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The Boris Brexit world of Boris nasties are spinning all over the place trying to find some Levenson-esque ‘plausible deniability’ that legally speaking simply does not exist.


The 'PR agency' spin over whistle-blowing about the... government:

… boris brexit world of boris and asio assange sleazebags pagefield & co’s ’operation blow-job’… with their entourage of lawyers in tow...


The government hire numerous 'PR Agencies' and con-artists like Mark Wallinger [State Britain] etc to try and illegally provide 'plausible deniability' in the whole corporate racket of 'historical revisionism'.


Most people know the gruesome 'cult of celebrity' only try and distract from what politicians do to ordinary law abiding civilians in the real world.


What stands out most about the spin is that all the 'celebrities' glam to the cam(era) -before- making any formal complaints through their entourage of... lawyers to... police. It's very Levenson-esque, which didn't give a toss about ordinary civilians either.


It's very clearly a Pagefield operation airbrushing Boris' Brexit world of Boris, who is the monster in the room, minting for corporations.


There's a very big difference when the entire apparatus of a violent state is illegally used to attack defenceless law abiding civilians.




1. It is a very straightforward matter of fact that when I was unlawfully arrested on 23 May 2006 during a ‘high profile’ spin of corporate legislation where the partners at Bindmans Solicitors and Garden Court Chambers did not go directly to the High Court with a jury lawsuit when I was inevitably released without charge.

2. It should have been a very straightforward matter where a High Court jury lawsuit would have seen corporate legislation repealed in 2006 because it was incompatible with the real democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law.


It is THE example in the UK of politicians and media barons violently abusing all due process to ILLEGALLY oppose law abiding... civilians free speech etc.


3. No due process:


... politicians and media barons always use all sorts of 'state actors' to try and airbrush over what they all do to defenceless law abiding civilians...


4. The very limited records that were disclosed over 23 May 2006 show that the operation was actually a) planned for 22 May 2006 and b) that they were spying on me, so had waited for me to return, because c) I went off somewhere and didn't get back until after midnight.


5. [On 16 January 2012, when police were spying on me again, and where absolutely zero records have been disclosed, they stopped me by Westminster Tube Station as I was going for a break, because Boris & Co's illegal 'operation' was starting]


... the 'state actors' did always know what they were doing...


6. In 2006, they tried to keep laundering multi-billion dollar legislation everyone knew was incompatible with the real democracy of the rule of law through Magistrates Court etc etc etc etc.

7. The actions of all the state actors obviously put me at very serious risk making me vulnerable because everyone knew exactly WHAT they had covered up over 23 May 2006.

8. The consequences of their deliberate actions were very, very serious because violent legislation would have been repealed before a High Court jury way back in 2006, long before 2011, when they further escalated everything.

9. When Tony Murphy a partner at Bindmans ran out of plausible deniability in January 2007 over why he wasn’t taking the mounting number of High Court jury lawsuits to the High Court he switched with Chez Cotton from Bhatt Murphy.

10. In fact Bindmans and Murphy don’t have any plausible deniability at all because Murphy always admitted himself that my unlawful arrest on 23 May 2006 was a High Court jury lawsuit.

11. The Metropolitan Police openly made the admission themselves that politicians [“both houses and black rod”] told them to do it.

12. The actions of all those involved culminated in a comprehensive failure for everyone on 13 December 2007 because I won all sorts of satellite litigation at Southwark Crown Court because everything was only ever going to end up in High Court jury lawsuit.

13. In 2008 Chez Cotton who switched with Tony Murphy which is HOW Bindmans via Chez Cotton then suddenly refused without lawful excuse to deal with my lawsuits, also then threatened Brian if I went to the High Court.

14. This was after the multi-hat Boris VITOL switch when he became Mayor of London and boss of three successive Commissioner’s of the MET Police.




19 JULY 2007 & 19 JULY 2009

15. On 19 July 2009, Cameron and Murdoch publicly made the threat to ‘remove’ Brian and myself without the necessary accompanying caveat they would act lawfully.


The Tory fraud:



... boris brexit world of boris sleaze bags are so full of it trying to hide what has been going on... in the uk...


The 'oxymoron':


... the ghastly 'conservative home'... what he means is he is paid to try and cover up human rights abuses... in the uk...


Murdoch spun Boris Brexit world of Boris to collect the £ 2.5 billion cheque, while trying to hide 19 July 2009 which was seriously, seriously illegal.




... 10.10.2017... impossible for murdoch to be more 'biased' etc etc than 19 july 2009 [which we were obviously not given any right of reply to, either inside or outside any court because they all KNEW they intended to act illegally]...


Brian and I knew Cameron and Murdoch were referencing I won the surreal case of the century when the state literally kidnapped me from inside a courtroom...  during live proceedings on 19 July 2007 at Southwestern Magistrates to stop me giving evidence "the state put in place a sequence of events that only put my life at risk".


