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There is no democracy in a country where robber media barons and their politicians make corporate legislation claiming it is a 'crime' for law abiding civilians to speak without their 'permission', while any trial of the alleged crime is not heard before either a criminal Crown Court jury or civil High Court jury.


 ...… ‘free speech uk’: 48 unlawful ‘arrests’ involving state sponsored prolonged inhuman and degrading treatment, torture and attempted murder…


On 19 July 2009 Cameron and Co were publicly threatening us with violence, saying they were going to illegally 'remove' us, before Alexander Boris Johnson crossed all red lines torturing and trying to murder me in September 2009.


On 22 April 2010, Cameron publicly stated an in out referendum on the European Union is a con, which remained his position until peaceniks moved, whereupon he then decided he would like to spin that con himself for Murdoch & Co on his way out the door too.


The politicians MI5 Democracy Village saw robber media barons like the Daily Mail 'embedded' trying to stop our repeal of their multi-billion dollar free speech ban which was a such an affront to democracy and the rule of law.


There was not a peep out of a single one of them when we forced the repeal of their free speech ban because not a single one of the robber barons and their politicians supports free speech for the public.


They have brought themselves into such serious disrepute with so many years of lies proving they do not care about the public they invented Brexit which hides that even 63 % of registered voters are still not fooled by all their lies.



... they knew they were using the student vote lie to spin into a hung parliament in 2010...


The robber media barons and their politicians Brexit shows them up for the bullies they really are, who can only pick on defenceless civilians.



... admitted it was a con, before pulling the con on his way out the door...


It says it all really when Alexander 'Boris bonhomie' Johnson hides behind the Article 50 propaganda device... Blair invented on his way out the door in 2007 with ALL the politicians trying to protect the likes of the BBC state broadcaster and Murdoch who profited from spinning Brexit to the tune of £ 2.5 billion for his Fox - Sky merger.


It's impossible to spin Murdoch in the UK as anything other than a bully because he built his whole empire on hating the entire human race.


... the con ... all the politicians knew article 50 was a propaganda device without any legal substance...


No-one shows more contempt for the British public and democracy and the rule of law in the UK than Murdoch and the politicians who have all done nothing to stop him. 


The robber media barons and politicians in the UK have just been violently attacking the public to try and stop free speech for years:


... there are so many cases involving outright corruption and torture etc, linked to this win that became the lawsuit HQ12X02745...


In August 2008 the Daily Mail publicly admitted there was only one peacenik the media barons were trying to have unlawfully 'arrested' because I won in court on 13 December 2007.


... robber media barons threatening law abiding civilians which is what murdoch did on 19 july 2009 is actually illegal...


On 19 July 2009 Murdoch was shouting from the rooftops with Cameron that they wanted to illegally 'remove' us which is called illegally threatening law abiding civilians.


Murdoch published the threat because he was involved in the case I won on 19 July 2007, when I was incredibly kidnapped from Southwestern Magistrates Court during live proceedings !! to stop me giving evidence that the "state put in place a sequence of events that only put my life at risk".


On 4 April 2012 they installed Flasher Richards protege Christopher Vadja from Moncktons in the ECJ because they know Richards had to recuse himself in one of our 'historic' High Court cases (below) because we could prove the deal he did with District Judge Timothy Workman in 2007 to cover up for each other and the politicians:



...Christopher Vadja was installed in the ECJ to try and cover up the corruption the legislation against us created in the UK Judiciary etc...




That 'historic' case was all about dishonestly spinning 'Jurisdiction' to try and keep evidence of the rampant corruption between politicians and the Judiciary et al covering up for each other, out of the High Court:



... they spun the 'jurisdiction' case to try and keep evidence of the rampant corruption among the judiciary et al over the fraudulent legislation illegally used against us that was of itself an abuse of all due process, out of the high court...


It was common knowledge among journalists in Westminster that there was all sorts of horse-trading going on over trying to continue illegally using the fraudulent legislation against us.


The only outcome of fraudulent corporate legislation is that it can only have no due process because that is how those "following orders" collect the brown envelopes, because the MET 'police' admitted on 19 July 2007 they had "an unlimited budget" to try and illegally shut down free speech through that legislation.


'Police' would openly boast they collected brown envelopes for unlawfully arresting us so they could go on luxury holidays and so on.


The problem in the UK is the robber media barons are running the government with politicians/journalists like Alexander 'Boris bonhomie' Johnson and their 'SPADS' who do nothing but lie all the time wearing multiple hats, while violently stopping law abiding civilians having access to courts.


The robber media barons and politicians in Westminster don't even really bother hiding they are the global seat of corruption these days.


They know they could never consistently get away with what they have been doing in front of juries.












27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!