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There were no terror attacks in the UK on my seven plus year watch in Parliament Square, Central London.


This was because the robber media barons, their politicians and intelligence agencies were too busy trying to illegally ‘remove’ errr… we peaceniks, to try and cover up all their lies.



... brexit whitewash... it is self evident robber media barons, politicians and intelligence agencies are using terror to try and destroy law abiding civilians way of life...


It is a self evident truth the more law abiding civilians push for the real democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law, the more peace there is.


Johnson is someone who crossed all red lines when he tortured and attempted to murder this peacenik in September 2009 to try and cover up his lies.


The biggest threat to law abiding civilians in the UK is Brexit's vicious and ruthless Alexander 'Boris bonhomie' Johnson because he is such an epic liar.


Most people know MI5 & MI6 didn't suddenly start telling the truth after their deliberate 45 minute weapons of mass destruction lies.


This apologia for mercenary terrorists murdering defenceless civilians just beggars belief:



... the portrayal of mercenary terrorists as victims just beggars belief...


Murdoch & Co spent billions on fraudulent corporate legislation, to try and illegally totally shut down free speech for... law abiding civilians in the UK.  We forced the repeal of that legislation:



... … ‘free speech uk’: 48 unlawful ‘arrests’ involving state sponsored prolonged inhuman and degrading treatment, torture and attempted murder…


All Brexit politicians and media barons are deliberately ignoring the real majority of 29 million (63 %) registered voters because those law abiding civilians are never fooled by politicians and media barons lies.


Brexit Alexander Boris Johnson is the willing conduit for all the robber media barons lies, wearing his multiple hats as politician and journalist.




HQ12X02745 (& HQ11X00563) 19 JULY 2007 & 19 JULY 2009 :


... brexit's alexander boris johnson is legally responsible...


Johnson tortured and attempted to murder me in September 2009 because Murdoch was rumbled illegally threatening to 'remove' me on 19 July 2009, because I won a massive case at Southwestern Magistrates Court on 19 July 2007 that Murdoch was involved in, when they stopped me giving evidence "the state put in place a sequence of events that only put my life at risk" before I won all the cases on 13 December 2007.


... it's illegal for robber media barons and their politicians to threaten law abiding civilians...




Murdoch has made £ 2.5 billion spinning Brexit lies to try and save his Fox & Sky News empire with a merger because he is obviously so widely discredited in the UK now.


It is not a 'co-incidence' Brexit Alexander Boris Johnson and Murdoch's mouthpiece in the United States is Trump, along with all their algorithmic phoney friends like Farage and Hatie-Ho who have never stood for law abiding civilians free speech ever.


No reasonable or rational law abiding civilian would ever spin the Brexit Alexander 'Boris bonhomie' Johnson whitewash and Murdoch et al as 'revolutionary'.


The BBC state broadcaster and Murdoch et al work hand in hand spinning terror to try and destroy law abiding civilians way of life, for corporate profit.

27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!