The British Parliament of ‘both houses and black rod’ in Westminster are the oil 'tsars' behind the violent weaponization of legislation against defenceless law abiding civilians.



… ’due process’… the three components of (the due process of the rule of law are)… love… peace & … justice, for everyone…


Westminster warlords also legislated their ‘autonomous’ City of London into existence for the 1% while variously boasting their ‘jewel in the crown’ is the Cayman’s or Swiss vaults etc, all of which are actually ’hidden’ in full view.


... it's probably not a co-incidence that vitol purported to 'quietly' slither out of moscow in the run up to brexitgate, before westminster's man in moscow 'quietly' did a cayman's deal via london involving the rest of the usual suspects...


The legal reality remains that politicians in Westminster are legally obliged to lawfully negotiate and compromise beyond ‘lobbyists’ and ‘votes’ etc with law abiding… civilians over the violent weaponisation of legislation. 




Most people know VITOL have been involved in playing both ‘sides’ in all wars since the Balkans and you would be very hard pushed to find a government who hasn't/doesn’t do business with them. 


VITOL who are the largest global oil trader in the world based in Westminster with an annual 'turnover' of $270 billion that is (for example) more than Tillerson's Exxon, are the definition of what is really a 'state within a state' run by the long discredited 'Sir' Alan Duncan who currently poses as Brexitgate's Minister for Europe.


... the westminster warlords had someone who called himself 'arkan' in parliament square in 2006 threatening peaceniks over... errr... free speech too !! ...


... the media barons are very false, only pretending to complain about vitol, because it is a matter of fact the daily mail et al cheered vitol on when it came to... peaceniks in a particularly vitriolic and libellous 'hit piece' way back in august 2008 etc etc...


It was after we won in court on 13 December 2007 that VITOL openly came out of the closet against we ... errr... peaceniks !! which is how I then got my High Court Order against everyone in April 2008 etc etc.


The oil tsars in Westminster are either misogynist or heterophobic rent boys who are united by their common hatred of defenceless ... civilian women.


It would be impossible to find a single civilian woman in the whole world who would claim the misogynist and heterophobic duo of Alexander Boris Johnson and Alan Duncan have ever lawfully defended civilian women anywhere !!


Neither have any track record of ever even defending free speech for law abiding... civilians.






In Brexitgate it is very much the case that Johnson is Trump and Trump is Johnson because Trump is being used to distract from Johnson, because everyone in Westminster has always known Johnson is legally responsible for the torture and attempted murder of a female peacenik in the UK in September 2009.


Over free speech !!


... politicians and media barons were openly boasting about being willing to take "mountains of gold" in return for spinning article 50 which is a propaganda device rendered void by the european convention of fundamental freedoms that came into force in the same lisbon treaty in 2007... 


Brexitgate has only been all about politicians, politicians and more politicians and whatever politicians want. 




A straight white woman who is a woman who likes pink just because she is a woman is always public enemy number one in Westminster because the ‘old lie’ is the violent weaponisation of legislation is to protect women and children.


I instantly became public enemy number one/literally an ‘overnight sensation’ in Westminster in December 2005 with a pink sequinned banner that stated the obvious that “I am not the serious organised criminal” and btw I don’t need a free speech “permit” from politicians or media barons et al to say so, all of which I conclusively proved was true.


It is a self evident matter of fact and law, there was no due process... ever:


Tucker v Director of Public Prosecutions [2007] EWHC 3019 (Admin) (30 November 2007)


You can see why the Warlords in Westminster and their media barons were never going to headline that pink sequinned banner because it said everything that ever needed saying.


It was the only banner the British Parliament illegally ordered the immediate destruction of without any due process, before endlessly stealing and destroying various versions of “peace, love and justice for all” that they even posted as a sin on their like minded ‘Redwatch’.






I was unlawfully 'arrested' 48 times trying to save defenceless civilians lives with free speech:'s obviously seriously illegal for brexitgate politicians and media barons in westminster to spin a 37% minority of registered voters as a 'victory' to bully, harass and worse the law abiding majority of defenceless... civilians...




The 'multiplicity' of lies cover up the (for example) current Labour Shadow Home Secretary Dianne Abbott was in bed with the DUP voting to 'remove' peaceniks too, which is why Madam was there with her nose in the air, watching when the MET Police were violently attacking me using legislation she voted for, before slithering away with the "too busy" refrain when I challenged her. 



... the abbott and the dup...



 The ghoulish Abbott was actually in Parliament Square by our tents, because she came along to watch !! this being done... in her name:



... the ghoulish abbott was actually by our tents watching this being done... in her name... 


I remember after the undercover operation in Westminster against us on 17 August 2007 (when Westminster disappeared the assailant who violently punched me in the head) an American who passed through London from time to time, came and took me to 'Shakespeare's Globe' which Spacey has always been involved with too, and then on another occasion to some terrible 'musical' in the West-End with police arresting people !! He then left tickets for me to see some other Shakespeare production at the Globe with someone else because I was otherwise 'detained' at the time. To be frank we peaceniks were never impressed by the incongruous Hollywood/Shakespearean waffle because it really is just another distraction from the true lives of civilian populations. 






