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‘British’ history is a very peculiar creature.

Brexit reminds it is so flexible with reality, it doesn’t really wash terribly well beyond old Blighty.


... a gaggle of old queens...

There were the Spanish royals cheering on one brutal dictator Franco in the run up to World War Two because they had been abolished, while the British royals were cheering on Hitler with Chamberlain openly collaborating as indeed did Stalin.

It’s very obvious the Kaiser had to sit it all out in Holland to avoid the embarrassment of a royal being Nuremberg-ed because that would draw attention to all the unelected royals being related while saying they are above the law themselves.

They had to wheel out Winston to put some kind of spin on all the lies while downing copious amounts of alcohol and generally being obnoxious talking up himself to camera. Nothing new there.

You certainly couldn’t call Dunkirk any kind of victory, where Britain didn’t prove to be a reliable ally of any kind at all before all too hastily legging it home for politicians to talk up their version of the Battle of Britain.

It looks like Dunkirk was all planned because such military incompetence just doesn’t make sense.

Then they had to call on the Americans to march on Berlin because it would only give the whole game away with the Saxe-Coburg’s leading the gig etc.

The deceit is incredible.  

The World Wars look more like the royals revenge really on civilian populations, with it being all to convenient for the uncivilized savages in Westminster who wanted to populate their colony called Israel, while keeping quiet about their being the first to expel Sephardis.  

Westminster didn’t care about people in the East End being bombed and so on because that was where Jews lived, before they sent Bomber Harris off to do his worst to defenceless civilians too.

The Brexit club are the same rotten lot, where you can’t believe a word they say, who were surprisingly thin on the ground for the Battle of Britain celebrations which are right up their alley.

You’d have thought Charles and Camzilla would have had Farage seated next to them on one side with Boris on the other doing a right old knees up with rule Britannia, or is that Romans, Anglo-saxons and Normans ?

It’s impossible to understand how on earth they think they are ever going to spin the spoilt brat King Charles who is so unpopular with good reason. He is ungentlemanly, completely dishonourable and his morals are in the gutter.

The viciousness of the Spanish royals being restored by a dictator after being abolished really shows the true face of the unelected inbreds.

The royals don’t do themselves any favours because they don’t have the courage to just be honest with the public and say there is no place for them as unelected people in public life and call it a day, which would mean having to clean out the unelected House of Lords in the UK, who only exist to try and make the royals look good anyway.

There was obviously quite a few things far closer to home the Brexit club could have had referendums over first because the royal facade just looks worse and worse all the time because it seeks to legitimize the House of Saud and the Qataris and so on too.

The Americans talked big in the Pacific too, when it was actually young Aussies from the Queensland Cameron Highlanders, who turned the tables with the Battle of Milne Bay, while the American armchair General MacArthur sat it out in Australia. All the generals are of the armchair variety.  


... the brexit autumnal wheat ensemble... while still completely ignoring law abiding civilians rights...

The Battle of Britain celebrations in 2017 were a low key affair with the little Hitler and Eva Braun whose nuptials were on 29 April 2011 missing, leaving it to Theresa Murdoch to do what was presumably the Brexit autumnal fashion statement of possibly wheat-like origin ?  

I don’t actually remember there ever being any noise about the Battle of Britain when I was in Parliament Square, what with it being so tasteless to have too much triumphalism while slaughtering defenceless civilians in Iraq.

The Tories did make a big song and dance about having their grandiose Bomber Command in Green Park to celebrate bombing civilians in Dresden and so on, that is far larger than the stone they recently quietly tucked away at the MOD over the Iraq War.  

They can always find a nook and cranny in Westminster to stuff another statue to the alternative reality of their vanity.

The RAF are very unpopular these days because everyone thinks the same thing that it’s just so cowardly and barbaric to sit in comfort bombing civilians from a great height in countries they invade.

The British people make excellent movies but the politicians suck at real life.

27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!