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There was an obvious absence of responsible administrative governance among European royals and politicians who used the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand as the false pretext to slaughter millions upon millions of defenceless civilians across Europe in the Genocide of Two World Wars.




The most likely reason for the assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand was presumably because politicians and royals wanted to maintain colonial ‘nation states’ and resist any federalisation/European Union.








... the 222 burgesses and then some...


The evidence is not that Brexit ‘talks’ have broken down because the warlords in Westminster were never leaving the European Union in the first place, but instead that they do not now dispute either the settlement or the terms of the settlement of our own lawsuit.


This is one way to try and protect law abiding civilians including ourselves.



The facts where we have always publicly fulfilled our lawful duty in warning the public, to the best of our ability, are well known.


Brexit's Alexander Boris Johnson's Nixonian style public lie fest over the torture tapes from September 2009 etc in the UK was obviously quite extensively publicly documented while resulting in my being illegally denied legal representation on 23 June 2010 after I started lawfully blowing the whistle in the High Court on 21 June 2010:



... we had already won all the nixonian et al may 22 lies in court from 22 february 2006 and all through 2007, at southwark crown court on 13 december 2007...



... the public record proves that on 23 june 2010 the high court in the uk illegally denied me legal representation to stop the torture and attempted murder tapes from september 2009 etc being handed over to me...


(The Nixon Timeline includes Nixon spinning the Watergate lie on 22 May 1973 over the 23 June 1972 tapes before a) troop withdrawals from Vietnam on 15 August 1973 b) the coup d'etat in Chile on 11 September 1973 against Allende that brought General Pinochet to power and c) the Arab - Israeli Yom Kippur War that happened between 6 -25 October 1973 because the UN brokered ceasefire 'unravelled' on 22 October 1973.


On 5 August 1974 the Whitehouse admitted the existence of tapes and Nixon resigned knowing he would be pardoned by Ford.


The primary purpose of Watergate seems to have been to try and spin all sorts over the Vietnam War and Cold War to typically try and restore some kind of credibility to politicians and media barons.


... indira ghandi who was a british puppet imposed a vicious 'state of emergency' etc when she was found guilty by a court of winning election through corruption ...


On 5 August 2006 was the first time I was tortured in the UK.)


Brexit Alexander Boris Johnson hired the BBC's Walden, who illegally edited and maliciously published audio of my unlawful arrest from 25 May 2010 (to hide politicians and media barons like the Daily Mail were really the 'complainant') as his 'SPAD' on 25 May 2012, before Walden recently re-invented himself again at the 'PR' agency Edelman and their "War Horse" with Ellsberg et al who was never any whistle-blower.  


... Brexit Alexander Boris Johnson and the BBC Head Mark Thompson who is now CEO at the NY Times and the BBC Walden now at Edelman all sponsoring 'War Horse' (with someone called 'Brennan' along with Ellsberg)...





The UK, Russian and French governments who were the post-war ‘victors’ of the Genocidal Two World Wars in Europe installed Eisenhower’s NATO to ‘pacify’ the civilian population in Europe, while pivoting focus towards the Middle East and Asia.


The UK, Russia and France agreed to wage the Vietnam War to maintain colonial influence in Asia using the United States and China as their Cold War proxies acting as cover while they installed the British colony’s military garrison called Israel in the Middle East.


The UK, Russia and France who all agreed they wanted Vietnam to remain a French colony could not contribute troops so soon after Two World Wars in Europe, where the US only turned up in Europe for the grand finale to showboat to Berlin to save European royal blushes.


The European royals by and large had a holiday during Two World Wars in Europe that devastated mainland Europe after the planned evacuation of British troops from Dunkirk and the Russian army doing the heavy lifting against Nazi Germany.


In fact most governments had appeased, collaborated with and enabled Nazi Germany that was made in and an accumulation of the colonial European image. 


After the end of World War Two, and a tour of duty with NATO in Europe, Eisenhower was duly installed in the White-house along with Nixon and so began the true origins of Watergate that included the assassinations of JFK and Diem who were active state sponsored participants in all the deceit.


The still colonial half-way house of Australia who had disproportionately been used in Gallipoli and World War Two had no respite before being thrown straight back in to the horrors of Vietnam.


