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It's frankly impossible to understand what all the politicians of all political flavours everywhere are currently saying about Catalans because what remains a legal certainty is Catalans are European Union citizens.


... stolen generations...


None of the politicians really make it clear why Catalans would need to be anything more than European Union citizens.


The legal reality Catalans are European Union citizens won't change because of any politicians.


There's an obvious reason some of us support the true EU legal order of the real democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law because too many generations have lived the brutal realities of being persecuted, imprisoned, tortured, murdered or expelled by all manner of royal, religious and political divide and rule.


There must be a reasonable suspicion the Spanish, and Catalan government who gave a huge apologia for the colonial Iraq War, giving the thumbs up to Boris' Brexit world of Boris Barzani 'referendum' are staging a take-over by Madrid in Catalonia.


Whatever... politicians and... governments say, Catalans are European Union citizens:


... the boris brexit world of boris eu council summit is on 20 october...


Ancient Catalans and Catalonia have already been endlessly 'divided' between what is now called France, Spain and Italy and so on, over many centuries anyway.


There is an obvious absence of logic in any politician ever saying there can never be 'dialogue' when the only real outcome is only going to be against... law abiding civilians, not other politicians.


It's exactly the same with the Boris Brexit world of Boris where he is trying to hijack any voice of law abiding civilians, which he really does have very considerable form illegally doing well before Brexit.


There are similar challenges that all arise from the Iraq War because Rajoy is recycled from Aznar's government who were forced to pull troops out of Iraq, while in the UK they really couldn't recycle Blair for another gig, because of the Iraq War, so you get the follow up with Boris' Brexit world of Boris.


Blair was the architect of the Article 50 spin on his way out the door in 2007 that Boris' Brexit world of Boris relies on.


The Iraq War conclusively proved there was never any War on Terror, and Iraq is still an old British colonial fiefdom, when there's no real reason there couldn't be a Middle East Union like the European Union with freedom of movement for law abiding civilians, instead of foreign armies.


Most problems in the world which are created by politicians anyway are actually easily resolvable, with the only reason they are not lawfully resolved being that most politicians prefer making money out of having a go at and bullying and worse... law abiding civilians.


No-one has to spend very long in 'Westminster Village' to know all the politicians and media barons there, do literally spend all their time plotting... against !! law abiding civilians,


You don't really hear EU politicians, the Spanish royals, Spanish politicians or the Catalan government, orange wailing wall or the gremlins in the Kremlin et al criticize Boris' Brexit world of Boris that is lost in 'transition' over courts.


... the boris brexit world of boris...


They haven't walked in law abiding civilians shoes.


Boris' Brexit world of Boris doesn't even have the facade of 'democracy' from a foul, vicious and nasty establishment who are really harassing, bullying and worse law abiding... civilians:


... they lie... there's not even the facade of 'democracy' from the arrogant unelected 'politicians' of all political shades in the entirely self-serving house of 'lords' who are... accountable to who ? in zero elections ? ...


The 'elitist' is the unelected 'Lord'.


How does an unelected snout in a trough who dishonestly claims he can vote to do whatever he likes to law abiding civilians that he calls the 'new' ?? ... 'centre ground' claim to have any legitimacy of any kind anyway ?


You can't even pretend you believe in democracy when you are a politician who is then willing to... also be an unelected 'Lord' in the House of Lords.


The peculiarly British 'class' system is war propaganda 101.


The sleaze-bag British King in lurking formerly known as Saxe-Coburg among all the related royals who were the original European 'Union', would never dare hold a referendum over the monarchy in the UK.


... the brexit world of boris... 23 june 2017... an unfortunate translation...


It's only self-serving politicians and media barons who have ever been selling the Boris Brexit world of Boris where even a significant majority of 29 million registered voters were not fooled, compared to the 17 million voters who voted for the Boris Brexit world of Boris.


Those who were paying attention to the Matryoshka of the MI5 Democracy Village 1 May 2010 - 4 May 2012 know it is a British-led 'coalition':


... boris' brexit world of boris controlled opposition forgets the 'foreign secretary' boris al-baghdadi was around long before and recruited his fellow traveler trump...


Ask yourselves how many of the governments who are controlled opposition have done or do business with VITOL, not forgetting the Russian oil deal 'hidden' in the Caymans, not long after Tory 'Sir' Alan Duncan's VITOL 'left' Moscow, in the run up to Boris' world of Brexit, where Duncan is Boris' sidekick as 'Minister for Europe' and that really tells you what they all spin for public consumption and why.