In real terms that was the true situation ever since 23 May 2006 because in all legal terms I had always conclusively won way back then.


Murdoch and Cameron were never going to have me repeat that on camera because Murdoch was involved in the case on 19 July 2007, that arose from 31 January 2007, when they tried to 'suffragette' me.


The CCTV from 31 January 2007 which the police illegally edited, and I only saw very briefly on 19 July 2007 and never got as far as being shown in court, because of what happened above is nevertheless very strange because it showed men in trench coats and the media suddenly appear from no-where, after they must have all been lying in wait.

16. We REPEATEDLY made the necessary written complaints to lawyers about being threatened by politicians and media barons.



17. On 4 September 2009 Boris crossed all red lines when he tortured and attempted to murder me at Belgravia Police Station in Central London.





Mr Johnson the 'journalist' is legally responsible because he was BOTH the Mayor of London and the boss of Commissioner of the MET Police.




Boris Brexit world of Boris illegally purports he speaks on behalf of and instead of law abiding civilians.






It's an understatement to say Mr Johnson is abusing his public position as 'Foreign Secretary' which he is using entirely for his own personal ends.


There have never been any legal grounds to refuse to hand over the CCTV and tapes from 4 September 2009 to me, so it is the case that the British Foreign Secretary is knowingly obstructing the administration of justice.



18. There is no doubt he was egged on by all and sundry, which is not a lawful excuse.

19. I only survived because Brian heard me scream out and they knew they could not get away with murdering us both at the same time.

20. This was before May 2010 when Cameron became PM and May was at the MI5 Home Office.

21. The real ‘hidden’ war was going on in Parliament Square, Central London over the real democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law.

22. It is the British state who are the ones who have been illegally refusing to hand over the ‘trophy’ CCTV and tapes of 4 September 2009 that do exist.

23. They had previously destroyed as much evidence as they could of 4 September 2006 at Charing Cross Police Station.

24. The Australian government were informed on 7 October 2009 what was going on and the Foreign Affairs Department spoke to me while I was being illegally held at Belgravia again so they knew it was about torture and attempted murder.

25. Sir Kier Starmer was made DPP [and later Labour MP for Brexit] because Doughty had been the original law firm working with Bindmans to try and cover up Blair’s show trial on 22 February 2006 etc that involved torture on 5 August 2006 and 9 July 2007.

26. Mike Schwarz and others from Bindmans kept threatening Brian and myself because they were directly involved in everything that had happened so Brian fired them.

27. Mike Schwarz from Bindmans then threatened barristers like Annabel Timan at Mansfields’ Tooks at that time before joining Starmer’s Doughty that they would not get any more work if anyone represented me.

28. Mansfield knew the Law Society had said there was no reason for Tooks to withdraw but didn’t stand up to Bindmans at all either, thereby putting me at risk of further harm.

29. There is a long record of my being illegally denied legal representation.

30. No-one was ever going to “allow” me to speak before a High Court jury because the cover up over 23 May 2006 was too simple and involved too many people in too much.


... the bauble brigade harpies spinning war and child trafficking...

31. Boris did his whole MI5 Democracy Village spin between 1 May 2010 - 4 May 2012 to try and cover up his torture and attempted murder of me.

32. It is a matter of public record I was illegally denied legal representation on 23 June 2010 because I started blowing the whistle on it all on 21 June 2010 in the High Court.

33. Bindmans, Birnberg Pierce, Doughty all knew what everyone was trying to cover up.

34. The link between 23 May 2006 and 4 September 2009.

35. At the State Opening on 25 May 2010 the BBC illegally edited and maliciously published a false account of my unlawful arrest to hide that MI5 Democracy Village that included the likes of the ’embedded’ Daily Mail (‘Arthur Martin’) and Russia Today (‘Mike Raddie’) were the ‘complainant’.


It beggars belief what was going on in Parliament Square in Central London.


[N.B. It is well known Brian had never supported the Russian government either because most people know they are just false opposition]


The 'State Opening' 25 May 2010:


... 25 may 2010... the spin that hides Boris' MI5 Democracy Village who included 'embedded' press like the Daily Mail were the 'complainant' in my unlawful arrest...


[N.B Boris' ASIO Assange built the whole Clinton & Co 'Chelsea' Manning spin around 25 May 2010, while 'five eyes' Murdoch who made £ 2.5 billion if you please, spinning Boris Brexit bull, originally acquired Fox News via Glencore's Marc Rich in Clinton spin, after Murdoch helped spin the royals sacking Whitlam. GLENCORE spawned VITOL and TRAFIGURA.