All Australian politicians still unceremoniously bow down to a medieval ’constitution’ with an unelected royal head of state that we did prove is incompatible with the true legal order in the European Union.


These weasel words hide the current Australian Prime Minister and two previous Australian Prime Ministers have all been err... dual nationals:



.... the weasel words hide they were never forced into exile... where there can be no refoulement over the torture and attempted murder of a dual national peacenik over free speech !!...


Brexit's Alexander Boris Johnson was himself a dual national before giving up his American citizenship for his roadshow... all about himself.


It is a matter of fact we forced the repeal of multi-billion dollar corporate legislation despite unprecedented opposition from royals, politicians and media barons.


The Spanish government has more democracy than the UK because even Madrid has proportional representation and two elected houses while the UK still clings to the brazen old cronyism of an unelected House of Lords stuffed with many of the worst miscreants.


In the UK, the most serious misdeeds in public office are all too often rewarded by a place in the House of Lords which is really an opportunity for those involved in wrongdoing to continue to try and cover up their wrongdoing.


‘Sir’ Ian Blair was for example installed in the House of Lords along with the Liberal Democrat's ‘Lord’ Paddick and the Green Party ‘Baroness’ Jones specifically to shamefully try and cover up 22 February 2006 with… more ‘legislation’.


It’s only difficult to find the self-serving politician who wasn’t involved in the ‘free speech’ cover up over 22 February 2006.


All the European warlords had to do following World War Two was find willing collaborators to install anywhere to play out their Cold War divide and rule in Asia and the Middle East.


The current White-house job lot of armchair generals with Trump, Matthis and Kelly significantly all dodged Vietnam while spinning Iraq.


Eisenhower and Nixon and then JFK’s ‘pacification’ of Vietnam through Diem using torture, assassinations and purges failed, so JFK and Diem were obviously no longer any use to the war machine because they could not front any invasion posing as a liberation in the colonial divide and rule playbook 101.


They obviously shuffled their cards and LBJ took over before Nixon was returned for the cover up.


The public image of Eisenhower underwent significant airbrushing like that of JFK who was no innocent defenceless civilian either.


It was admitted that the assassination of Diem on 2 November 1963 who was no innocent was an inside job so there is absolutely no reason to believe that the assassination of JFK on 22 November 1963, who was no innocent either was anything different.


The warlords in Westminster were focused on establishing their British colony and military garrison of Israel in the Middle East following Two World Wars, while the U.S and China acted as Cold War proxies in Vietnam:



... 2 november 2017...



The same key dates of 22 and 23 in the Vietnam War cover up, have been used against peaceniks in the UK over the Iraq War that was the reason for the War on Terror.


The obvious difference is JFK and Nixon were in the highest public office and not defenceless law abiding civilians like Brian and myself.


The Iraq War conclusively proved there was never any War on Terror.


In our experience in Parliament Square, Central London, the evidence is the date 22 was used as the initial cover up with the date 23 being the cover up of the cover up.


Brian and I never went looking for any ‘conspiracy’ anywhere because we always knew what we were doing lawfully exercising free speech, as the state conspiracy around us grew.


The Brexit and Trump roadshow that started on 23 June 2016 is in essence the same as the 23 June 1972 Nixon tapes cover up like the 23 June 2010 cover up in the High Court in the UK over the torture and attempted murder tapes from 2009.


Brexit Alexander Boris Johnson is doing a Nixon or a Fabius with the difference being he has no plausible deniability because there is no doubt whatsoever torture was used in the attempted murder of a female peacenik in the UK in September 2009.


Those who didn’t have “the courage or skill to change legislation” on the front line in Parliament Square, Central London had the option to put up and hand over the torture tapes or shut up and pay the bill. The evidence does prove the bill was handed over and not disputed.



... brian and i walked the talked on the front line in parliament square in central london lawfully forcing the repeal of multi-billion dollar corporate legislation trying to illegally shut down peaceniks free speech...


The evidence is the warlords in Westminster do not dispute the bill that they are legally obliged to pay now, so there is really no lawful reason continuing with the spin.


It is self evident it is illegal to torture and attempt to murder a female peacenik over free speech. 


It is obvious the only lawful solution is the bill is paid and Brexit Alexander Boris Johnson resigns.


There is no airbrushing of Brexit Alexander Boris Johnson because his relentless malicious targeting of Brian and myself for his own personal financial gain is so well documented in so many public records.


