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The verbiage from the reportage, over the Catalonian referendum calling for a republic that stays in the European Union, but abolishes the monarchy is only astounding in the level of mendacity.



... so politicians would presumably like another 500 + years !! before welcoming back catalan descendants of opposition expelled from catalonia in 1492...


Mr Rajoy noticeably not grandstanding in Brussels with the European Union.


There is only renewed impetus from colonialists in Europe who oppose colonialism being completely dismantled and countries really becoming independent instead of people and resources being ripped off.




It would be interesting to see how long any unelected monarchies anywhere would last if there was an annual referendum about the monarchy, or where there is the pretense of a government who has a monarchy, the question was included in every election.


The King in waiting and Camzilla in the UK wouldn't last one referendum, they are so unpopular.


Imagine if the U.S. military had to withdraw all their military bases from all around the world too.



... the EU look beyond odd, being silent about the referendum in catalonia, while going along with spinning brexit and northern ireland...


The Catalan President is however not real opposition to Rajoy because he's selling the same Kurdistan referendum spin in Iraq that bows down to the same old colonial European royals etc.  Barzani & Co are not after 'independence' in Iraq. They are trying to whitewash the Iraq War where they slaughtered defenceless civilians for NATO.


No-one who opposed the Iraq War would be selling the completely different Kurdistan referendum that is the same old Brexit baloney:


... the catalan president is not real opposition to rajoy who was in aznar's government over... the iraq war...


It's self evident the 'Kurdistan' referendum that is just another part of the Brexit stage Boris built, is nothing but an apologia for the Iraq War.


So the Catalan President is just being paid to spin the Iraq War apologia too, through a PR stunt about a Catalan referendum that makes him look good.


It did seem odd that a) independently minded politicians might have somehow slipped past the old colonial armoury in Europe and particularly after so many years of Franco, yet b) didn't keep it simple by calling for a referendum across Spain to abolish the monarchy [although on the second point each to their own way of doing things, until they start being apologists for the Iraq War]


The Catalan government's referendum significantly doesn't propose using the EU legal order per se to push for an end to the royal 'borders' of 'constitutional' monarchy, incl. more generally, although it is difficult to understand how that would not be a consequence anyway.


The Tory 'Kurdish' trolls in the UK include the seriously corrupt Nadhim Zahawi with his Tory Yougov war propaganda mouthpiece and Gulf Keystone along with the infamous MI6 City of London 'Kurdish' freedom fighter Macer Gifford, the younger [the elder was an 'adviser' to the UK government long before]


The Brexit Boris algorithms are spinning overtime:


... no-one !! who opposed the iraq war would be supporting barzani...


Brexit Boris' ASIO Assange algorithms sell Brexit as an 'independence' referendum, when what they are really selling is a world without the EU legal order that only law abiding civilians ever push.


ASIO Assange has had a whole entourage of lawyers like...  Baltazar Garcon in tow, all the time real peaceniks... in the UK have been illegally denied any legal representation.


When they invite one of Brexit Boris' misogynist sleaze bags to spin, they just lose all credibility:


... zero credibility selling brexit boris' asio assange sleaze bag...


They can only sell ASIO Assange sleaze on a screen because no woman would ever support him because he is Brexit Boris misogyny through and through.


Everyone knows no-one who is real opposition is ever given any public platform [beyond the soundbite of the state saying they have arrested you] let alone like ASIO Assange who has been given MSM coverage to spin for years now, without being censored in any way.  It just doesn't happen like that in the real world.


It is obviously disproportionate to send in ‘police’ to try and stop a peaceful referendum to abolish an unelected monarchy in Spain.


The only reason the unelected colonial monarchy are still around in Spain is because when they were last abolished they installed the brutal military dictator Franco to restore them.

Countries like Australia who portray themselves as progressive aren’t really at all, because they are still a colonial half-way house with an unelected British royalty as Head of State, who can and did overthrow a democratically elected [Whitlam] government.


... weasel words hiding they oppose unelected monarchy being abolished...

The British King in waiting who is deeply, deeply unpopular has even more pretensions about meddling than the matriarch.

Of course, the unparalleled greed of the unelected ‘British’ royalty’s ‘property portfolio’ including the far from Commonwealth really doesn’t bear any legal scrutiny at all.


The only reason for the unelected House of Lords in the UK is to try and make the unelected royals look good.


... 12 march 2004 after the spanish terror atrocity when the spanish government were then forced to pull troops out of iraq because politicians had lied about going to war and then the terror atrocity...

Any genuinely progressive monarchy in this day and age would be encouraging ‘referendums’ to abolish them, but instead they do everything they can to avoid referendums.

The false sense of entitlement unelected royalty have is just so out of touch with reality.



... he's giving an EU summit a miss while spinning in washington because the 'optics' really don't wash...


The year 1492 is a reminder that Spanish [and British royals too because all the royals are related] expelled opposition in Catalonia during the Inquisition, before dividing up the Americas that Columbus set sail for in the same year, with the original region of Catalonia being divided between France and Spain after 11 September 1714.



27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!