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The stolen generations and exile...



... it never mattered to all the related royals or religions and politicians, whether Catalans were Jewish, Roman Catholic, or no religion, at any given time...


On 22 February 1943 Nazi Germany executed the White Rose peaceniks in Munich.

On 22 February 2006 Blair & Co originally maliciously prosecuted me using multi-billion dollar corporate legislation we forced the repeal of which was obviously really all about politicians and media barons trying to deny free speech.


We lawfully forced the repeal despite unprecedented opposition from royals, politicians and media barons.

The 23 May 2006 was the cover up of the cover up of 22 February 2006 and so on and so forth, before we won in court on 13 December 2007.

The MI5 Democracy Village between 1 May 2010 - 4 May 2012 conclusively proved politicians and media barons were always really the 'complainants' in the unlawful arrests of Brian and myself like on 25 May 2010.

On 12 December 2007 the European Convention on Fundamental Freedoms had come into force, which was included in the Lisbon Treaty on 13 December 2007 that included the Article 50 propaganda device, because of course the European Convention takes precedence over purported unfettered powers in Article 50.

The Brexit propaganda that Mozart's 37th symphony rip-off is a majority over for example 63 percent of registered voters is only a lie the 1 percent would spin.


On 23 October 1943 some Catalans who had been expelled were included in the first transport from Rome to arrive at Auschwitz Birkenau...




The British government claimed on 13 October 2009 that Mussolini was recruited by MI5. His mistress was the Zionist Margherita Sarfatti. They handed over ‘lists’ to the Nazis like the Vichy regime and Franco et al did.


The truth was it had never mattered to all the related royals or religions and politicians, whether Catalans were Jewish, Roman Catholic, or no religion, at any given time.


One of the most fascinating subjects in Art is the contrasting qualities and multi-dimensional aspects of the circle and triangle.



... Salo and D'Annunzio's macabre Il Vittoriale in Lombardy on the western shores of Lago di Garda in Italy... with Veneto on the eastern shores of Lago di Garda in Italy...



It is well known most governments collaborated with Nazi Germany in the second part of one World War that saw millions upon millions of defenceless civilians from all walks of life slaughtered all across Europe.


The most appalling Genocide of Europeans taught people that politicians don’t care about defenceless civilians.


It is a legal impossibility to deny that my own DNA along with court records and real people, definitively proves I am Catalan, French, Spanish, Italian and British, not British, French, Spanish and Portuguese.


The British government always sought to hide the Catalan - Italian connection.


The castle at the foot of the mountains overlooking the sea is 35 miles from the Spanish border in Roses which is near the old lighthouse in L’Almadreva on the Costa Brava.


The unity of law abiding civilians in the European Union is obviously personally far more important to me than (for example) going back to a ‘home’ that no longer really exists because of course Catalonia was divided up following the original ground zero on 11 September 1714, by the emerging ‘nation states’ of France & Spain.


There are of course always cases for autonomy and federalism, but when politicians talk about 'autonomy' most civilians ask for whom and what purpose because civilians don't want to become 'bargaining chips' of any kind in power grabs by people who are simply competing administrators.


The Westminster warlords are after all behind 'legislation' that created the 'autonomous' City of London money launderette for... themselves.


I can't actually find any discernible difference between Madrid, and the current Catalan government because they support colonialism too, just like Brexit Barzani does.


In fact, Spain actually has a more advanced form of 'democracy' than in the UK, because it has proportional representation along with both the lower and upper Houses being elected, unlike the brazen cronyism of the wholly unelected House of Lords in the UK.


The Catalan government whose President came to power in January 2016 bulldozed through a referendum they only passed legislation over on 6 September 2017, less than a month later on 1 October 2017.


It is impossible to understand how 90% of 43% percent (which is a very Brexit-like 38.7%) who voted for 'independence' in the Catalan referendum makes that referendum legitimate in the ‘political’ world where politicians like to spin all that matters is a vote. 


The manner in which the Catalan referendum was conducted could not ever produce an effective challenge to the arbitrary nature of Article 155 of the Spanish Constitution.


Of course Rajoy only helped it all along by sending in Spanish police for no discernible reason. Rajoy presumably knew he would have considerable difficulty convicting the Catalan police chief of ‘sedition’ because Rajoy hadn’t even invoked Article 155 before he sent Spanish police into Catalonia, where he would also struggle to prove Spanish police had acted proportionately.   


The 'sedition' spin reminds me that Steve Jago and myself were incredibly interrogated by 'detectives' on several occasions in 2006 in the UK over alleged 'seditious' material, for reasons that were never really properly articulated because of course we proved we were exercising free speech.   


Brexit has only induced so much ungentlemanly posturing that both the Madrid and Catalan governments support.


This isn’t helped by the likes of Theresa May who cynically declared politicians should only have to show respect to women in ‘public life’ !!!! declaring open season on women who are not in politics and don’t work for media barons.


