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In any real world sense the antiquated notion of ‘British’ royals is quaint given Romans, Anglo-Saxons and Normans etc.


... the centuries of deceit on 20 june 2010...

These ‘British’ royals “put in place a sequence of events” starting in 1290 with the Edict of Expulsion that was never repealed, because they disgracefully claim “ownership” of Sephardi. The expulsion of Sephardi continued in France in 1306 and Spain during the Inquisition starting in 1492 that caught up many others and extended to Spanish parts of Italy, with anyone being arbitrarily accused of anything by anyone for all sorts of reasons.


The original region of Catalonia was then divided between France and Spain following 11 September 1714.


[It had taken royals all of about five minutes to double-cross Christopher Columbus who was born in Spanish Italy, to divide up North America, Canada and Latin America among themselves, with royal bickering continuing over for example Gibraltar and the Falklands]


We were somewhat bemused to find ourselves at the centre of a royal spectacle, with their vulgar attempt to seize Parliament Square between 2010 - 2012 to try and 'remove' Brian and myself. We hadn't known the entirety of what had been going on behind our backs since 19 February 2008, before their incredibly purporting they could change the entire history of land law.


The Coliseum is a sideshow by comparison.


The cover up over what was said and done on 3 & 4th September 2009 is significant, and there is no 'plausible deniability' including over DNA. It was when I posed the question, that the 'answer' meant centuries of deceit fell away.


... this is my sister...


I know my beautiful little sister would have very much wanted me to do everything I did with Brian in Parliament Square and only wishes that she could have been there with us too.


When Brian died, the loss of my best friend, where we had been through so much together, was profoundly devastating, while the accumulation of all evil continuing to circle was hardly unsurprising.

It’s common-sense that no descendant of any Catalan including Sephardi, who have gone through centuries of human tragedy, would ever want to jump on British 'royals' colonial bandwagon called Israel.


I had by chance while traveling around Greece ended up in Israel on the Yad Mordechai kibbutz in Ashkelon in 1984, after watching the American military pull out of Lebanon, and our landing at Haifa, when I had gone to Gaza too. The life on the kibbutz left me cold and it was unsurprising children brought up in dormitories separate from their parents, who were considered like pieces of property belonging to the whole kibbutz were often anxious to leave. Most people among the wider population didn't want to be living in perpetual war, where guns were the real currency while the arms dealers etc only grew richer. The plight of and discrimination toward Gazans was unjustified and appalling.


There will probably only ever be peace in the Middle East when people follow Saleem al-Saqqa from Gaza who is the leading advocate of the rule of law in the Middle East.

British ‘royals’ were Hitler’s biggest fans, along with most of the rest of the inbred European royalty and their political spin-offs.  


... 4 september 2006, trying to save the lives of steve and myself at charing cross 'police' station in the 'case' we won at southwark crown court on 13 december 2007, in what became another massive lawsuit in HQ12X002745...


You only have to take the briefest look around the Middle East to see a whole array of 'royal' hand-clappers to realize the royal gig is really quite insidious.

Of course the Ashkenazi Lord Rothschild along with Netanyahu only bow to the royal Vitol and stand alongside cheering on royals who were Hitler’s biggest fans !!


When the 'Spanish' royals were abolished in 1931 they installed the brutal military dictator Franco in the run up to World War Two that was the second part of what was really one World War, that saw them eventually restored.


The royals had Hitler, the Vichy regime, Franco and Mussolini et al once again hunting down descendants of and including Catalan Sephardi.



 ... the 'british' war propaganda 101 of the 'wandering jew' to hide centuries of persecution etc is repugnant...


The truth about the Spanish royals and Franco looms large over Spain because people's grief over so much horror has almost always been repressed.


When I first went to Spain, many, many years ago, I marveled at the art galleries which I personally think are the best in the world, but it was not long after Franco, and the shadow of Franco was still very much everywhere, particularly in some northern parts of the country.

Brexit is a royal deceit of epic proportions that would make Hitler blush, with their dismissing 29 million registered voters who are law abiding civilians who oppose fascism, to falsely claim 17 million people who voted for fascism are a ‘majority’.


It is a matter of fact most people are never fooled by politicians and media barons.



... 'echelon'... stolen generations...


Hitler seized power with his Enabling Acts after he lost to Hindenburg on 10 April 1933.


It could not be clearer that Brexit is a continuation of the War on Terror with politicians and media barons talking up terror, and using a spike in terror attacks, to distract from it is obvious to everyone now their last consideration is law abiding civilians.


The British politicians passed multi-billion dollar War on Terror legislation in April 2005 before the election and 7/7, that we forced the repeal of, that specifically targeted peaceniks, because Spanish troops were forced to pull out of Iraq in March 2004.


The same Cressida the Dick, recently annointed by VITOL who want all protesters gassed and shot, executed Jean Charles De Menezes on 22 July 2005.


