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I was walking back to Parliament Square and was by Westminster Abbey one day when Jack Straw ‘door-stopped’ me with a rather large entourage of men in black in tow, ridiculously trying to strike up a conversation by asking me how I was.

... the world of war propaganda positions law abiding civilian peaceniks as 'the other'...

This was one of the gang of ’politicians’ who tortured and attempted to murder me in September 2009 so I did not pause to dignify anything Straw had to say, simply replying with words to the effect, stating the obvious, the world would be a safer place for law abiding civilians if he was in prison.

These monsters who are obviously no gentlemen have no respect for women at all.

The Iraq War defined the times we live in because it conclusively proved there was never any War on Terror that self-serving politicians have only used to violently abuse law abiding civilians at home with too.

There is no abuse of all public power self-aggrandizing politicians are not willing to grant themselves in any unfettered grab.

Many of the public do know there is no difference between the likes of Jack Straw and Nick Griffin because every government invents groups who are false opposition who are supposed to make the politicians of the day look good.

Most people know the purpose of the BBC state broadcaster who do whatever the government of the day tell them to do, white-wash anyone in government.

The BBC whitewash of Jack Straw took place on 22 October 2009 at a Question Time state of denial with the BNP's Nick Griffin.

There had been an incident years earlier when Jack Straw swept into Parliament while we were by Carriage Gates, with his drivers strangely giving me the thumbs up when they were leaving. Steve Jago asked me why I hadn’t moved when the driver veered off course towards me before correcting himself at the last minute, so presumably playing chicken. I answered honestly, when I said I hadn’t even noticed, which was true.


The politicians are very nasty creatures who despise peaceniks.


What sort of creep wants to bully a woman, playing 'chicken' when only the bully is driving a large vehicle at a defenceless civilian woman ?

It is only ever law abiding civilians who are the voice of moderation because we naturally live the real democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law.

The savage uncivilized world of ‘politics’ has not yet matured sufficiently to show any respect for the rule of law that are just words to politicians they use when convenient to hide what they do not themselves practice.

27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!