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The flat earth versus globe earth debate that has literally been spinning for centuries from Pythagoras and Aristotle to Copernicus and Galileo is something to lazily ponder on a Sunday afternoon when you consider the nature of the universe, which is quite a large subject.


... i personally think there is a very strong possibility politicians are secretly flat earthers...


The article below is interesting because it highlights that the flat earth versus globe earth debate actually reflects more on people’s thought processes more generally.



I confess I personally find the characters throughout history and the times they lived in as interesting as the subject matter, which is very much of the 'to be or not to be' variety.

Most people would agree with the author that there is so much about science we don’t know, we are all infants in the most amazing universe about which there will always be so much to learn.

Nevertheless, that doesn't preclude any of us trying to apply some degree of reason to whatever we are told, while relating it to our own experiences, depending on the importance of the subject matter.

Therefore I tend to ‘tilt’ towards the earth is a globe because when governments lie and of course they do lie big time, all the time, as if we need reminding recently, it is always about money because that is the only way they can keep big lies going.

I can’t personally see how governments could get so many people like pilots to lie because of course so many additional scientific advances are related to the earth being a globe, so why would so many people lie because where is the financial gain in them doing so.

How would a lie of that magnitude financially benefit the few ?

What I actually think is possible goes in the direction that I would find it very easy to believe that governments have made significant scientific advances related to the earth being a globe that governments do not share.

When the Catholic church resisted the idea of the earth being a globe that was because the mechanisms of state control did not want people to a) challenge an official narrative or b) have too much information because information so often challenges mechanisms of control.  


The relationship between church and science or government and science has often been an uncomfortable one.





I personally a) do choose to believe that the world is a globe but b) that doesn’t mean that I am not open to that being disproved but c) think that is unlikely and d) do think the human race has more important concerns that could well be helped by scientific knowledge that is either not being funded or is being suppressed.

I do think the human race is not being encouraged enough to explore scientific advances to benefit the human race.


The flat earth versus globe earth debate has some similarities to people challenging the moon landings.


I was gutted when a young person said to me with an absolutely straight face, that I couldn't possibly seriously still believe the moon landings happened. I had to stop and think if what I had grown up thinking was a fundamental truth was in fact just an elaborate hoax like Santa Claus.


It made me realize my attachment to the belief that the moon landings happened was purely based on an emotional response because I could remember so vividly being absolutely mesmerized along with all the other children sitting together at school watching the moon landing unfolding on TV.  We all collected the newspaper clippings, putting them in scrapbooks while the subject was discussed at length in schools and my brother did the whole goldfish bowl on the head routine dressed up as an astronaut for a theme day at school etc.


Of course we want to believe the moon landings are true for all sorts of reasons but mostly because it did mean the most amazing scientific breakthrough we were in awe over in this massive universe.


However, my rational adult mind had to concede that it was not outside the realms of -possibility- governments lied about the moon landings too, because adults lie all the time about the Easter bunny and the tooth fairy, and so on, so of course it is possible to see why governments would lie about moon landings too, for all sorts of reasons. 


The lies we tell about Santa Claus are unhealthy because the message is adults lie and it's no big deal, yet adults lying to children is a very big deal because children should always be able to trust adults.


What I personally do think is questionable about moon landings, is that having made so much noise about them so long ago the subject was then pretty much shelved without any real or further advances on the far space frontier. It's not like there is a regular moon-shuttle and there are also quite a few other planets out there to explore too.


There is certainly much lacking in scientific spending on space, which could also mean that we are not being told the truth about much to do with space and the rest of the universe.


As humans we will nevertheless always be eager to explore and learn about the 'great unknown' so I guess it is down to us  all to keep on trying to improve administrative governance so we can explore more of the universe too and what it all really means.


The underlying reality we already know that is an unavoidable truth that is impossible to deny is that governments so routinely and recklessly lie as a matter of course because their only interest is corporate profit, that adults do increasingly have to carefully consider and evaluate what governments are selling.


We live in a world where we cannot deny that governments have very, very seriously abused the public trust placed in them.


A fundamental issue of real importance in the here and now is that governments have lost people's trust completely because governments have caused so much harm to so many people.


This is so destructive of governments because of the inbuilt nature of humans to learn and progress.


This leads me to wryly wonder whether or not all the Brexit politicians [which is all of them in the UK really] are flat earth versus globe earth ?


It's fair to say that most people think that Brexit is already so far 'out there' it is already on a planet all of it's own in some unrecognizable distant galaxy far removed from the human race.


The politicians have definitely gone all '2001: Space Odyssey' where some of us can remember thinking what on earth was that film all about ? The movie was sort of space travel on the cheap compared to the moon landings, with none of the sense of awe.

Perhaps Brexit is all just a cunning plan whereby once all the politicians have completed sufficient 'revolutions' they will then all finally proclaim with great fanfare that what they discovered was the world is really flat after all :)

Will they then hold a referendum on that too ?


After all, everyone's got the general gist that the British politicians and media barons think like the medieval Catholic church did only bigger. They all claim 29 million registered voters who opposed their Brexit which by most mathematical calculations is a majority compared to 17 million people who voted for Brexit, are the modern equivalent of Galileo.


I know it was a very, very long time ago I went to school that was decades before Noddy Gove's 're-education' programs, and that I had zero interest in math, but I am still quite sure I was taught that 29 is a bigger unit than 17. Has 'education' really changed that much that 17 is now a bigger unit than 29 ?


If so, I would like to know who is profiting from the government contracts to change all those mathematical blocks young children use in school so they can -see- the differences between various numerical units.



... who doesn't have fond memories of those coloured cuisenaire rods...


It used to be so straightforward before Brexit when there was one unit and then there were two units and two units were two times bigger than one unit.


Apparently that is no longer the case, which is going to cause far more problems way beyond Brexit because the politicians are quite literally insisting that one plus one no longer equals two.


As far as I can -see- there is going to have to be some quite major changes to cuisenaire rods to accommodate the illusion that 17 units are now larger than 29 with creative 'accounting' that is far, far more radical than merely shifting to a decimal currency. 


In a time of Brexit, you can only feel sorry for the poor old abacus too, cast aside in an age of such monumental numerical deceit that is so vast I cannot even begin to comprehend the effect the new Brexit maths will have on computer programming !


Brexit does indeed have a new language of it's own on so many levels.

It is very sad that politicians have done their whole negative Brexit which most people who are Galileo's know, is such a waste of human energy compared to a celebration about what it is to be European and looking forward to real advances in human and scientific knowledge we can all share and benefit from.


27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!