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The assassination of Diem on 2 November 1963 in Vietnam which it was admitted was an inside job, ordered by JFK, was followed by the assassination of JFK on 22 November 1963 which could only have been an inside job too, because they both worked together within the same political 'circle'.




... 'two veteran' peaceniks and the nixonian brexitgate over... free speech !!...


JFK and Diem had both been involved in using torture, murder and purges in the 'pacification' of defenceless civilians in Vietnam, where only politicians and media barons airbrush JFK to try and make themselves look good, 


The politicians and media barons never cared about all the defenceless civilians both JFK & Diem had tortured and murdered that 'escalated' under LBJ before the politicians and media barons all colluded in the cover up by bringing back Nixon who had started it all with Eisenhower, to do the whole Watergate which when you look at it objectively, was really a cover up over the whole Vietnam War.


Lyndon B. Johnson assassinated Martin Luther King Jr in 1968 on his way out the door, because King Jr was going to set up a Tent City outside the White House.




The 8 March 2007 emails by Livingstone & Co (who was Mayor of London before Johnson and part of the leadership of the fake UK Stop the War Coalition) that were only disclosed years later in September 2010, led to the original attacks on us over tents that escalated over the years.


It's absolutely outrageous that the violent thug Livingstone even dared pretend he was anti-war:


... 8 march 2007... livingstone and the current labour leader stake-knife corbyn and what became their 'momentum' plotting with police, behind our backs...


These emails above, which I was never ever given any opportunity to address in any court, were only disclosed long after Livingstone and Corbyn, and Johnson had all connived over 25 May 2010 and I was illegally denied legal representation on 23 June 2010.


On 21 June 2010 Brian had a go at Tony Benn in open court in the High Court about him trying to cover up me lawfully trying to blow the whistle in the High Court etc. Corbyn, Livingstone and Benn were always horrible, horrible people who knew exactly what they were doing.


The violent thug Livingstone only came out of the closet against us on 17 August 2007, which included the undercover operation where I was violently punched in the head before the police disappeared the assailant.


What was so reprehensible about Livingstone and Corbyn was their publicly pretending they were anti-war, while plotting against and violently attacking we real peaceniks. 


Livingstone and Corbyn were violently attacking us to cover up their own lies.


They abused... public office to hide what they were doing to law abiding defenceless... civilians.


All the Labour politicians started what the Tories continued.


It is British politicians who invite foreign governments into the UK to try and give themselves 'plausible deniability' that in our cases which were longstanding they didn't have.






Bindmans 'Solicitors' busily pointing the finger... elsewhere while failing to declare their own serious conflict of interest, are only synonymous with state corruption... themselves in the UK:


... last time anyone looked at the public records, it is actually bindmans name on the public records protecting brexitgate 'tsar' MI6 alexander boris johnson's MI5 'democracy village' in the uk courts in 2010 etc... 


It was Bindmans who colluded with Brexitgate 'tsar' Alexander Boris Johnson from... 2009 onwards to do precisely what they only pretend to complain about through much later Guardian spin over the torture and attempted murder tapes from 2009, over... free speech !!


It's very straightforward that Bindmans were colluding with the likes of Brexitgate 'Tsar' Alexander Boris Johnson to try and illegally stop High Court jury lawsuits.


The government and Bindmans didn't want free speech lawsuits going before a High Court... jury.


The real evidence is of Bindmans colluding in the UK, trying to stop High Court jury lawsuits... in the UK over free speech.


It is a legal impossibility for Bindmans to deny they were always illegally operating against us after 23 May 2006 because they didn't go to the High Court with a jury lawsuit immediately after I was released without charge.


Bindmans acted illegally taking brown envelopes for the Administrative Court case in Blum et al over ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005 (now repealed) because they knew they were sitting on my High Court jury lawsuit from 23 May 2006 that should have been joined with all our other lawsuits even by December 2006.


There was a real pattern of Bindmans leapfrogging anyone over us with all sorts of distractions, while they just sat on our real jury lawsuits.