This was during the whole 'cultural' spin involving the con-'artist' Mark Wallinger with his 'State Britain' rip-off in 2007 and it's 'historical revisionism'. 


('Banksy' is another state sponsored schmuck a lot of people now know has only ever used civilians very real suffering, to make his name and money for himself too)


Of course then there was the Matryoshka of the MI5 'Democracy Village' whose spin-off was the colonial 'Occupy' who in a true Brexitgate state of denial in the ASIO Assange war mongering Guardian who were a megaphone for Occupy too, continue trying to hide (02.11.2017) that it is a matter of fact the governments in Westminster, Washington and Moscow do work together. 


In the UK, the MI5 'Democracy Village' and Occupy didn't stand up for free speech or the peaceniks being persecuted, because we were the ones who stood up for free speech against the weaponization of legislation that was only used to persecute peaceniks in Parliament Square, Central London, because it didn't exist anywhere else in the rest of the UK.


Occupy obviously completely 'ignored' how administrative governance really works because it isn't hidden that global corporations and transnationals work with most governments.


In the UK it is a matter of fact the likes of the Daily Mail and Russian government's RT were 'embedded' in the Matryoshka of the MI5 Democracy Village with the full knowledge of British politicians because there is no plausible deniability over extensive legal proceedings.


At their 'State Opening' they were all a busted flush trying to hide politicians and media barons were the real 'complainants' in the unlawful arrests of Brian and myself. Their true purpose was to try and re-brand the War on Terror, which obviously meant trying to hide the Iraq War conclusively proved there was no War on Terror.


The British government had tortured and attempted to murder me over free speech in September 2009 !!


The opposition to the Iraq War inevitably united people and the governments were trying to divide and rule people again. 


In the UK, Occupy continued what MI5 Democracy did in trying to re-brand what people were united in opposition to before they both folded in the UK when Westminster failed to 'remove' me on 16 January 2012.


It was impossible to co-opt us because we were such visible long term genuine campaigners with a publicly verifiable track record, where it was only the controlled opposition who looked weird because we obviously had no reason to 'change' what we were doing to suit them, whereas MI5 Democracy Village malevolently trying to 'change' us by illegally having Brian and myself unlawfully arrested definitively proved what they were, which was obviously seriously illegal.  


Another reason some of the same 'leaders' of the Matryoshka of the MI5 'Democracy Village' spun off into the creature called 'Occupy' in the UK was obvious to any genuine observer. The problem the government had in Parliament Square was their publicly touted malicious prosecution they brought against Brian and myself using controlled opposition was based on trespass which had to prove an occupation which excluded others from using the public space, which Brian and I did not do and had never done.


The publicly stated purpose of both MI5 Democracy Village and Occupy in the UK in legal proceedings was to occupy a public space to exclude others.


There had obviously been a lot of other large protests in Parliament Square over the years while Brian and I were there, and the Matryoshka of the MI5 Democracy Village were the only ones who very overtly tried to hijack and smash us, having us unlawfully arrested and so on, while media barons hid what was happening.


The British Parliament was trying to unravel their very long term deceit over free speech in Parliament Square, by illegally using MI5 Democracy Village and Occupy.  


In the real world campaigners obviously do bring lawsuits over unlawful arrests just like anyone would because they cause very serious identifiable harm to real people. 


Of course in the European Union it is much more obvious that Westminster et al use Washington and Moscow as proxies to try and 'pacify' law abiding civilian populations, because the U.S. military do after all occupy the European Union in the false divide and rule with Russia.


In the UK, it is the British Parliament who legislated the 'autonomous' City of London into existence for the 1% so it is only controlled opposition like Occupy who looked foolish while only rendering themselves ineffective, because they endlessly ignored common sense and 'inconvenient facts' about the true levers in administrative governance, while trying to undermine genuine campaigners. 


What often happens is people will start out going on a march or whatever which is run by controlled opposition over a legitimate cause, where they will meet other people and then go off to do their own thing with like minded people that is effective because they are engaged in a process of learning. People meet up with other genuine campaigners through all sorts of avenues, where there are actually cultural nuances in how people campaign in different countries too.


Every genuine campaigner in the UK learned the leadership of the UK Stop the War Coalition were controlled opposition who are rotten to the core, ultimately spawning the latest Labour leader Stakeknife Corbyn who is the Freddie Scappaticci of the UK peace movement, who just traded places with Blair for Brexitgate.


One of the government's agent provocateurs became all too clear during malicious ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005 prosecutions against me in May 2007 linked to the 22 May 2007 case (involving 5 August & 4 September 2006 that grew into the massive 'Charlottes Web' where we comprehensively won everything on 13 December 2007) because the agent provocateur incredibly said using very strange/provocative language etc that they "reserved judgment" in both the ss 132 -138 SOCPA cases -and- the unlawful arrest of Steve and myself on 5 August 2006. Brian quite rightly angrily said "but you were there (0n 5 August 2006) and saw them unlawfully arrested outside Downing Street yourself" while of course it then also became clear that the agent provocateur was actually lying about challenging ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005 too. 


