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Brian was an exceptional human being who was intellectually and spiritually gifted.


He said that when I came along I livened things up no end, and he was sorry about the mess he got me into. I told him that he wasn’t responsible for what they were doing to… him, which I had immediately understood and obviously wanted to stop.



The clue that I was one of the stolen generation ‘raised’ by the ‘highest echelons’ to be a universal soldier not a universal peacenik was Blair & Co’s original seriously malicious prosecution of me on 22 February 2006.

This was the same date Nazi Germany had a show trial of and executed the White Rose peaceniks on 22 February 1943 in Munich.

Any legal or government analyst or businessman would look at that case on 22 February 2006 and go WTF was going on there, because you can see that beyond the obvious show trial, there is something else going on too, that wasn’t in any and all other related cases, of the corporate legislation we forced the repeal of.

In October 2007 there was an infamous exchange at Southwark Crown Court when they wanted to stop me giving evidence on the witness stand, which in their doing, proved their collusion in trying to ‘sidestep’ our High Court jury lawsuits really.

It was a carefully scripted set piece that was obviously pre-arranged for when I took to the witness stand because I had been unlawfully arrested but never charged with anything when I tried to stop their heist on 23 May 2006 [with Garden Court & Bindmans lawyers unable to explain why they had never gone to the High Court with a jury lawsuit the same day]


[When Brian told one of the partners Steve Grosz at Bindmans to sort their shite out, about our lawsuits in 2006 Grosz had the nerve to say he was terribly sorry he couldn't because he was sunning himself in the Bahamas. Tony Murphy switched with Chez Cotton at Bhatt Murphy in 2007 when he ran out of 'plausible deniability' over why our lawsuits he was doing the work for, weren't actually being filed. Cotton then just refused to represent me in 2008 and threatened Brian she wouldn't represent him, if I went to the High Court myself, all of which was seriously discriminatory because of course they were only ever trying to cover up their own dirty deeds. The manner in which the Head of Garden Court Chambers Ian Macdonald treated Brian was appalling because when Brian won no case to answer on 22 January 2007, when they made sure Steve and myself were being maliciously prosecuted in another court, in what became our 13 December 2007 win at SCC, Macdonald wasn't doing his job because he point blank refused to ask for the return of campaign property]


When you look at the execution of Jean Charles de Menezes on 22 July 2005, the number 22 is all about the government targeting defenceless law abiding civilians.


That is what the British-led 'League of Nations' articulated in Article 22 in 1922.




10 April 'symbolizes' you have beaten them.


Hitler triggered the Enabling Acts after Hindenburg beat him on 10 April 1933.


Blair signed the Good Friday Agreement on 10 April 1998 so he could wage the War on Terror.


I was unlawfully arrested and illegally imprisoned without legal representation or trial on 10 April 2008 so I got the High Court Order against everyone involved which led to 10 April 2013 because they had no defence to anything.



In October 2007, I had commented to the Commissioner of the MET Police’s bent brief Uriah Heep that I noticed his paperwork was written over the weekend to which the churlish reply was “needs must”. No doubt he charged more for working over the weekend trying to agree their script that had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the rule of law.

The senior Judge at SCC at that time, HHJ Rivlin [now covering his posterior at a quango] said to the Commissioner of the MET Police’s bent brief Uriah Heep that "he couldn’t be serious" that S 3(1) of the Criminal Law Act 1967 was a police ‘power of seizure’ [that it obviously never has been] with Uriah Heep replying that was what the MET were ridiculously saying [after 40 odd years of them never having claimed that before along with numerous pieces of legislation about police powers of seizure]

It was at that point when HHJ Rivlin let it all continue that they both crossed the red line because HHJ Rivlin knew that the MET Police had no recognized defence in law, and could not possibly create case law at any court on that point.

There was never going to be case law in the High Court saying s 3(1) of the Criminal Law Act 1967 was suddenly a police power of seizure, forty years after it was invented.

In legal terms, Southwark Crown Court should never have entertained the MET Police because Brian had also been found to have no case to answer over 23 May 2006 too.


The records that have thus far been disclosed, where crucial disclosures have still not been made, do nevertheless show that their heist was supposed to take place on 22 May 2006 but was delayed because they knew I was coming back at some point so they were waiting for me to get back, but I didn't get back until after midnight.


The disclosures essentially place the blame on the British Parliament of 'both houses and black rod' because everyone knew they had no defence to 'following orders'.

The true legal position was the MET Police, not ourselves were supposed to be on trial at Southwark Crown Court in the case we brought -against- the MET Police.

The MET could not re-try the case they had lost at Westminster Magistrates Court where it was found there was no case to answer, that didn’t suddenly become a case we had to answer in any way.


They couldn't overcome the hurdle there was no case to answer at the Magistrates Court.

This was articulated in satellite litigation in the High Court on 6 August 2007 when Lord Phillips of Maltravers said we had better agree something with the MET or else. He was sitting with Justice Griffith Williams. Remember that name, because he crops up later.

The ‘or else’ was we ultimately proved with the repeal that the corruption went all the way up the food chain, but not before [for example] Livingstone tried to murder me during an undercover operation on the evening of 17 August 2007.


When you untangle the web of deceit involving various litigation in 2007 an important factor that emerges is that when Brian and I first went to the Magistrates Court on Friday 23 March 2007 to get a summons against the Commissioner of the MET Police [and the other Blair who was on his way out by then really] when DJ Purdy asked to speak to both of us [to no doubt record what we said to pass on] all hell broke loose... again.

In October 2007, HHJ Rivlin and the MET Police who were really trying to buy time pushing it all upstairs too had to cover up their exchange at SCC because they have proceedings recorded in the Crown Courts.  

