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One of the most ridiculous servings of war propaganda dished up is by those who lamely reel out at routine intervals the cliche that we could be "heading" for an Orwellian State at some unknown time in... the future.


It makes you wonder which planet they have been living on for the last sixteen years !! in the War on Terror.



... welcome to your brexit world... it's one big state of denial...


Another one of their favorite tropes is the Brexit mantra of "I've got more" friends, algorithms or money etc etc etc than you.


To which one can only remind them, I noticed Brian wasn't exactly inundated with supporters in the MSM, alt news, leadership of the UK [Don't] Stop the War Coalition, politicians, police, judges, prosecutors, academics, theologians and so on, yet he was the greatest peacemaker of our times.


The treacherous Stakeknife Corbyn who is the Freddie Scappatticci of the UK peace movement is only a champion of Cressida the Dick, with him wanting more ! killer cops on the streets to keep their War on Terror ticking over, while as for Kier Starmer, well who needs another War on Terror Director of Public Persecution ! The creep is a monster. Boris wasn't exactly a huge laugh at City Hall either obsessing over peaceniks along with the double act of MI5 May who was at the Home Office fittingly overseeing the MI5 Democracy Village production of their living dead, which really was made in May's image.


They all have their legions of storm-troopers. Okay Diane Abbott is a black supremacist storm-trooper who probably qualifies as a battalion all on her own, but she nevertheless voted with those darlings at the DUP with their paramilitaries and Orange Order, to remove peaceniks in the UK, way back in 2005. And those 'politicians' are only the tip of a very large iceberg, who re-invent their lies on an almost weekly basis.


My own real overwhelming memory of their MI5 Democracy Village on 25 May 2010, details aside, was the dawning realization that the square was full of mindless zombies completely detached from all reality, which was actually very surreal to experience. This was because they were all Nazis who had set the stage by closing off the square to the public while they were following orders and you just can't reason with Nazis. They are fascists who by definition can only be hollow and one dimensional creatures with nothing else to them, because they have thrown the basic humanity of the rule of law out the window.


They follow very simple headlines from the BBC state broadcaster and Murdoch who are the largest global outlets for war propaganda.


MI5 Democracy Village were the accumulation of all evil because they embodied the entire apparatus of the state. They almost looked human, but there was nobody at home.


Over the years, there had been a mostly gradual change in the state as we actually became more successful in what we did, although 2007 was a whole year of just unrelenting state violence, spent pretty much in either police cells or courts as they slowly exhausted all possible avenues of malicious prosecutions.


On 23 May 2006, while you very much knew you were looking at a Police State, they were still trying to give some kind of appearance it wasn't. However the state violence kept on escalating so much and so seriously that by 25 May 2010 it had all descended into such a very dark place anyway that when 16 January 2012 came around, they were no longer making any pretense that they were anything but out and out fascists in the UK.


The iconic true image of Brexit is 666 in the War on Terror in 2013 which reflects the truth that the state has become in every way, the complete opposite of what it should be in any decent and civilized society.


There is no real difference between 666 being the mark of the beast and the 999 'police' becoming the total opposite of what they are supposed to be.


The Brexit Les Misérables really are a truly rotten lot that anyone living in the real world knows.


Brian started the only important information superhighway of the real democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law the War on Terror has ever seen.


The real democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law that most of the human race live by every single day is a stand alone truth, regardless of whoever is trying to restore it in a time of universal deceit.


Those who don't know they are already living in the Orwellian police state in the UK have been bystanders in 16 years of a War on Terror.


It is only enablers and their bystanders who want to violently impose a state of denial over the Orwellian Police State that arrived with the War on Terror errr.... sixteen years ago, through the very centralized government who were only able to wage the Iraq War in 2003 because the rule of law had completely broken down... in the UK.


Brexit is the manifestation of a complete state of denial by politicians, media barons and their followers of fash over a very many years.


The only way the War on Terror can sustain itself is by global corporations leveraging corporate profits from fraudulent multi-billion dollar legislation, instead of trying to restore the real democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law.


The only people selling Brexit are Blair's cronies [which is all the politicians and media barons and their hangers on] because he is the "hidden" architect of Article 50 that he invented in 2007 on his way out the door, which should tell anyone everything they need to know.






27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!