Tarzan Putin is every bit the meddling tub thumping white supremacist nationalist imperialist and so on, with an empire that stretches from the east coast of Asia to western Europe.


The Berlin Wall might have come down but the Stasi are still running Moscow, who were only too happy to offload former Soviet satellites to help Blair & Co force down wages in the European Union.


It is now clear, the UK and Moscow staged the Ukraine crisis, with the agreement being Putin would keep the Crimean military base, while 'unusually' filing any court cases (29.03.2017) in the UK:


... it's the old 'catch-22'... the same date blair had his original show trial of me on 22 february 2006 in central london they eventually lost that is the same date nazi germany executed the white rose peaceniks in nazi germany on 22 february 1943...


Russia has also long had a military base in Tartus in Syria, that it is difficult to see NATO  wanting to go into battle over. Putin the Pretender did stand by for four years while defenceless civilians were being slaughtered in Syria.


All the governments have done their deals in Libya, where all the sides are controlled by the same job lot because there is only one two-faced UN Security Council weapons supply line, so they are all involved in shipping people across the Mediterranean, most probably in return for being mercenaries in Libya, Syria or elsewhere.


The savagery of Boris' MI5 Democracy Village of Boris or Boris' MI6 Brexit world of Boris is a self perpetuating cycle of truly barbaric war propaganda.


Saif Gaddafi was lounging around in London still cheering on Blair over the Iraq War in June 2010, while the MI6 VITOL mercenaries like al-Harati and Co were being paraded around as Libyan and later Syrian 'freedom fighters' in full public view.


It wasn't a 'co-incidence' I was illegally imprisoned yet again in the UK by Boris' MI5 Democracy Village world of Boris Matryoshka when the decisive Battle of Tripoli took place in Libya in 2011.


It couldn't possibly be a 'co-incidence' royals did their whole marriage of convenience in Parliament Square on 29 April 2011, which was the same date Hitler and Eva Braun did, which was a year after the British government suddenly 'adjourned' a trial over agent provocateurs on 29 April 2010 to try and 'join' us with their MI5 Democracy Village on 1 May 2010, before 29 April 2011 was also the end of their bagman Bin Liner spin.


The reality is there are not many governments who did not collaborate in one way or another with Nazi Germany, while all the related royals who were the original European 'Union', by and large had a holiday during Two World Wars while millions upon millions of innocent civilians were slaughtered across Europe.


In the UK, it's not down to politicians or media barons that they can't sell Blair to the public any more, so he had to trade places with Stakeknife Corbyn who has always been the Freddie Scappaticci of the UK peace movement.


Brian Haw was the greatest peacemaker of our times.


The Boris Brexit world of Boris 11.10.2017:


... it's Murdoch who made £ 2.5 billion spinning Boris' Brexit world of Boris... it's Murdoch who published the threat on Sky News Live on 19 July 2009 to illegally 'remove' Brian and myself who has a problem, incl. because he was involved in the case I won on 19 July 2007 with "the state put in place a sequence of events that only put my life at risk" [which had been the truth since 23 May 2006 really]


The Fox- SKY News saga in the UK 10.10.2017:


... 10.10.2017... politicians and media barons publicly threatening law abiding... civilians is illegal and has nothing to do with free speech...


The Boris Brexit world of Boris bunged £ 2 billion to the DUP for what ? because everyone in Northern Ireland was always keeping their European Union citizenship regardless of if and how they voted in the referendum.


The DUP along with Stakeknife Corbyn's Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott did illegally vote to remove peaceniks in 2005, before the Labour party and media barons just re-branded the same old union vote 'Momentum' to dishonestly pretend they had 'new' voters for Boris' Brexit world of Boris:


... boris' brexit world of boris and the ... dup and diane abbott...


It's a strange beast indeed who calls themselves 'revolutionary' voting for the Boris Brexit world of Boris.


... boris' brexit world of boris cheap and vulgar war propaganda from controlled opposition... the only people really on the receiving end of all the harassment, bullying and far worse by politicians and media barons are law abiding... civilians...


The Boris Brexit world of Boris is overtly pushing a pathological hatred of women because that is personally who he is, which cannot be airbrushed over because he only has a very long history of having no respect at all for any women.


He is a monster who crossed all the red lines when he tortured and attempted to murder me on 4 September 2009, before spinning MI5 Democracy Village to try and cover up between 1 May 2010 - 4 May 2012, along with subjecting me to prolonged inhuman and degrading treatment throughout 2012.


You don't try and make out law abiding civilians are any kind of problem, when the real problem all along is a politician.











27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!