Blair's incredibly brazen original malicious prosecution of me with his haraguing Judge at Bow Street Magistrates on 22 February 2006 to 'make an example' of me, was the same date Nazi Germany had a show trial and executed the White Rose peaceniks on 22 February 1943 in Munich.


We are the only civilians without any legal training or legal representation to have forced the repeal of any War on Terror legislation in the UK.


You couldn't call yourself any kind of 'news' media in the UK, if you hadn't told the truth of what was going on in Parliament Square in Central London for so many years.


There were no terror attacks in the UK on my seven plus year watch in Parliament Square because the 7/7 Gold Commander Asst. Commissioner Allison et al, were too busy trying to illegally 'remove' Brian and myself. It's real peaceniks they really hate, because their egos only want to feather their nests accumulating all manner of gizmos and gadgets to further violently abuse law abiding civilians.


The Brexit 'Parliament' and their 'Islamic State' with their 'stated aims' and 'ideology' that only violently attack defenceless law abiding civilians are indistinguishable to any sentient human being.


The EDL used to fume when I pointed out I couldn't see the difference between them and the British government either, because of course there is no difference.

Those who publicly advocate Brexit are out and out fascists who put unfettered arbitrary state violence before the real democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law.


All fascists hide Blair was the architect of the Article 50 Enabling Act on his way out the door in 2007 because Brexit is a continuation of the War on Terror where they are enablers and apologists.

No-one made them lie and free speech does not extend to fascism which is the violent exercise of arbitrary state power without the necessary checks and balances of any access to justice.

The ‘five eyes’ Murdoch’s orange wailing wall with it’s algorithms of imaginary friends, do not deny they are ungentlemanly misogynists who hate law abiding female campaigners they want to murder.



... 21 june 2010... last time anyone looked osbourne & co were standing with theresa murdoch and the rest of the job lot who call themselves 'politicians' threatening...  me in the high court, along with the daily mail who along with the lebedev's independent own the london evening standard etc etc...

That is a completely unacceptable... continuation of Brexit Cameron's illegal 'election pledge' on 19 July 2009 to 'remove' Brian and myself that included their 'freezer' spectacle of inhuman and degrading treatment in 2012.


Most people know the BBC state broadcaster and 'five eyes' Murdoch are the biggest global outlets for war propaganda.

The Article 50 Enabling Act is a re-run of 11 September 1714, Article 22 of the 'League of Nations' in 1922 and Hitler’s Enabling Acts of 1933.

The three step ‘solutions’.

The Brexit royals, who still rule over the far from Commonwealth and the Middle East, using sabre rattling in the European Union through their NATO trojan horse to completely dismiss law abiding civilians, have never had any intention of leaving the European Union themselves.


Boris' ego inevitably overstates much, while seriously misrepresenting his well known litigious malice because the arriviste knows his political 'career' will not withstand a High Court jury lawsuit, because he is a massive legal liability.


He was wearing many hats including the Mayor of London AND the Commissioner of the MET Police's boss on 16 January 2012.


Any reasonable and rational law abiding civilian knows there is no defence whatsoever to their City of London 'secret' 666 'police' on 10 April 2013 who were also in Parliament Square on 16 January 2012.


Of course everyone can now see for themselves there never was any difference between the de Pfeffel who hid !! under the arches of the Parliamentary bookshop while only spinning to... camera, and his alter-ego Livingstone with their 10 April 2008 switch that saw both collecting brown envelopes from VITOL.


Everyone knows there's not a gentleman among the misogynist bullies.


The gentlemen who are my brothers brought umbrellas.


The human race does not need a politicians 'permission' to have shelter.


No-one has ever seen the lawless Brexit mob who are now the acknowledged fascist 'stronghold' in Europe, trying to impose their state of denial, lawfully 'negotiate' anything ever.

Anyone who wants to see the truth can see the real question Brexit is avoiding is being asked by Catalans very politely through a referendum because it is THE legal question of our times really, over the legal authority and legitimacy of unelected royals in a time of universal deceit.


... aka the pre-action protocol of a signed and dated witness statement....

The tears flow because so many defenceless civilians have suffered over centuries including Two World Wars royals waged that slaughtered so many civilians in Europe, so royalty could cling to the vestiges of illegitimate power through their military dictators.


Most people know the Catalan Terror atrocity on 17 August 2017 bore all the royal hallmarks.


The Brexit fascists with their 'freezer' spin and so on in the UK have always lived in a 'state of denial' over my lawsuit filed on 17 August 2011 that includes the false opposition of the Uncle Tom quisling Livingstone trying to murder me in a truly violent undercover operation on 17 August 2007 that spun out into 10 April 2008 that I won with a High Court Order against those involved, including VITOL.


They never want peaceniks with a High Court jury lawsuit with any number affixed to it.

The real democracy remains the peace and harmony of the rule of law.

... march 2004... when the spanish royalty and government were forced to pull troops out of iraq following the madrid terror atrocity because they had lied about the war and the terror attack...


It's a very straightforward matter that you either support the real democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law or you are a lawless fascist supporting unfettered state violence.


27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!