It was that 'incongruous' exchange in May 2007 including the 22 May 2007 case that was the trigger for the agent provocateur having to set up the separate 'Peace Strike' in 2007 to try and legally distance themselves from us, because agent provocateurs are very, very nasty pieces of work whose whole existence is maliciously based on a continual 'state of denial' so they really don't want to a 'witness' for you in court. It is obviously self-evident that no-one who is a genuine peacenik would try and set up a different peace campaign -within- an existing peace campaign etc etc.


It wasn't a co-incidence that shortly after at Southwestern Magistrates on 19 July 2007, the government abruptly 'stopped' me giving evidence... in court and completely shut down the malicious prosecution against me over 31 January 2007 admitting it involved Special Branch etc, which had started being exposed in a linked malicious prosecution at Camberwell Magistrates Court on 17 July 2007 too that I also won at Southwark Crown Court in December 2007.


When there is a long standing campaign like ours so the government brought all too numerous malicious prosecutions, 'patterns' do inevitably emerge.


It is British politicians who invite foreign governments into the UK to try and give themselves 'plausible deniability' that in our cases which were longstanding they didn't have.




There's the propaganda of the revolving doors of politicians and media barons and then there is the real world of facts:


... 'trading places'... the musical chairs/shuffling of cards in 'politics' doesn't hide the fact, the latest 'tory' defence minister (02.11.2017) is no different from the labour shadow home secretary diane abbott who got into bed with the dup in 2005, long before the £2 billion tory bung to the dup, for what ?? because no-one in northern ireland was ever leaving the eu if or however they voted because they remain dual nationals...


The Brexitgate Alexander Boris Johnson's appointment of his 'Defence' Secretary is very much a creation/extension of his own vainglorious image, where the legal reality remains he has always been in bed with the likes of Diane Abbott.


It is only in the imaginary world of politicians, no law abiding civilian ever sues them in courts, for their public excesses. 


What the same Labour, Tory and DUP politicians do have in common is the fact of their publicly verifiable opposition to peaceniks.


It is a matter of fact politicians are protecting Brexitgate's 'Tsar' Alexander Boris Johnson because there is obviously no 'domino effect' among politicians in him resigning.


Their approach to free speech for law abiding... civilians is way beyond medieval. 


Brexitgate is repeating obvious nonsense with the false claim people could 'opt in' and pay for a European Union citizenship they already have.


In the real world, that's called suing a government who already have a track record of not paying their own bills.




It is well known politicians in Westminster were endlessly always stealing whatever we had to try and in essence claim 'copyright' of/hijack us, through the very British deceit they disgracefully call the tort of 'conversion' which we always endlessly battled against, and made a real point of never agreeing to.


It could not have been more obvious throughout the whole of 2012 that the politicians were trying to get around what was really their committing aggravated robbery and then some with 'conversion' by violently stealing property before returning it for a day or so before violently stealing it all over again in an endless cycle of no due process.


There never was any due process during the many years, of being illegally denied legal representation, before or after we comprehensively won in court on 13 December 2007, that ultimately forced the repeal of legislation, which is why I was forced into exile within the European Union.


Over free speech !! for law abiding… civilians.


There’s never been and there are no straight white, pink wearing women, among politicians and media barons in Westminster who have ever denounced the violent weaponisation of free speech legislation against all defenceless law abiding … civilians.


The law abiding majority of civilians know there’s never been anything remotely gentlemanly or civilized about any politicians in Westminster.



... i walked the talk... there was nothing civil about the dirty war that went on over free speech on the real front-line in parliament square, central london...


It was our lawfully forcing the issue there was no due process protecting free speech in the UK, that saved civilian lives in the UK, because there were no terror attacks in the UK during my seven plus years watch in Parliament Square in Central London because the politicians and media barons were too busy trying to illegally ‘remove’ we peaceniks.


Brian was the greatest peacemaker of our times, and we were the best of friends because of our powerful shared passion for peace, love and justice for everyone.


I have never been anyone's Odile or Odette because I am Catalan, hear me purr.


It is only ever law abiding civilians who ever push for the real democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law.


This looks like it is being built into another distraction from Brexitgate's original Mozart's 37th symphony rip-off because Madrid always play off all the regions against one another (Puigdemont, like Johnson is a 'politician' & 'journalist' playing for the cameras) :


... 'white noise'... presumably the catalan -government- have possibly been offered some kind of tax 'autonomy' equivalent to basques (which is what they really want) in return for helping run cover for brexitgate...


(The fact that both the governments in Madrid and Catalonia do unequivocally support another government's Brexitgate makes it impossible to understand how any Spanish 'judge' will 'distinguish' either/any)


The much more serious issue of law abiding... civilians free speech is clearly 'distinguished' from that of politicians.


It is not the case that politicians and media barons in Westminster can attach any blame of any kind to defenceless law abiding civilians over Westminster politicians and media barons violent weaponisation of legislation which they always knew was incompatible with the due process of the rule of law.