Most people know there is nothing ‘liberal’ or ‘conservative’ about Brexit Alexander Boris Johnson that is spelt with a capital C.


Fabius admitted those involved in the Rainbow Warrior bombing were ‘following orders’ which he obviously knew was no defence against defenceless civilians overseas in New Zealand, which is why France paid out for Greenpeace’s new… boat !! where France had a shred of ‘plausible deniability’ over murder.


The MET Police have always hidden behind exactly the same ‘following orders’ from ‘both houses and black rod’ while having no plausible deniability over September 2009 where it is well established Brexit Alexander Boris Johnson is legally responsible for crossing all red lines, attacking a defenceless civilian… in the UK.


It has always been a legally ‘difficult’ /‘controversial’ case because of:


a) the two inextricably linked components of torture -and- attempted murder


b) linked to the back-story going back to 22 February 2006 which highlights extreme malice from the outset by the state.


The extraordinary show trial on 22 February 2006 with no due process or Article 11 Freedom of Assembly does conclusively prove the state always knew Brian and I had naturally trumped their multi-billion dollar legislation before they had even been able to use it against Brian.


Everything after that date was a cover up of 22 February 2006.


Brian and myself always lawfully stood up to the entire apparatus of the state peacefully exercising free speech as law abiding civilians which is far, far more important than anything politicians or media barons will ever say.


In legal terms, the State Opening on 25 May 2010 conclusively proved politicians and media barons were really always the ‘complainants’ in the unlawful arrests of Brian and myself.


The incontrovertible evidence is all the politicians and media barons did hide MI5 Democracy Village was the ‘complainant’ in my unlawful arrest on 25 May 2010, literally making billions out of doing so.


There is a very big difference between anyone having a disagreement with any politician and that politician illegally abusing public office to violently use the entire apparatus of the state against defenceless law abiding civilians in their own country.


I kept my promise to Brian to repeal multi-billion corporate legislation that was trying to totally shut down free speech. We walked the talk.


It is obviously impossible in the real world in any real sense to reconcile a politician resorting to attempted murder, which had followed repeated instances of torture over the years, so I was forced into exile.


It is impossible to deny the British Parliament followed up the torture and attempted murder in 2009 with so much abuse that led to Brian’s death in 2011 and included prolonged inhuman and degrading treatment of myself throughout 2012.


The reason I have never asked for an apology is because it would never be sincere or accepted because it is what it all is.


The British government always intended incalculable serious harm.


It is impossible to attach any ’blame’ to Brian and I, because we really could not have been more open about what we were doing. 


The still remaining civilian opposition to NATO in Europe is obviously because the true origins of it’s existence is to along with Russia ’pacify’ law abiding civilians in the European Union by spinning a completely false divide and rule.


People are not opposed to NATO in Europe because they are anti-American but because of the deceit behind it’s true purpose that ultimately says more about European politicians.


The nature of NATO is like that of the Russian government in that it is built on having absolutely no respect for law abiding civilians in the European Union.


Brexit has shown the governments in Westminster, Washington and Moscow spin nothing but the most hateful bile towards law abiding… civilians in the European Union.


The law abiding majority of civilians know this is part of a wider resistance by politicians more generally to their practising the rule of law themselves beyond mere words.


A shadow that hangs over Europe is obviously the United States and Russian governments refusal to join the International Criminal Court because they are really proxies.


The world of ‘politics’ does not yet have the courage nor is it yet sufficiently civilised to want to push for more of the rule of law instead of war.


It is only ever law abiding civilians who are ever pushing for the rule of law.


The European Union is more than what any politician wants because it exists because of politicians deliberate failures that caused… Genocide !! in Europe.


Brian was the greatest peacemaker of our times who was a real gentleman who had real respect for women and loved all the children in the whole world. 


There were no terror attacks in the UK on my seven plus year watch in Parliament Square, Central London, because the warlords in Westminster were focused on shutting down free speech.


Free speech and freedom of movement for law abiding civilians in the European Union are the most important foundations of the European Union.


Brian and I were kindred spirits who have always done everything we could to try and save civilian lives with our shared passion for peace, love and justice for everyone, where the real democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law really is a spiritual work of human art in progress.






27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!