It is a matter of demonstrable provable fact Bindmans only took brown envelopes to try and stop High Court jury lawsuits.


Brexitgate 'Tsar' Alexander Boris Johnson couldn't have done what he did without the collusion of Bindmans.


The public records show that when Tony Murphy from Bindmans ran out of excuses over filing the growing number of lawsuits in the High Court at the beginning of 2007 !! from both Brian and myself, he switched with Chez Cotton from Bhatt Murphy who covered up and threatened Brian if I went to the High Court.


Bindmans were doing lots of threatening, particularly after Brian fired them because of what happened.


Bindmans first started threatening me in January 2007 over the 4 September 2006 case (we won on 13 December 2007) which they illegally withdrew from in May 2007, along with Garden Court Chambers, as did Steve's lawyers. 


Mike Schwartz from Bindmans threatened Annabel Timan in January 2010, who went from Mansfield's Tooks to Starmer's Doughty that if she represented me she wouldn't get any more business from them. She reported it to the Law Society who confirmed I had not done anything wrong so she could not withdraw. Instead of Mansfield properly challenging Bindmans at the Law Society, Timan illegally withdrew, to keep business from Bindmans. 


At that time, they did all obviously know they were all trying to cover up the torture tapes.


It was Mike Schwarz from Bindmans who originally threatened me, and then Paul Ridge who was representing the MI5 'Democracy Village' later in 2010.


Bindmans illegally withdrew from representing me and Brian fired them but they never left us alone because they represented the government trying to cover up what they had themselves done.


In any legal sense, Bindmans were harassing us and worse through the MI5 'Democracy Village' too.


The incontrovertible evidence is Bindmans wrote outright lies in the High Court in 2012 to try and stop my counter lawsuit in HQ11X00563, by falsely claiming I had agreed !! to an adjournment !! that I never did and had no reason to, trying to give a very false impression, because they didn't represent me !! Bindmans represented the people I brought the counter lawsuit against !!


I was the one being abused while being illegally denied legal representation !!


By 2012 every time Bindmans opened their mouths they were just lying.


They were no longer making any pretence of being lawyers because they were too busy trying to cover up their own very long list of dirty deeds.


It was very, very serious harassment by Bindmans trying to cause me very serious harm.


It just showed how serious the interference over... free speech !! really is.


All Brian and myself were doing was... free speech. 


There's a very long trail proving Bindmans colluding with Brexitgate Alexander Boris Johnson.


I certainly wouldn't recommend Bindmans Solicitors to anyone interested in free speech.


Every single person in our campaign complained about Bindmans, who are incredibly racist too, and called them out to their faces about their being dirty and corrupt.


Bindmans created the situation that meant any other lawyer was only covering up for them.


When lawyers could no longer cover up for them, we ended up being illegally denied legal representation.


There's a very good reason law abiding civilians don't need "permission" from politicians and media barons over free speech.


Politicians and media barons illegally treated peaceniks in Parliament Square, Central London, completely differently from anyone else in the whole country with ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005 (now repealed)


It is a matter of fact that politicians and media barons were deliberately persecuting peaceniks in Parliament Square, Central London in a way they could not do to anyone else in the UK because the weaponization of that 'legislation' did not exist anywhere else in the country.


Brexitgate's 'Tsar' Alexander Boris Johnson and his MI5 'Democracy Village' multiplicity of contradictory lies on the public record about ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005 (now repealed) prove they weren't ever standing up for free speech.


The Brexitgate 'Tsar' Alexander Boris Johnson publicly told different lies about ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005 (now repealed) depending on whether he was 1) wearing his Mayor of London hat, 2) his boss of three successive Commissioner's of the MET Police hat or 3) his 'journalist' hat with the Telegraph et al.


I was always entirely consistent at all times that ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005 was incompatible with the rule of law because it had no due process.