The Daily Mail's former 'journalist' Benedict Brogan who in August 2008 was the Chairman of the Parliamentary Press Gallery at that time had publicly said all the media barons wanted me unlawfully arrested in a libelous hit piece sponsored by VITOL that hid I had a High Court order against everyone from April 2008 that is really a lawsuit. The Daily Mail legal department were like rats down a drainpipe when I said put up or shut up. In June 2010 the Daily Mail were then door-stopping me in a lift in the High Court so I told them to get lost and leave me alone because they were part of MI5 Democracy Village which they were then forced to admit in July 2010.


It was absolutely unlawful that media barons were directly involved in bringing very, very serious malicious prosecutions against Brian and myself]

36. Tory VITOL only slithered out of Moscow in the run up to Boris Brexit world of Boris. Most people know VITOL do business with most governments.


I don't personally ever want to hear from the Russian government who I have never even had any interest of any kind in, ever again.


They are all 'predatory drones':



... 'predatory drones'... in the context of what went on in parliament square when let us not forget, the russian government were briefing against brian and myself too, unsolicited emails from the russian government could only be construed as harassment...


The Boris Brexit world of Boris takes on truly Kafka-esque proportions when you consider the Russian government who are not a member of the European Union, nevertheless sit on the European Court of Human Rights !! Imagine the spectacle of the Russian government who are full of Boris' Brexit world of Boris deciding who should and should not have European Union citizenship for goodness sakes !!


In 2010 the British and Russian governments didn't hide they were friends, so it wasn't at all like they now pretend.


I only remember thinking it was slightly odd once, coming across Russian military very late one Sunday evening when I went to open the door to the entrance to some flats where a friend lived in Victoria and the entrance door was suddenly opened from the inside by about half a dozen men in Russian military uniform, but only because I briefly wondered a) why would they be visiting someone in one of the flats in full military uniform which seemed a bit OTT or b) where were they were going so late at night in full military uniform. It wasn't of itself at all unusual to see all sorts of military in Westminster all the time.

37. The Boris world of Boris went running to the High Court on 26 May 2010 to bring a malicious prosecution against Brian and I -before- we were released to try and cover up the torture and attempted murder in September 2009 and what the BBC did on 25 May 2010.

38. It is self-evident the MI5 Democracy Village could not have continued without a) the BBC doing what they did b) Boris bringing the malicious prosecution while c) I was illegally stopped from lawfully blowing the whistle on it all in the High Court because I was illegally denied legal representation.


39. Suffice to say it was also a massive scandal that the press were hiding the press who were 'embedded' in MI5 Democracy Village too, were in any legal sense the 'complainants' too.


40. The fact they knew they were trying to cover up Boris torturing and attempting to murder me on 4 September 2009 is unconscionable.


41. The politicians and press in Westminster completely oppose free speech for the public because law abiding civilians are the natural majority.

42. In 2011, Westminster Council jumped on the bandwagon using the same MI5 Democracy Village and they all ended up with lawsuits which 10 April 2013 proved they did not want to lawfully resolve.


43. Brian died because Boris & Co were wittering on in the High Court about Brian's bad back while Brian had cancer to hide the "catastrophic breakdown in Brian's.... immune system" because he didn't get proper medical treatment when Boris MET Police attacked him on 5 May 2008.

44. Boris has no plausible deniability viciously employing the same BBC ‘editor’ MR WALDEN from 25 May 2010 on 25 May 2012 who they couldn’t keep laundering throughout Boris’ Brexit world of Boris too, before having to spin the Boris Bank of England SPAD on to Pagefield too, who illegally act as ‘reputation’ managers, with Meyer spinning Boris and Murdoch etc.


Boris was providing far from legal cover for Walden and vice-versa, while I was still in Parliament Square and they were subjecting me to prolonged inhuman and degrading treatment throughout 2012 to try and cover up what they had done.


The gruesome 'cult of celebrity':


... boris' unconscionable cling-ons... using war to prey on defenceless children...




... the stolen generations... it is well known the still colonial uk has been trafficking children for centuries...

45. 'SPADS'


The use of ’SPADS’ (Special Advisers who are hired to try and dig politicians out of whatever) that was invented by Blair and Campbell is just another layer of spin to try and provide 'plausible deniability' for politicians (and between politicians and media barons et al) that legally does not exist.


There are no real legal grounds for the existence of publicly funded unelected 'SPADS' in Westminster that is just so far removed from anything remotely approaching a 'democracy'. 


There's a whole civil service so there are no legitimate grounds for politicians ever increasing array of personal 'SPADS' which is a massive racket in Westminster, where they revolve in and out of all sorts of doors trying to dodge any legal accountability.


The only purpose of politicians and the civil service using 'SPADS' is to try and circumvent legal accountability.

46. At every juncture all the state actors dramatically escalated state violence against law abiding civilians while illegally denying the basic right of access to a High Court jury because they knew they had lost.

47. All reasonable and rational law abiding civilians know it is illegal to violently use multi-billion dollar corporate legislation against law abiding civilians.

27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!