The Brexitgate City of London 1% Nixonian Mozart 37th symphony latest rip-off production includes the Mueller whitewash, sex pests in Westminster and a former Catalan President skimming.



... 'two veterans'... the nixonian cover up over the 'trophy tapes' of the torture and attempted murder of a female catalan peacenik in the uk in september 2009...


Mr Mueller has obviously never taken a close look at (for example) the transatlantic 'expense' claims of the long discredited Mr Murdoch who made £2.5 billion spinning Brexitgate to save his Fox empire, while the DUP took a £2 billion bung in the whole racket etc etc.


There isn't a politician or media baron in Westminster who hasn't spun the Brexitgate lie that a 37%... minority of registered voters in a referendum is a 'victory' !! 


It's seriously illegal for politicians to use Article 50 (which is really a propaganda device which is incompatible with/voided by the European Convention on Fundamental Freedoms included in the same Lisbon Treaty) to bully, harass and worse the law abiding majority of civilians. 


The 'five eyes' syndicated 'hacks' have variously referred to whistle blowers (where for obvious reasons I have never denied being a civilian 'whistle-blower' in legal proceedings and courts, with the relevant accompanying lawsuits) as 'Deep throat'/'Wine-box' and more recently 'Blow job'. 


On 27 May 2010, after the Matryoshka of MI5 Democracy Village was legally a busted flush at it’s … own ‘State Opening’ on 25 May 2010 (above) the ‘Guardians’ Bowcott (below) spun Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake with Fonteyn and Nureyev who was forced into exile.


(The for example Daily Mail who along with the Independent own the London Evening Standard who spun the five page spread of lies above, were 'embedded' in the Matryoshka of the MI5 Democracy Village with the knowledge of politicians, inventing malicious prosecutions to bring against Brian and myself. The BBC state broadcaster was busted illegally editing and maliciously publishing audio on 25 May 2010 to hide that politicians and media barons in MI5 Democracy Village were in any legal sense the real 'complainants' in the unlawful arrests of Brian and myself, which had always really been the truth.




Murdoch was busted working with Blair, Brown, Livingstone and Special Branch against we peaceniks on 31 January 2007 which led to Cameron's illegal 'remove peaceniks' election pledge on Sky News on 19 July 2009, after I was 'stopped' from giving evidence on 19 July 2007, before Murdoch was working with the NCA, formerly known as SOCA and the MET Police in April 2010 and then again on 16 January 2012.


Brexit Alexander Boris Johnson who was the Mayor of London and boss of three successive Cmmrs of the MET Police at that time is legally responsible for the torture and attempted murder of me in September 2009, while Brown was still PM and complicit. It was never a 'secret' in Westminster what had happened.


The 'conspiracy' was over 'free speech' for law abiding... civilians.


Brexit Alexander Boris Johnson who is not dissimilar to Tsar Alexander 1 of Russia has publicly shown such complete and utter contempt for law abiding... civilians in the European Union, he would no doubt prefer to be writing his 'memoirs' in Moscow


The warlords in Westminster knew that I had been introduced as a child to Fonteyn, several years before I saw Nureyev give the most extraordinary otherworldly performance in Don Quixote at the Palais in St. Kilda in Melbourne, Australia.


Nureyev’s self-disciplined devotion to perfection had advanced so far that he danced beyond the known capabilities of humans, which was truly inspiring to observe.


The Matryoshka of the MI5 Democracy Village which legally speaking was a completely busted flush at it's... own 'State Opening' on 25 May 2010 spinning... exile:



... 27 may 2010... the war mongering guardian who spun asio assange wiki-woo as cover, spinning fonteyn and nureyev...


It is always the case that the spin of the Matryoshka of the MI5 Democracy Village and then ASIO Assange and recently the former Catalan President don't add up under any real scrutiny because they are all state sponsored impostors trying to undermine real people. 


The sum total of the Westminster productions ’sidestep’ that Russian judges sit on the ECHR, while the US military fly under the jurisdiction of courts in the European Union because they are both really proxies used to help ’pacify’ civilian populations in the European Union.


Can you imagine for example the raised eyebrows over the spectacle of Russian judges adjudicating on cases surrounding European Union citizenship in Brexitgate when the Russian government are not part of the European Union ?


... the brexitgate nixonian mueller whitewash...


The European Union is not quite the either you are in the European Union or you are not that is spun for public consumption because the ECHR does not include just countries in the European Union and the US military operate in the European Union outside the legal jurisdiction of the European Union courts.


This obviously becomes a problem in the European Union when the structural deficits affect law abiding civilians... in the European Union.


There is very obviously something very seriously wrong when the British government torture and attempt to murder a female peacenik… in the UK, within the European Union, which is what happened in September 2009.


All over free speech !!   


Because there was ... no due process.


... mueller was obviously a fully paid up member of the original nixon cover up before running cover for bush &  co...


The same old 7/7, 23 May 'Peace Studies' spin including a 'Professor' who is said to be a former Maltese diplomat and 'expert' on the EU, based in London:



... the daily mail et al's previous 'professor' in the matryoshka of the mi5 democracy village was chris knight from queen mary's university, who had obviously never been a peacenik... 


The whole world knows the Iraq War conclusively proved there was never any War on Terror:


... the iraq war conclusively proved there was never any war on terror...


The Brexitgate 'fake news' meme is obviously supposed to hide politicians and media barons false paradigm that there are different 'sides' when they truth is they all work together to try and divide and rule civilian populations.


I have lived the twilight Odette and Odile world of multiple citizenships that highlights politicians really don’t care about law abiding civilians.


The past millennium of Catalans being exiled by all the related royals, religions and politicians led to the European Union.



... politicians and media barons have been openly boasting...  for years about being willing to take "mountains of gold" for spinning brexitgate using language echoing recognizable fascism...


The paradox is finding my way home forced into exile within the European Union by the UK government. 


We are all the European Union.


The true history and culture of Catalans is throughout the European Union really because the grim reality is Catalans have been 'exiled' by all the related royals, religions and politicians throughout the past millennium, during all the changing 'stages' of 'governance'. 


... all royals, religions and politicians have 'exiled' catalans all around europe during the past millennium...


It is a matter of fact I am a European Union citizen who has given my lawful instructions for lawsuits to be lawfully settled… within the European Union, which given I have illegally been denied legal representation, while everyone else has had an entourage of lawyers, has obviously been done to the best of my ability.


The most important foundations of the European Union are free speech and freedom of movement for… law abiding civilians, while the legal order within the European Union obviously remains a work in progress.