When I was unlawfully 'arrested' (I was actually just suddenly grabbed) by Palace of Westminster Police on 14 January 2009 under ss 132-38 SOCPA 2005 because it turned out Lembik Opik, a Liberal Democrat MP ordered police to unlawfully arrest me, a seconded police officer from Manchester at POW violently attacked me saying I would not be "allowed" to speak out against the government like that in Manchester. When I pointed out they didn't even have the ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005 legislation they had unlawfully arrested me under in Manchester they hurriedly changed what they had unlawfully arrested me to, to a S5 Public Order lie that Lembit Opik a Liberal Democrat MP at that time, didn't dare run with because too many independent members of the public had witnessed it all etc.


The ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005 was only ever 'political' because it was only ever used by politicians and media barons to maliciously target peaceniks in Parliament Square Central London.




The Catalan government’s Puigdemont is a politician just like all the politicians in Madrid who together all support all the politicians in the UK spinning their Brexitgate propaganda for ‘mountains of gold’.


It is impossible for the Catalan President to claim he hasn't had a whole entourage of lawyers all along, just like ASIO Assange has always had too, ever since he was parachuted into the UK in 2010 to try and run cover over what was really going on in the UK. 


In the UK, the public records conclusively prove our being treated quite differently by politicians in being repeatedly illegally denied legal representation, while there was never any due process, which led to Brian's death and my exile.


Over... free speech !!


The word 'disproportionate' is an understatement over what happened in Parliament Square in Central London.


In the real world it is impossible to understand how a Spanish ‘judge’ distinguishes the actions of politicians in the Catalan government from those of every single politician in Westminster, who are united in claiming that a 37% minority in a referendum is a ‘victory’ for independence.


It is self evident all politicians would reasonably know they do not have supremacy over the European Convention of Fundamental Freedoms incorporated into the Lisbon Treaty.


There is no difference between the lies both the Spanish and Catalan government are spinning over Brexitgate.


... 23 june... politicians and media barons like the daily mail who were always involved openly boasting about being willing to make "mountains of gold" out of... no due process...


It is only in the imaginary world of politicians and media barons that law abiding civilians don’t bring lawsuits against politicians in courts of law, which politicians endlessly try and ‘overtake’ with anything else.


Of course all civilians are very clearly ‘distinguished’ from politicians.



... it's just another version of the brexitgate... politicians in westminster posing as revolutionary when they had their brexit election earlier in the year which only highlighted there was no difference between Tory and Labour etc...


The Catalan government have presumably been offered some kind of deal over tax 'autonomy' similar to Basques (which is what they really wanted) in return for spinning Brexitgate.  What is strange is that all the governments in the regions actually went along with Madrid playing them all off against one another over tax 'autonomy'. 


It is not hidden that the British... Parliament legislated the 'autonomous' City of London into existence for the 1% where (for example) the global transnational Goldman Sachs have a High Court ruling on 16 May 2013 that tax is 'voluntary'. Yet the government continue to only bully civilians instead of just streamlining taxes into a graduated system based on what people buy, which would mean those who have the most pay the most in taxes that can be used for public services instead of civilians just being endlessly spun between competing false ideologies.


The City of London 1% is obviously a social construct built entirely on false pretexts. 


Ordinary people do disproportionately actually pay a lot of money in taxes on almost any goods and services they buy.


Brexitgate, which is just re-branding the Edict of Expulsion in 1290, has only ever been spun by politicians maliciously bullying and  targeting… law abiding civilians with endless invective from politicians, politicians and more politicians and media barons all about whatever politicians want all outside any due process.


... the brexitgate 'tsar' alexander boris johnson has always been in bed with the likes of labour's diane abbott and the dup united in what we proved was their illegal opposition to peaceniks...


It's self evident it is seriously illegal to try and repeatedly retrospectively 'legislate' a cover up of a cover up which is only ever trying to cover up lawsuits before a High Court...  jury anyway.


It's illegal for politicians to 'legislate' cover ups over their... own actions.


It's obviously no co-incidence they spin more lies on the (100 year) anniversary of Balfour which has also seen the Brexitgate 'Tsar' Alexander Boris Johnson appoint a similarly vainglorious 'Defence' Secretary to hide he has always been in bed with the likes of the Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott and the DUP in their united opposition to... peaceniks.



27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!