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When politicians and media barons pretend they oppose Nazis, they never really mean it.

Austria never got rid of the Nazis and it only takes a couple of percentage points to spin them into power again.


... the baby trumper... they never got rid of the nazis in austria...


In the UK, it is an interesting statistic that none of the political parties or media barons are interested in 63 % of registered voters in the UK.


The older one gets and the more one sees of ‘elections’ and how they are so easily manipulated for whatever the propaganda happens to be, the more obvious it becomes it is only the real democracy of… the peace and harmony of the rule of law that can effectively counter the he said/she said frauds of elections that are only run on propaganda.


The 'eurosceptics' in Austria are Nazis, just like they are in the UK:


... not exactly surprising when it only takes a couple of percentage points to spin nazis into power...


The Austrian 'snap election' is spinning the same 1999 Nazi coalition in Austria, now churning Brexit war propaganda.


Of course Kurz is an opportunistic Nazi upstart.


Any woman will tell you, you only have to look at his hair.


Hitler was the useful idiot born in Austria.


Prince Harry's got a new playmate. The Russian's love him. It's Brexit smirks all round.



... the 'tilt' in what was a three way split anyway, appears to be largely attributable to shifts in smaller parties including  'team stronach' members quitting and greens losing support...


What could possibly be more important than keeping the long time Nazi loving Daily Express in the UK happy ?

... not much of a swing was necessary to put the goose-step back into a 'coalition'...


In the UK, the Nazis, who are all the political parties, call 17 million voters in a referendum a majority !! compared to the 29 million registered voters who oppose them.


The real truth of the Brexit referendum is that 29 million registered voters, who are a majority of 63 % were not fooled by any politicians or media barons, because everything has been so rotten in the UK for so long, because so many people were united in opposing the Iraq War.


The British politicians and media barons just censor any opposition to Brexit they can that comes from the public.


It's all about the Boris Brexit world of Boris because politicians and media barons all want to hide what Tory Boris has been doing all these years, since his marriage of convenience with Labour's Gordon Brown in 2008 and then the Lib Dems in 2010.


In Spain, the Spanish and Catalan governments who spin the Boris Brexit world of Boris... Barzani referendum are trying to divide and rule people because everyone was united in their opposition to the Iraq War forcing troops to be pulled out of Iraq after the Madrid Terror atrocity in 2004.



27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!