Mother Theresa and Hatie Ho who calls free speech being paid to repeat whatever Lord Rothermere wants along with Joanna Lumley who was in cahoots with the world’s worst misogynist Brexit's Alexander Boris Johnson and their Vitol Bridge money laundering racket have never been part of any sisterhood standing up for women anywhere.


When we were young children and I was allowed to buy two ducklings that I eventually decided to call Sir Francis Drake and Jemima Puddleduck in my duck phase, where I swiftly became the go to person in the neighbourhood to buy duck eggs or a duck from, the British parent very strangely bought… a goat at the same time she interestingly christened Mrs Peel.


It was quite entertaining to watch visitor’s various expressions when they were inevitably introduced to Mrs Peel, the… goat !! in the context within which we lived. In theory, Mrs Peel, so the story went among the scotch and soda brigade, was supposed to be some kind of additional eco friendly free range lawnmower. 


The female apologists for Brexit's Alexander Boris Johnson are Mrs Peels.


The Catalan government seem to effectively be handing back autonomy on a plate to the central government in Madrid like Northern Ireland did to Westminster on 16 January 2017.


Everyone in Northern Ireland knew they would keep their European Union citizenship regardless of if and how they voted in the Brexit referendum because they are dual nationals.


The DUP who voted with Labour including current Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott in April 2005 to get rid of peaceniks, have now been bunged £2 billion by the Tories while Murdoch collected £2.5 billion spinning Brexit to prop up his propaganda empire.


I have never personally had any interest in the revolving doors of related royal roundabouts of all sorts.


All that Brexit has really done is just ‘normalize’ systemic endemic political corruption in the UK, with politicians of all political flavours rounding on and viciously bullying the 63% of registered voters and anyone else who did not vote for their Brexit roadshow.


The politicians absence of any rational thinking means they would claim they have a 'mandate' to do whatever they like to law abiding civilians even if there was only one voter left willing to cast an arbitrary ‘vote’ over anything.


There can be:


a) only one person doing the real democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law




b) one person casting an arbitrary vote claiming that gives a politician the right to do whatever they like to anyone else




c) all responsible adults would still know the person doing the rule of law has primacy over an arbitrary vote. 


All responsible adults do know voting for a politician is not the same as arbitrarily voting to take away law abiding civilians freedoms, which is not lawful.


The real democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law is a spiritual work of human art in progress.


I do, just like millions of other law abiding civilians, really love all the people of the European Union and the amazing diversity of the different cultures which are all so inspiring.


The European Union is not and should never be all about politicians and whatever any want.


It is my own experience that there is real freedom in honestly embracing ‘the other’ in civilian populations.


The exercise of free speech by law abiding… civilians is far, far more important than anything any politician or media baron will ever spin.










The unusual hack of our website in ‘Operation blow-job’  (the hack that triggered the DOS attack was called 'blow-job') curiously occurred at a time including the colonial half-way house in New Zealand installing a ’co-alition’ government with:


a) a ‘Labour’ Prime Minister who was recruited by  Blair and Brown et al in the UK significantly during the years 2006 - 2008 when Blair was forced out and we won in court in the UK on 13 December 2007 and there was the whole VITOL switch in April 2008.


... the brexit alexander boris johnson glee club at the telegraph...


(The previous ‘National’ Prime Minister in New Zealand who had been in government since December 2008, had precipitously stood down on 12 December 2016)


b) a Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters from ‘New Zealand First’ who has always been controlled opposition who did the stand up routine on 22 March 1994 with the ‘Wine-box’ whistle-blowing saga is a typical example of governments attempting to hijack free speech to spin whatever they want.


The ‘wine-box’ spin sidestepped all the politicians in New Zealand obviously must have known the Cook Islands ‘Commonwealth’ government had enacted ‘tax haven’ legislation, so there must have been something else politicians were covering up.


The old timer Winston Peters built his ‘populist’ career out of scapegoating ‘foreigners’ to try and you guessed it restrict… freedom of movement of ‘plebs’ because of course he has never really opposed the legislative ‘autonomous’ City of London money launderette.


Peters who is part ‘conservative’ Scot with a capital C and part Maori is just like Brexit’s Little Englanders.


The 23 October 2017 and the most illiberal 'activist' who is no civilian:


... it is seriously illegal for the Guardian to dishonestly portray Pete Phoenix as a civilian 'activist' of any kind because they do know it is a matter of fact he was directly involved in covering up MI5 Democracy Village which he was one of the 'organizers' of that included the Daily Mail, were the 'complainants' in my unlawful arrest on 25 May 2010...


The ‘deep-throat’/‘wine-box’/and more recent operation ’blow job’ are all obviously government descriptions of ‘whistle-blowing’.


It is a matter of fact that is no secret, I just lawfully ‘blew the whistle’ in a court and in lawsuits over the abuse of law abiding civilians free speech in the UK, by the entire state apparatus, including the state broadcaster.


27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!