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The Brexit royals have never had the slightest intention of using their latest Article 50 Enabling Act to leave the European Union.


Indeed it is particularly quaint propaganda that there is anything remotely English about ‘British’ royals descended from Romans, Anglo Saxons and Normans etc etc.


... stolen generations... it is truly repugnant British war propaganda 101 that labels people ‘wandering jews’.


It's more than slightly false that the Brexit PM is spinning her 'Florence' gig [it is also a female name and not just a place] during the Rosh Hashanah [Jewish New Year] celebrations on 22 September 2017.

These ‘royals’ first expelled Sephardi in 1290 !! who they claimed ownership !! of and made wear yellow cloth [sound familiar ? along with the Expulsion Act which has never been repealed] before France and Spain followed in 1306 and 1492, all of which led to the original 11 September 1714 to divide and rule Catalonia between France and Spain.


This was long before the Balfour Declaration of 1917 with the Northern European Ashkenazi Zionist Federation.


It is truly repugnant British war propaganda 101 that labels people ‘wandering jews’ to hide the stolen generations that involved child trafficking and so on that had been going on for centuries.


... stolen generations...  highest 'echelons'...

Hitler, Vichy, Franco and Mussolini along with most governments collaborated in hunting down Sephardi to try and hide they were the ones first expelled by ‘British’ royals, with many governments following.

It is Sephardi and specifically ancient Catalans ‘royals’ don’t like because of their close connection to the Mediterranean before religions and royals, that particularly with DNA becomes harder to hide.

The 'British' royals "put in place a sequence of events" that led to 11 September 1714 finally dividing the original region of Catalonia between France and Spain.


They then invented the Balfour Agreement with the Zionist Federation in 1917, that the League of Nations rubber-stamped with Article 22 on 16 September 1922, all of which could only be called 'Enabling Acts' themselves.


Hitler followed suit in Nazi Germany in 1933 when he seized power despite losing to Hindenburg on 10 April 1933.


... the guardian war propaganda hiding what they were still doing in parliament square, central london, on 20 june 2010 !!...


Blair originally maliciously prosecuted me on 22 February 2006 in an extraordinary show trial at Bow Street Magistrates in Central London on the same date Nazi Germany had a show trial and executed the White Rose peaceniks on 22 February 1943 in Munich.


The MET Police and MI5 executed a defenceless civilian Jean Charles De Menezes on 22 July 2005.


The Brexit war propaganda sees politicians and media barons dismiss 29 million registered voters who are law abiding civilians who opposed fascism, instead calling 17 million people who voted for politicians and media barons fascism a 'majority'.


Most people are obviously never fooled by politicians and media barons.


The Spanish royals installed their military dictator Franco in 1939 with a brutal reign of terror to restore them after they were abolished in 1931.


... the guardian war propaganda hiding what was still going on in parliament square, in central london, on 20 june 2010...


Franco was the lead act into World War Two which with World War One was really one world war where Franco did collaborate with Nazi Germany and Vichy et al in hunting down descendants of Sephardi.


It is commonsense that Catalans who had been through so much 'British' sponsored 'divide and rule' for centuries were more than unlikely to jump on their colonial bandwagon to go to the Middle East, and particularly if they had ever been Sephardi.


 ... my beautiful little sister...


All ‘rulers’ in the Middle East rely on Westminster, Washington and Moscow to supply their lethal weapons, which means that whichever way you look at it, they do as they are told.

This is the same Brexit War on Terror Westminster, Washington and Moscow who waged Two World Wars that slaughtered millions upon millions of innocent civilians in Europe to build the ‘British’ royals colony they call Israel, who have no problem whatsoever with ‘British’ royals being Hitler’s biggest fans, that saw Hitler continuing what ‘British’ royals started in 1290 !!


It's common knowledge that many Ashkenazi look down on and persecute Sephardi too.


Netanyahu & Co are huge fans of Trump, who was not a draft dodger because he opposed war.


The Wars in the Middle East will probably only end when rulers follow Saleem al-Saqqa from Gaza and put the primacy of the rule of law above a two-faced weapons supply line laughing all the way to the bank from the suffering of defenceless civilians.

The more law abiding civilians can do the real democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law, the more peace there will be.

27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!