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The ‘official’ version is the old boys club don’t torture and attempt to murder female peaceniks in the UK who are European Union citizens.





The politicians lie obviously has no legal standing (locus standii) because those who are certainly no gentlemen illegally refuse to hand over the 'trophy' CCTV and tapes from 3 & 4 September 2009 which the paper trail proves were secured.


There is a very big difference between anyone having a disagreement with a politician and politicians and media barons using the entire apparatus of a state to violently torture and attempt to murder a female peacenik who is illegally denied any legal representation, while being subjected to prolonged inhuman and degrading treatment.


Even how a government publicly treats a law abiding civilian female peacenik tells everyone how it will treat anyone.



...… ‘free speech uk’: 48 unlawful ‘arrests’ involving state sponsored prolonged inhuman and degrading treatment, torture and attempted murder…


The successive British 'governments' should indeed have sought to lawfully negotiate a settlement of lawsuits instead of (for example) illegally trying to spin refoulement of a European Union citizen under the cover of Brexit, while the 'Eurosceptics' relive the 'glory days' so that errr... Murdoch & Co who are involved in 19 July 2007 & 19 July 2009 profit.


It is a matter of fact that Article 50 has no mandate for a trade deal so the British politicians and media barons (and their Australian counterparts) really have only always been trying to spin refoulement of law abiding European Union citizens.


The UK and Australian governments colluded in my being tortured etc with Australian government officials admitting in 2011, that I was the only person they knew of in such a 'situation'... in the European Union (with both governments covering up while I was illegally denied legal representation)  because the lie is that torture etc just doesn't happen... in the European Union :



...it's a matter of fact the australian government have been trying to cover up their involvement with the uk government's torture etc... in the uk since errr... 2009...


It's a real taboo subject to a) talk about torture etc happening... in the European Union, let alone b) to a peacenik c) who is a woman.


The Daily Mail admitted in August 2008 that there is only one female peacenik all the politicians and media barons were maliciously targeting after 13 December 2007. 


The current British 'Foreign Secretary' Boris Johnson is legally responsible for crossing all red lines on 4 September 2009, before the MI5 Democracy Village world of Boris between 1 May 2010 - 4 May 2012 and the MI6 follow up act of the Boris Brexit world of Boris from 23 June 2016 onwards.


Of course, the politicians have always been perfectly capable of lawfully resolving the current situation that only they created, by agreeing a meeting between their representatives and peaceniks, on neutral ground, without further disgraceful threats or escalation etc etc etc etc. 


The British government were told what could obviously not be an open ended 'olive branch' was extended prior to Florence.


For the avoidance of doubt there has never been any reason a lawful agreement could not be reached before 20 October 2017 so it really is only politicians et al grandstanding for their own financial profit and... worse.




The 'Stepford Wives' of Westminster Village was the 'marriage of convenience' between Boris Johnson and Gordon Brown et al:


... the Stepford journalists and politicians and their wives who knew what was going on and didn't stand up for women when Boris Johnson who became boss of three successive Commissioner's of the MET Police in May 2008 joined Gordon Brown...


No politician or media baron et al speaks on behalf of or instead of me.






APRIL - MAY 2012


2 APRIL 2012:


I have never pretended that no due process since 23 May 2006 is a legal system:


... 2 april 2012... no due process is not a legal system... (by that time they were trying to cover up the cumulative no due process 16 January 2012 too)


4 APRIL 2012:


In 2012, the British government sent Flasher Richards protege Judge Christopher Vadja QC from Monkton Chambers to the ECJ to try and spin refoulement.


... boris johnson... gordon brown... flasher richards... district judge timothy workman... jon cunliffe... simon mcdonald... liam parker... will walden... christopher meyer... pagefield... rupert murdoch... etc...


18 MAY 2012:


The 'Stepford Wives' of Westminster Village:


 ... relentlessly bullying a law abiding civilian who was illegally denied legal representation while being publicly subjected to prolonged inhuman and degrading treatment...


(N.B: The government obviously did not produce a 'public interest' defence I mention in the London Evening Standard was requested, because it is a matter of public record the lawyer Eleanor Scarlett from City of London law firm Sonn Macmillan Walker who had approached me in court in January 2012 -also- ran without lawful excuse, because it was such a massive cover up going back to 23 May 2006)


It's obviously not a 'co-incidence' that Mr Johnson appointed Christopher Vadja QC to the ECJ in April 2012, while sending his wife on a fishing expedition in May 2012, via the Daily Mail and Independent owned London Evening Standard and their show trial by media.




The not so 'flash Gordon' and all the Mother Theresa's I have ever known have been full of it:


... 'flash gordon' and flasher richards... everyone in westminster knew what this saatchi spin was all about...


