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There are a number of blond and blue eyed 'British' people (because Germanic tribes were among the early settlers in the Isles) who airbrush over the wave of royal expulsions of Sephardi around Europe that started with the 'British' Royals in 1290.




... the past millennium of catalans being expelled by every royal, religion and politician in europe regardless of what religion or no religion they were, ultimately led to the european union...


This was before the original ground zero on 11 September 1714 divided up Catalonia between France and Spain (that included part of Italy) with their various dictators continuing to hunt down conversos during World War Two.


The British royals ‘Edict of Expulsion’ in 1290 (which was never repealed) that spread throughout Southern Europe through France in 1306 and Spain and Italy from 1492 which continued during Franco and World War Two has really just been re-branded ‘Article 50’ in the Lisbon Treaty.


You don't ever hear anyone in the UK talk about the 'Edict of Expulsion' because it was during the emergence of one of the murkier early 'stages' of administrative 'governance'.


It is pro-forma British war propaganda 101 to blame anyone and everyone else for absolutely everything.


Nobody has got lying down to such a fine art like the British propagandist because there are no warlords who have done more war mongering than Westminster Village.


This is a very tall tale from the war mongering King in lurking who despises female peaceniks:


... all the related warmongering european royals did nothing of the sort, while they by and large had a holiday during the slaughter of millions upon millions of defenceless civilians from all walks of life all across europe, during two world wars... 


The old crone on the throne didn't like it when their royal carriage toddled past us leaving a 'State Opening' years before 2010, and I managed to share the only line on the loudspeaker that really needed saying to them which was "When the Queen was in her counting house counting out her money, was the Duke of Edinburgh counting dead brown babies ?" because he is such a shocking racist. All the MET Police who couldn't reach me in time could do, was moan on about how they were going to get an earful !! because the royals were so close, everyone saw they heard. 


It wasn't until 2010 that we discovered the truth that royals had been making a land grab for Parliament Square since 2008 !! after we comprehensively beat all of Westminster really in court on 13 December 2007 which was the same date they signed 'Article 50' which is really voided by/incompatible with the European Convention on Fundamental Freedoms in the same Lisbon Treaty:


... 'the jewel in the crown'... another attempted land grab... we really did have the most extraordinary malicious prosecutions brought against us over a very many years that tried to hide all sorts...


The fact World War one was started by royals using the pretext of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand amidst what was really all the related royals bickering among themselves, just highlights the most appalling absence of any responsible administrative governance in Europe at that time.


The question most people ask is how exactly did the British politicians intend to populate what anyone would recognize given their very long history of colonialism, was their planned British colony and military garrison called Israel in the Middle East ? :



... 2 November... this is a colonial agreement with the all too opportunistic Zionist Federation for a British colony...


It is common knowledge that many Ashkenazi look down on Sephardi who the British royals did unbelievably claim to... own !!


The legendary 'British' myths surrounding Balfour are multiple because they inevitably airbrush over the true history of expulsions in Europe... over centuries, leading up to and during World War Two, where of course most governments always collaborated with Nazi Germany including the UK. 


The modern British fairytale spins a very tall tale indeed trying to portray the British Parliament as some kind of innocent 'victims' under a Vichy regime like spell spun by Zionists, which obviously overlooks the errr... far wider longer standing far from 'Commonwealth' all around the world. 


The Balfour myth is particularly relevant alongside Westminster Village's self-proclaimed victimhood in their own Brexitgate which falsely portrays a 37% minority of registered voters as a 'victory' while only once again maliciously targeting the law abiding majority of defenceless civilians.


The very shallow veneer of vulgar triumphalist British war propaganda around the Balfour Declaration only survives because the UK was not occupied and did not experience the full brunt of and very real horrors of Two World Wars that mainland Europe did in what was Genocide. 


The 'British' government abandoned Europe !! in the planned evacuation of Dunkirk, with the Russian military doing the heavy lifting, before the American military turned up at the end to showboat to Berlin to save all the related royal blushes.


Churchill's gratuitous weasel words about 'fighting them on the beaches' immediately -after- Dunkirk when they patently didn't, was the ubiquitous British cover up that he had already done before at Gallipoli.


