect for British justice because Alexander Boris Johnson is what they call British justice, which has no due process. 


... like i ever cared about offending a british politician or media baron... (belgravia 'police' custody record 2 april 2012)


There is no lawful explanation for the government’s abuse of free speech for law abiding civilians that goes way beyond disproportionate.




HQ12X002745 is also about torture and linked to our win on 13 December 2007.


... in the uk we were only ever trying to lawfully stop the political reign of terror that arose from no due process, that came from all political 'sides' over free speech...


When we filed the lawsuit they moved in and stole everything and were waiting for me when I was released from being illegally imprisoned, because they wanted to try and unlawfully arrest me again to send me back to prison, because they had not yet managed to pass the cover up legislation, which in any event didn’t come into force until December 2011.


... so a normal day in westminster village really...


On 7 October 2011 the High Court confirmed that my counter lawsuit would proceed in HQ11X00563 even if the government withdrew their malicious legislation which has always been the true situation that the government who were all in court knew.




(N.B The entire Police Reform Act is about covering up the torture and attempted murder of a female peacenik in the UK by a) rolling out political police commissioners across the country to cover up the multiple hats Johnson had been wearing b) purporting politicians in public office have immunity from prosecution over war crimes like torture c) subject Babs to continuing prolonged inhuman and degrading treatment.


... mi5 & cia ... preparing for the annual 25 may groundhog day...


The only legislation they really have is the Public Order Act 1986 and the rest is a cover up.


The warlords had escalated to a whole legislative act designed to force me into exile to cover up what they had done because there was no due process and no legal representation.


On 16 January 2012 they stole all my shelter while trying to block me in all the courts in the UK.


This is shown by the malicious prosecution against me over 2 April 2012 when after the government stole all my shelter AGAIN like on January 16 2012 without summonsing me and taking me to court for anything, I openly stole one of the government agents tent which they did unlawfully arrest me over.


The prosecution never went anywhere but around in circles because the government always refused in all the courts to hand over the paperwork for the police operation on 16 January 2012 which was just a cover up.


The High Court claimed the police could charge me £3k to hand over the records of the police operation on 16 January that stole our shelter and never took us to court !!


Prior to that the government had been told that if they did not remove their undercover government operation we would take it and dump it outside New Scotland Yard and have it out with them, which they knew from 2 April 2012 we would do so they withdrew at least overtly on 4 May 2012.


We lived in the world of a dirty war, where all around was portrayed as ‘normal’ in Westminster.


The war zone was Parliament Square and civvy street was for everyone else outside Parliament Square.


If you spoke to anyone in our campaign they would recognize the features of war crimes that were taking place… in Parliament Square, in Central London that escalated to the UK government torturing and attempting to murder me in September 2009.




Anyone who spent any time in Parliament Square will tell you how extraordinarily violent it was, and it was September 2009 when it all spun completely out of any semblance of control.


The Horseferry Magistrates Court were always known by campaign members as Horseshit and The Maggots. We were not sorry when they closed because they were the War on Terror courts where we had been subjected to abuse in all the courts and violence in the court cells that were a no-man’s land because they were run by G4S private security so the government could try and keep it’s hands clean.


I was violently assaulted in the court cells by a man from G4S called Leroy and it took a number of other guards to drag him off me in what was a revenge attack because Brian had made a formal complaint over a violent assault by the same man on Brian in the 2007 Contempt of Court case.


When I asked for a lawyer at Charing Cross Police Station, after September 2009 at Belgravia Police Station, police in a planned attack surrounded me and one lunged at me grabbed me by the neck, pulling me to the ground, dragging me along down a steep walkway trying to strangle me, while abusing me etc etc.


The public records prove it had always been the case that there was no due process while we were always denied legal representation to blow the whistle and bring the necessary High Court jury lawsuits to stop it all.


There is no statute of limitations or generally any amnesty’s over torture and attempted murder so a victim of torture and attempted murder is always hunted by the perpetrators who happen to be the government.


It is a reasonable conclusion that the UK who tortured and attempted to murder a female peacenik in the UK, were doing the same to others, elsewhere.


In November 2009 an Egyptian doctor who said he had been tortured came and spoke to me. He said he sometimes felt suicidal. I said I felt differently because my experience of torture and then torture and attempted murder only made me value all life… even more, and we had a duty to try and protect life which is after all what we were doing in Parliament Square. 


Shortly after undercovers from the MOD tried to unlawfully arrest me because they said anyone who was tortured because they opposed the government “deserved it”. A complaint was made to the MOD. The British government was training foreign police forces in torture under the guise of ‘criminology degrees’ who also came along and essentially said the same thing that people who were tortured because they opposed the government "deserved it".


It is an unusual feature of our cases that politicians and the most senior police officers and so on are directly involved, which happened because it was so illegal what was going on.


The best they could come up with was to legislate a cover up in late 2011 which saw me subjected to further prolonged inhuman and degrading treatment in the UK throughout 2012 inevitably forcing me into exile after 10 April 2013.


... alexander boris johnson only legislated the cover up in 2011 to try and give himself immunity over the torture and attempted murder of a female peacenik, where the only possible intention was at best to exile the victim...


I kept my promise to Brian and I forced the repeal of the ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005 legislation.


We had won so comprehensively they had legislated to exile me.


It is what it is.


The Iraq War had conclusively proved there was no War on Terror.


We saved civilian lives in the UK because there were no terror attacks in the UK on my seven plus year watch in Parliament Square because the politicians and media barons were too busy using their weaponization of legislation to try and violently ’remove’ we peaceniks.


The myth that such things still don’t go on in the European Union is obviously an impossible position to maintain because the facts and the legislative cover up prove it did go on for so many years in Parliament Square in Central London with so much of it on the public record.


27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!