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The Catalan government have a significant advantage in that the Spanish government is not yet sufficiently concerned by calls for a republic to make them spin a Brexit to try and leave the EU legal order.

…. a ’republic’ resonates with most people in spain…


The only possible reason the Spanish government could have for not wanting to enter into dialogue with the Catalan government is because of course there are too many questions the Spanish government could not answer revolving around colonization.

All British royalists do is just blatantly lie about the meddling unelected 'British' royals [all the royals are related] whose royal assent is on every signature tune they spin for goodness sakes, while still ruling over a far from Commonwealth and so on.  

The ‘Crown’ traditionally tries to lay claim in land grabs, with the rest of the robber barons splitting the profits from ripping off resources etc laundered through all sorts.  

The unelected British House of Lords only exists to try and make the unelected royals look good.

It’s interesting if you read the ‘fine print’ in the whole royal racket of colonisation.  



A major question is why do the Spanish government try and undermine !! the economic policies of the Catalan government, because the Catalan government are more economically successful.

It is perfectly understandable why people in what is left of Catalonia [which was divided by France and Spain after 11 September 1714] would want a republic because the royals installed a brutal military dictator Franco to restore the royalty who had been abolished again in 1931, throughout… Spain.

The fact an unelected military dictator restores an unelected royalty does not make it legitimate.

The Catalan referendum is really of itself a legal challenge to the legitimacy of the unelected royals, while Brexit is trying to spin away from and undermine the EU legal order.


It’s only ever law abiding civilians pushing for any kind of EU legal order.

The last thing people whose families were ‘expelled’ from Catalonia by royals are going to do, is go jumping through ‘bureaucratic’ hoops from the very same Spanish royal line in Madrid spinning the weasel words about ’right of return’ which is of course anything but.

The real question is what is the Spanish government’s big deal with having a Spanish republic ?

The Catalan bid for a republic has nothing in common with Kurdish political leaders because everyone knows Kurdish political leaders are mercenaries who murder defenceless civilians for either NATO or Russia in that whole phoney divide and rule.


Prime Minister Rajoy knows that when he was a Minister in Aznar’s government, they didn’t get away with lying about the Iraq War and the Madrid terror atrocity.



... 12 march 2004 when people opposed the spanish government who were forced to pull out troops from iraq, after the government lied about the iraq war and the madrid terror atrocity...


Why is Rajoy trying to legitimize an unelected royalty who were abolished in 1931 and restored by the unelected military dictator Franco, while trying to de-legitimize the elected Catalan government ?

27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!