The whole 'history' of the Westminster warlords is they always try and get someone else complicit in or willing to do their dirty deeds for them.


In World War Two, the European Royals had been careful to offload responsibility to their dictators to avoid any possibility of 'embarrassment' at a Nuremberg.


A family day out just heiling a bus as they do, after re-branding themselves 'Windsor' because... ? :



... just heiling a bus ?...


Victor Emmanuel III in Italy couldn't pass the baton fast enough to Mussolini the 'journalist' who the British say was recruited by MI5 and whose mistress was the Zionist Margherita Sarfatti, where they in turn handed over 'the lists' to the Nazis.


The first transport out of Rome arrived in Auschwitz Birkenau on 23 October 1943.


... the horror from the house on balfour street, who is a complete apologist for the british royals et al, celebrating the 22nd anniversary of the assassination of yitzhak rabin in 1995...


After World War Two the UK was focused on the Middle East while the US and China were Cold War proxies spinning divide and rule in Vietnam, after the UK, Russia and France agreed they wanted Vietnam to remain a colony, but couldn't send troops so soon after World War Two. 


The true origins of Nixon's Watergate really arose through Eisenhower and Nixon first using the program of 'pacification, in the divide and rule of Vietnam involving the use of torture, assassinations and purges that JFK and Diem continued. When that failed Diem was assassinated on 2 November 1963 followed by the assassination of JFK on 22 November 1963 presumably because they couldn't front an invasion based on the false pretext of liberation. So LBJ was brought in for the 'escalation' before Nixon returned for the cover up of what he started.


The fact it was admitted that the assassination of Diem was an inside job logically means there is no reason to think the assassination of JFK was any different because they were all in the same political 'clique' working together.


The Nixon Timeline later then includes Nixon spinning the Watergate lie on 22 May 1973 over the 23 June 1972 tapes before a) troop withdrawals from Vietnam on 15 August 1973 b) the coup d'etat in Chile on 11 September 1973 against Allende that brought General Pinochet to power and c) the Arab - Israeli Yom Kippur War that happened between 6 -25 October 1973 because the UN brokered ceasefire 'unravelled' on 22 October 1973.


On 5 August 1974 the Whitehouse admitted the existence of tapes and Nixon resigned knowing he would be pardoned by Ford.


In many respects, Watergate looks more like Nixon's way out in what was a much wider cover up over the whole Vietnam War etc, while all the politicians and media barons used it try and restore some credibility to themselves. 


Aldo Moro was then assassinated in Italy in 1978 (according to the ghastly Steve Pieczenik at the behest of the CIA really) because the spin around the Cold War was really starting to fall apart by then and Moro was going to oversee a coalition government. In 1981 Anwar Sadat was then assassinated in the last decade of the Cold War before the Berlin Wall came down in November 1989 and Putin moved from East Germany to prepare to take up the reins in the Kremlin, while Merkel climbed the ladder in Germany. 


The collapse of Eastern Europe was followed by the rise of Blair & Co and their... War on Terror, with the third 9/11 after 1714 and 1973 in 2001.


The Iraq War in 2003 conclusively proved there was never any War on Terror.


The typical Telegraph use Brexit royals to just make really snide remarks about the stolen generations of Sephardi/conversos:


... brexitgate is just the re-branding of the 'edict of expulsion' that they never repealed, but was a bit too... obvious...


The politicians and media barons have been openly boasting for years about being willing to take "mountains of gold" in what is the not unfamiliar language of the old fascists:


... "mountains of gold"... this is seriously offensive and shows appalling malice and worse towards law abiding civilians...


The 'blanket policy' over the stolen generations: 


... the highest 'echelons'...  is the understatement of the past millennium...


It is very well known the British government carried out all sorts of 'social experiments'.


Their 'blanket policy' was on public show throughout 2012 in Parliament Square in Central London.


There is actually quite a difference between someone who has British, French, Portugese and Spanish ancestry (who may look similar) and someone who is Catalan, French, Spanish, Italian and British because they have travelled very different paths involving persecution and exile. 


27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!