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The common denominator between the Brexit and Catalan referendums are the unelected royals trying to undermine any progress in the EU legal order.


... the 'british' royals [all the royals are related]... everyone knows all the royals and politicians in europe collaborated with nazi germany...

In the UK they held a referendum to try and preserve the unelected royalty and House of Lords, while in Spain the royals are trying to stop a referendum in Catalonia, because it is really a legal challenge to royals who were abolished in 1931 being restored by the unelected military dictator Franco.

The majority [29 million] of law abiding registered voters in the UK who opposed the 17 million people voting for fascism proved that most people are never fooled by politicians and media barons.

The Spanish government are trying to stop the referendum in Catalonia because while it probably won’t win this time even if it manages to go ahead, the legal challenge to unelected royalty is of itself obviously valid.  

Brexit has proved unelected royals and politicians are still only really running from the very slow building of an EU legal order that has only ever been pushed along by law abiding civilians.


The unelected 'Spanish' royals look more than a little odd objecting to a referendum on abolishing them again in Catalonia:


Everyone knows NATO’s GLADIOS are the leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood ‘Islamic State’ who used protesters in Egypt to spin the wheel between themselves.

No sooner had the leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood installed themselves in Cairo than they enacted the same ban on protesters we beat in the UK, in their revolving doors with Sisi & Co.


NATO and Russia are both propping up Sisi in Egypt and Erdogan in Turkey.

The terror attack in Catalonia on 17 August 2017 bore all the hallmarks of NATO Gladios trying to stop the Catalan referendum.


... the 'spanish' royals installed the military dictator franco with his reign of terror because they had been abolished in 1931...


The 'British' royals have never really hidden they were always Hitler's biggest fans.


They recruited Mussolini and the Spanish royals installed Franco.




The same revolving doors between royal, religious and military dictators in the European Union is played out in the Middle East too.

27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!