The best that Uriah Heep could ask me on the witness stand was an irrelevant tangential point, asking me why I did what I did on 23 May 2006 to which I replied “I saw what you were doing to Brian and I wanted to stop you”.

It was Duh 101.

Anyway HHJ Rivlin obviously couldn’t square the circle in his 'extraordinary' ruling in 2007 in favour of the MET Police because of a) what he really said and b) the fact we had no case to answer while c) the MET so obviously had no defence that was recognized in law.

So the best the High Court could then do was try and buy time by admitting that HHJ Rivlin had ‘sidestepped’ the case while trying to do the same themselves... again !! while we insisted on the tape being handed over from SCC because it proved it was slightly more than ’sidestepping’ that was going on in what was very serious collusion.

The fact this had all originally involved the haranguing District Judge Nicholas Evans ‘sidestepping’ a summons the Magistrates Court had been forced to issue against the Commissioner of the MET Police himself in July 2007 made it all historic in many respects.

The 7/7 Gold Commander Allison who had ordered my unlawful arrest on 23 May 2006 knowing he couldn’t charge me with anything was always going to fail running interference, with the job lot taking out their anger on the wrong people.

I did confirm in writing to the MET Police, the only ‘fact’ we could ’agree’ [ie: doesn’t need to be argued in court] was that the Asst. Commissioner had been a crook since he joined the MET in 1984.

It goes without saying that the last thing the government wanted was their 7/7 Gold Commander being exposed before a High Court jury as a liar and thief bullying peaceniks.

The very obvious problem is that multi-billion dollar corporate legislation only involves state corruption so politicians are setting up the public big time, because the job lot like the Commissioner of the MET Police ‘follow orders’ to further their… own careers. So the always volatile police anger etc against us was entirely misplaced, and all to do with their ‘careers’ because we were doing the rule of law, they should have been doing.   

The High Court didn’t know what to do either because they were all seriously compromised too by the state corruption that arose out of the corporate legislation because all our cases were always only and kept heading for High Court jury lawsuits against the government.

It was that October 2007 case and my High Court Order in April 2008 that put the kibosh on two-hat Johnson trying to rip us off for money on 17 March 2011 with Justice Griffith Williams because he did know what was going on.




When I mentioned IN OPEN COURT that everyone had 'overtaken' our cases so Johnson couldn't claim a penny from us, Justice Griffith Williams did the rabbit in the headlight routine, where you could see his mind was quickly ticking over that he was going to get caught out too in winding the clock back to everything in 2007.


So he rebuffed Boris' attempt at extortion, but only out of pure self-interest.


You see they all still !! hadn't with one 'excuse' or another, handed over the tape recording from SCC.


[Brian's various dirty lawyers had for a number of years tried to offset any lawsuit payouts by getting Brian to sign garbage, that would make any lawsuits he won subject to deductions from legal aid he had from cases he 'lost'/malicious prosecutions !! which I wasn't buying. It was an obvious abuse of process that only invited a vicious circle of further !! incentivizing the state to target someone, because the reality everyone experienced was lawyers would do their very best to try and lose the criminal cases, at some point, while giving the run around on civil cases, which exponentially grew because of our being a lawful 24/7 campaign in Central London the government didn't want. There was a massive imbalance in civil cases deliberately not being dealt with leaving us unsafe]


His dirty lawyers at that time Birnberg Pierce were 'professionally embarrassed' by my 'revelation' that wasn't coming out of their mouths so they hurriedly approached me and I reminded them of the relevant paperwork that I just happened to have with me, which had them flustered. The nerve of them all was appalling. Birnberg Pierce were doing a bunk anyway but they didn't like what I had shown because it just compromised everyone -again- with all the lies they had all been telling.


It was Birnberg Pierce who had disgustingly played the staged script with the Mayor of London's bent brief about Brian's back to 'sidestep' the "catastrophic breakdown in his immune system".


The High Court was correct in saying that a class action from us would bring the High Court to a grinding halt [and of course not just the High Court] which wasn't an 'excuse' that could be used to violently keep on abusing us !!


The government do clearly discriminate against law abiding civilians compared to corporations because the government won't mess with a corporation that can just send out it's army of lawyers with put up or shut up and repair the damage you have done. In contrast, the government will maliciously target and bully law abiding civilians with the entire apparatus of a state, while hiding behind 'lawyers' when you say the same put up or shut up and repair the damage you have done.


In March 2011, I was holding off not one, but two malicious High Court prosecutions against us brought by the Mayor... for the second time -and- WCC both using their MI5 Democracy Village which involved skullduggery of all sorts, in the run up to their Royal Wedding performance with the latest Hitler and Eva Braun on 29 April 2011 too, all while Brian was being treated for cancer, before he died.

All war propaganda which multi-billion dollar corporate legislation is too, is intended to violently deviate from the real democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law in any way it can find.


The real democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law is the foundation of and the building block for any decent and civilised society to explore the true creative potential of the human race which is naturally beautiful.


When people aren't living the real democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law, any and every lie is possible.

The fact the Brexit club are saying that 17 million people, not 29 million people are a ‘majority’ does actually prove that most people are never fooled by politicians and media barons because all law abiding civilians do all live by the real democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law.


Article 50 is an Enabling Act that only apologists for politicians and media barons sell.

Every single little fascist in MSM and alt ‘news’ publicly advocating the Brexit spin is an agent of an unfettered corporate state playing mind games with real people’s lives, because people are completely awake to the reality politicians and media barons lie all the time.

The only purpose of all the Brexit spin is to try and deviate from the real democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law in any way they can find.

The true ‘butterfly effect’ is the real democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law because wherever law abiding civilians can do the rule of law in courts, has benefits for everyone.

The obvious truth that really sets everyone free is the real democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law.

27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!