This is a completely inappropriate use of the word 'distinguished':



This Flasher Richards had to be removed from our... High Court cases in 2007:


... this flasher richards had to be removed from our... high court cases in 2007...


They really have no respect for women at all. The best the state could spin over Flasher Richards which doesn't stand up to any legal scrutiny at all was the old chestnut of 'mistaken identity' despite the complainant 'identifying' he worked in the High Court.


The reason they had to remove Flasher Richards when I complained about him sitting on our 'jurisdiction' case over 'Contempt of Court' in the High Court, that was really done for public consumption, was there was a provable -link- between District Judge Timothy Workman and Flasher Richards doing a deal (where Brian and I did also actually run into District Judge Timothy Workman leaving the High Court):


12 DECEMBER 2007:




... the 'jurisdiction' spin was a load of old cobblers to try and keep the corruption of the judiciary off the high court record to try and delay the repeal of legislation and lawsuits etc etc ...


The facts are Workman covered up for Richards and vice-versa and everyone did know it:


... labour's 'sir' kier starmer who is the former dpp involved in covering up so much knows it is a matter of fact, workman covered up for richards and vice-versa....


They had previously tried to use the hanging 'Judge' Roger rent-boy Davies against Brian.


... the politicians, judges, media barons et al all hate civilian women...


The old boys club all hate and use state violence against law abiding women:


... westminster village including all the two-faced politicians, all hate civilian women, they use state violence against...


In 2007, it is a matter of fact Workman was covering up for Richards and vice-versa.




HQ12X02745: 4 SEPTEMBER 2006 - 13 DECEMBER 2007 - 4 SEPTEMBER 2009 etc:


On 4 SEPTEMBER 2006:


... 4 september 2006... and no 'mistaken identities' over who was doing what ...







The British government were falling all over themselves to illegally destroy evidence in the case above from 4 September 2006 that was linked to everything else.


What everyone 'bizarrely' did to try and cover up that I was unlawfully arrested on 23 May 2006 and released without charge, when the lawyers deliberately did not immediately go to the High Court with a jury lawsuit was:




a) Superintendent Terry the Tosser invited by email, myself and Steve Jago to an informal meeting at Charing Cross Police Station on Friday 7 July 2006 to unknown to us at the time, retrospectively invent their 'witness statements' over my unlawful arrest on 26 March 2006 when both Brian and I had been released without charge before they illegally issued me with a summons over 26 March 2006... after 23 May 2006.


They didn't want a meeting because they cared about free speech:




Neither Superintendent Terry the Tosser or Chief Inspector Robinson who were both at the meeting that took place on the top floor of Charing Cross Police Station where the Tosser showed me his office, ever told us they intended to use an informal meeting to retrospectively !! invent fraudulent witness statements for themselves !!



There were several emails with the same 'request':



In fact, they illegally never disclosed to any court a) they requested or b) the meeting that took place on 7 July 2006 because what they did was seriously illegal.


The police certainly weren't trying to protect law abiding... civilians free speech.


... brian and i were released without charge so we obviously couldn't later be summonsed [they illegally summonsed us both over 26 March 2006, after 23 May 2006, then dropped the summons against Brian]...


b) on Sunday 9 July 2006, Steve and myself were unlawfully arrested and Superintendent Terry the Tosser wrote "make sure Barbara answers these questions about ss 132-138 SOCPA before she is released" which I didn't have to answer because I had been unlawfully arrested for the old chestnut of 'obstructing police'.


He was obviously trying to find something else other than 26 March 2006 to try and link his fraudulent witness statements he was inventing from 7 July 2006 that we didn't even know about until 14 September 2006, to.


It was self-evident the police had only acted in very bad faith inviting us to a meeting on Friday 7 July 2006, which wasn't about trying to lawfully resolve anything.


... 9 july 2006...


c) On 21st July 2006 the CPS disclosed Superintendent Terry the Tosser had illegally bailed me to Charing Cross Police Station over 9 July 2006 which I was never charged with anything over, which he had known was the case on... 9 July 2006.


d) on 5 August 2006 I was unlawfully 'arrested' by police from Bermondsey who took me to Kentish Town Police Station, who after I had been tortured illegally bailed me to Charing Cross Police Station on 4 September 2006, when Bindmans claimed I didn't need a lawyer to attend !! so Steve Jago came with me instead, because Bindmans had arranged for Brian to be at... Bindmans.


... 5 august 2006...


Both Bindmans and Garden Court Chambers knew I had been tortured on 5 August 2006, because all the lawyers saw and commented on my injuries when they asked both Brian and I to go to a meeting at Garden Court Chambers.


e) on 4 September 2006, the police knew they couldn't charge me with 'obstructing the highway' over 5 August 2006 that was a summary matter they could have just sent a summons in the post over anyway, that was really about their trying to hide their torture, so they invited Steve and myself into a corridor they later claimed was without CCTV so they could attack us, to invent something else.


