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Brian won Channel Four’s Most Politically Inspiring Person on 7.02.2007, with 54% of the public vote... while Donut Dannatt got 18%, Blair 8%, Cameron 6%, Gordon Brown 0%, Theresa May 0%, Boris Johnson 0%, Dominic Grieve 0%, Chris Huhne 0%, Stakeknife Corbyn 0%, Ken Livingstone 0%, ’Sir’ Kier Starmer [DPP etc] 0%, Alison Saunders [DPP] 0%, ’Sir’ Ian Blair 0%, the Royal Family 0%...


... brexit david davis 0% slithered up to me and snidely said... "if parliament cared [about people] we'd have to shut down"... [this was a week after blair tried to suffragette me too before he had to fly the coop]...


They had to remove Blair & Co's illegal 'bail conditions' imposed on me [over 31 January 2007, I won] so I could attend, to avoid themselves the 'embarrassment' of having me unlawfully arrested in the TV studio full of the job lot of self-serving 'politicians'.


They changed the public voting system after that because it reflected unprecedented public opposition to the Iraq War which really explains the times we live, in the War on Terror there never was.


It was very much a case of the avant-garde challenging the old guard, although it is impossible to convey the indescribable revulsion there was in spending even one second in a room full of the unconscionable who have built their whole 'careers' out of being vultures preying on defenceless civilians.



It was before Brexit Boris 0% was made Foreign Secretary on 13 July 2016, a day before the ’Nice’ Terror atrocity in France which is straight out of the British war propaganda playbook 101 that other governments follow too.
I only very rarely watch TV so I did not see and in any event would never have watched Channel Four’s set piece about Brexit Boris 0% 'Road to Mandalay' that was aired on the same day the Las Vegas shooter did the whole grassy knoll routine.


... the multi-hat brigade... in the uk 'journalists' are 'politicians' who have 'special advisers' appointed by media barons...

I ask myself the obvious question.

What are the real world chances that on the same day Channel Four spin some Brexit Boris 0% war propaganda about Rudyard Kipling’s 'Road to Mandalay' a shooter does the same routine in the Hotel Mandalay in Las Vegas which seems to be premised on ‘high rollers’ /gamblers with an Asian girlfriend slaughtering defenceless civilians ?

It is simple logic the starting point is the Iraq War proved you cannot believe a word the same politicians and media barons spin.


I've seen with my own eyes and lived the truth of the same job lot of politicians and media barons building their 'Democracy Village' stage that was 'hidden' in full view in Central London for two years while politicians and media barons did nothing but lie.


That was when Brexit Boris 0% who is frankly more like Hannibal Lecter really was waving around his many hats variously grandstanding as a journalist, Mayor of London and boss of the Commissioner of the MET Police on his 'Democracy Village' stage.


The 'Man who would be King', 'Rikki-Tikki-Tavi', 'The White man's burden', the silver Sevenoaks 'Trust' and all that:


... the system of indoctrination that spins war propaganda as 'poetry'...


No-one would ever trust a single world perfidious Albion said.


[ITN/Channel Four mostly kept their heads down in terms of us after they happened to be with and so caught up in the Ken Livingstone 0% on 9 April 2008 in the 10 April 2008 VITOL switch]  

The ‘Road to Mandalay’ rent boy’s default will presumably be something along the lines of it is somehow all women’s fault because that has been the general gambit of the Brexit & related Trump theme tunes. 


The true indisputable facts are when Brexit Boris 0% was switching between his many hats as journalist, politician and boss of Commissioner of the MET Police, trying to cover up his torture and attempted murder of peaceniks in the UK, it was only peaceniks in the UK he was trying to illegally 'remove':


... the indisputable facts are brexit boris 0% was only trying to illegally 'remove' peaceniks in the uk while selling his vitol mercenaries as 'freedom fighters' in libya...


The reality is the UK control both 'sides' in Libya because it is a matter of fact Saif Gaddafi was cheering on Blair & Co over the Iraq War while lounging around in London !! at the very same time al-Harati & Co were being touted as 'freedom fighters' in June 2010.


If you line up the usual suspects of the British King in waiting 0% alongside Brexit Boris 0% and their orange wailing wall 0% they are remarkably similar in much including their all out predatory misogyny and vapidity.

All reasonable and rational law abiding civilians know the British system of injustice was built on nothing more than war propaganda which is the complete opposite of the real democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law.

There is no difference between Brexit Boris 0% brutal Britannia and war propaganda.


... standing by balfour spinning the victim canard...


It is difficult to understand what is the big deal about Veneto and Lombardy having 'referendums' on greater autonomy on 22 October 2017.




When the Duck did his whole Holy Shit routine it did become clear he was ripping a real life Donna.

It was always a very bizarre routine to see some old white guy posing with the old Iraq Warlords brought back for the curtain call pretending to be opposed to the Iraq War with Blair & Co's  a la carte 19 February 1999 routine it was all a ‘mistake’.




They have no shame.

Brexit Boris with his 0% on 07.02.2007 could never be king for all sorts of reasons in the musical chairs of Theresa Murdoch, Clinton, and Trump.

The people of Catalonia and Spain were united in forcing the troops out of Iraq following the Madrid Terror atrocity in March 2004 despite opposition from royals, politicians and media barons.

We forced the repeal of the British establishment’s April 2005 multi-billion dollar War on Terror ban on peaceniks despite unprecedented opposition from royals, politicians and media barons.

They do know the rose at the castle at the foot of the mountains overlooking the sea is 35km south of the border.

It has been there for centuries over the past millenium.



27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!