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... the real democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law is peace, love and justice for all...



One of the flippant cliches people who have never defended free speech often lazily fall back on that they have learned from politicians and media barons is the Blair-ite soundbite that free speech means defending what you don't like.


We defended free speech for the benefit of everyone but at no time did we defend, and indeed we oppose, war propaganda, because war propaganda is a crime that intends to cause the most serious harm possible to defenceless law abiding civilians.




I've seen fascism up close over and over again, where it plays good cop, bad cop, divide and rule, all the time stealing from you whatever it can, hiding behind any excuse it can find, until the mask always falls away and the fascism is revealed.


There wasn't a single politician or media baron cheering on my forcing the repeal of their free speech ban because the last thing they will defend is free speech because they are in the business of selling war propaganda.


The multi-billion dollar free speech ban we forced the repeal of for the benefit of everyone was made by violent politicians and media barons who make their money of out war propaganda which is the biggest global racket going from which all else flows.


Global corporations 'leverage' corporate legislation to increase their profits by using the entire apparatus of a fascist state to violently attack anyone lawfully opposing them.


Everything about war propaganda is trying to subvert the real democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law.


Brexit has shown that all the politicians in Westminster are indeed not only fascists but the fascist stronghold in Europe, united in their opposition to law abiding civilians.


They spin a referendum where a clear majority of the registered voters  (29 million) law abiding civilians did not vote for the fascist Brexit of  (17 million)  who falsely claim 'victory' in what ?


Lying ?


... the outpouring of algorithms doesn't change what law abiding civilians inherently know to be true...


The evidence remains most people are not fooled by any politicians or media barons any of the time.


The fact politicians and media barons spend their whole time claiming they are saying what most people think does not mean they are ever telling the truth.


The very same politicians and media barons and their followers who are apologists for the Iraq War which the public were united in their opposition to are selling the fascist Brexit media roadshow while hiding Blair was architect of the Article 50 Enabling Act which it was entirely foreseeable could only be used by unscrupulous politicians against law abiding civilians.


The Article 50 Enabling Act was devised because of unprecedented public opposition to the Iraq War with the likes of Blair simply trading places with Stakeknife Corbyn who is the Freddie Scappaticci of the UK peace movement, to hide it is clear Blair could never claim he was opposed to what he invented on his way out the door on 27 June 2007.


How a registered voter chooses to use their registration is their business but what Brexit fascists cannot do is claim a majority of registered voters voted for Brexit.


It is not the case that law abiding civilians have to vote to keep their rights and freedoms which do not belong to a fascist state or their followers to do whatever they please with.


The fact that everyone in Northern Ireland are dual nationals staying in the European Union legal order regardless of if and how they voted in the referendum further exposes the Brexit hoax, where politicians never went to the public having already completed any of the 'negotiations' they are now supposedly going through the very slow motions of doing with Brussels.


The politicians are simply not behaving like responsible adults, which is not even remotely amusing.


All fascists have a whole encyclopedic volume of weasel words and state violence devoted to every conceivable abuse of all due process because their single purpose in their miserable lives is to try and deviate from the real democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law that exists for the benefit of everyone.


All responsible adults do know that the real democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law is the complete opposite of the fascism of the arbitrary 'will of the people' woo which is only all about fascists who just want to 'opt in' and 'opt out' of the rule of law whenever it happens to suits them.






27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!