Inspector Wareing who is shown chasing me above, was originally standing under a doorway... because he was trying to stay out of the view of CCTV. He also illegally edited the CCTV above, removing the audio.


The records they very obviously made up after everything, really don't bear any legal scrutiny at all.


It was all about covering up 23 May 2006 that they had a myriad of legal difficulties over, they seriously compounded using torture on 5 August 2006.


f) they then illegally refused to release me on 4 September 2006 before unlawfully charging me over 5 August 2006 without any legal representation, while bailing us to return on 13 October 2006 over 4 September 2006 which we ostensibly did have legal representation over before the lawyers all ran.


The lawyers were trying to keep their fingerprints off the torture case from 5 August 2006 that they knew happened because they didn't immediately go to the High Court with a jury lawsuit after 23 May 2006.


There were no legal grounds for police refusing to release me on 4 September 2006 over 5 August 2006 or 4 September 2006, when they did release Steve Jago over 4 September 2006. 


On 5 September 2006 the CPS did ridiculously claim in open court, they had failed to release me on 4 September 2006, because they wanted to remand me to prison over the non-imprisonable offence of alleged 'obstruction of the highway' on 5 August 2006, which of course everyone knew they could not do, which was really all about trying to cover up torture.


They had clearly been up to no good on 4 September 2006, when I ran to try and get help when they suddenly started attacking Steve Jago after they invited us both into a corridor, when they all knew they had no legal grounds to even have me at the 'police' station.


I did know police had tortured me on 5 August 2006.


On 4 September 2006 they were obviously trying to cover up the torture on 5 August 2006 -and- try and stop me appearing on court on 14 September 2006.


It was all the most horrendous bullying and worse, because they all knew they were going to lose in court on 14 September 2006.


On 14 September 2006, I won the malicious prosecution over 26 March 2006 that was ruled 'void ab initio' which was when I first saw the fraudulent witness statements Superintendent Terry the Tosser had invented after 7 July 2006 that had never even been disclosed to me.


They still had to try and cover up the torture from 5 August 2006 etc.


After 14 September 2006, the MET Police and CPS then split the malicious prosecutions from 5 August 2006 which was really trying to cover up torture & the malicious prosecution over 4 September 2006 in two and heard them out of sequence, back to front while using the malicious prosecutions against us for all sorts.


g) it took until... 9 July... 2007 !! for the CPS to finally admit in court, there was never any evidence to bail me to Charing Cross police Station on 4 September 2006 and maliciously charge me over 5 August 2006 to try and cover up torture.


When we left the court on 9 July 2007 after winning, four of us were unlawfully 'arrested' again !! and never charged with anything, when I was viciously tortured... again, after winning the original malicious prosecution about... torture on 5 August 2006 !!


They tortured me for winning a malicious prosecution that was trying to hide torture.


i) the malicious prosecution against Steve Jago and myself over 4 September 2006 had meanwhile suddenly been 'adjourned' on 22 January 2007 until 22 May 2007 which was used for all sorts, until we won at Southwark Crown Court on 13 December 2007.


(Brian won the malicious prosecution against him over 23 May 2006 that was heard on 13 December 2006 on 22 January 2007, with 'no case to answer' after they could not put me on the witness stand on 13 December 2006, because I had been unlawfully arrested and released without charge on 23 May 2006 etc etc)


j) they had illegally used a fraudulent arrest warrant from the 22 May 2007 'Exclusion Order' case over 4 September 2006 to literally kidnap me from court during live proceedings at Southwestern Magistrates Court on 19 July 2007 to stop me giving evidence in that malicious prosecution from 31 January 2007 I won too.


They just threw all due process out the window to just violently attack us, in what was only a gruesome snapshot of what they were doing that they obviously never wanted before any High Court jury in our lawsuit.


There were obviously very serious abuses of all due process involving torture.


13 DECEMBER 2007:


The 'Westminster Village' ridiculously always tried to cover up we won on... 13 December 2007 so we actually had to go and get a copy from the Southwark Crown Court record proving we had won:


... 13 december 2007... this was a very significant win... over state sponsored violent abuse of women, disgracefully trying to punish !! the victim...


The torture on 5 August 2006 and 9 July 2007 was different from 4 September 2009  because there was absolutely no doubt they tortured me on 4 September 2009, because they were trying to murder me.








 ... they always tried to cover up we won on 13 december 2007, that happened to be the same day gordon brown was then late signing the lisbon treaty the boris brexit world of boris spins...




27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!