27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!



Brian was the most effective information superhighway in Parliament Square, I have ever had the privilege of campaigning with.



... 'this site may be hacked'... a weird one... what does it mean ?...


All Blair's Jimmy Wale's free-for all Wiki-woo at Wikipedia does is... repeat... MSM lies, because they falsely claim that MSM are a reliable source of information, which is obviously now a wholly discredited concept that is well past it's use by date.


You have to 'read between a lot of lines/lies' at Wikipedia which is a serious exercise in disinformation, to get anywhere close to any truth.


In fact most of the MSM 'news' Wikipedia rely on is legally speaking largely libelous, yet anyone can post it because it comes from MSM.


The government can only spin their lies through MSM 'journalists' that many politicians in the UK are too along with all their 'special advisers' appointed by media barons, as long as they can violently illegally deny access to courts for law abiding civilians.


The true level of censorship in the UK which is really premised on state violence, is absolutely appalling.


The CIA Google comment below referring to "may" have changed pages on a website is pretty vague really, when you think about it, and could mean anything.


Any anonymous individual can post anything from the MSM on Wikipedia, no questions asked.



... "we recommend you don't visit this website"...


What do CIA Google 'recommend' people do... follow the CIA Google instructions.


Big brother is watching and recommends you do not visit brianhaw.tv.


They sound remarkably like multi-billion dollar corporate legislation we proved was illegal.


I definitively know there's no spam or malware in anything I post, so no-one could be re-directed to spam or malware which is pretty much what politicians, media barons and their spookdom are into with everything they publish.


We don't even carry advertising and so on and there's definitely no spam or malware on the computers being used.


I can't think of any reason I have to trust the CIA Google.


The sign up to CIA Google spin sounds more like a phishing scam from CIA Google really:


... the sign up to CIA Google spiel/'forums'...


Register and verify your site with CIA Google ? is a very peculiar request because the website is already publicly registered and verified across the entire internet beyond CIA Google who have no problem with Wikipedia woo because it comes from the MSM.


The inherent flaw is all these corporations claiming they speak for and instead of law abiding civilians.


The lawyers used to say... in courts !! if you please, that the problem was we told too much of the truth, while they were heading for the exit and all, while of course the government have a very long track record of -stealing- banners because they didn't want people reading what we said and showed.


There was never any spam or malware in our banners, yet the government did nothing but keep stealing them !!


The truth is politicians and media barons just don't want people to know that all law abiding civilians can make a positive difference, because that's obviously not what politicians and media barons are telling people.




27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!