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Wallinger treated Brian like dirt when he was in hospital and he questioned Wallinger about who really owned the 'State Britain' rip-off the British government paid Wallinger over £100k to do, because of course we own it really.


We didn't sign away any rights, let alone to be ripped off !!



... evil personified... you can be 100% sure this low-life rip-off con 'artist' is not standing up for any law abiding civilians freedoms anywhere...


When Wallinger slithered along to speak to me after Brian questioned him, which he really didn't like, and I stood up for Brian giving Wallinger a flea in the ear about behaving like a Nazi, he then pretended I didn't exist when Brian died, trying to portray himself as Brian's 'friend'.


His latest pathetic lie is he 'donated' what is the legal hot potato of his rip-off 'State Britain' to the Tate Britain.


Of course the thief has never handed over the £100k and the rest of the profits he pocketed from our suffering !! because he has absolutely no conscience whatsoever.


He is just pure evil and really is straight out of the MI5 'culture' vulture playbook which frankly the whole world has seen more than enough of.


... 'tariffs'... i know for certain one peacenik the british council's foreign office low-life con-'artist' really doesn't want in the european union, because he tried to pretend i didn't exist when brian died...


[The Guardian 'Trust' journalist Henry Porter was also busy doing the rounds lying about the legislation too, to try and stop our forcing the repeal.


They were all absolutely silent when we forced the repeal because it showed them all up to be such liars]


They only did 'State Britain' to try and spread disinformation, when they were trying to stop us forcing the repeal.


Wallinger was part of that whole mob mentality of bullies just jumping on the bandwagon, that just kept escalating and escalating further and further because the government was just throwing so much money at people from -any- government department, or newspaper etc, to shit all over us.


They knew I went to the Tate Britain because they obviously must have monitored everything about us, so they just thought they could use the 'Art' angle to give them a foot in the door, where Wallinger just endlessly lied to us.


Wallinger had made sure he first came along when Brian and I were alone together to speak to us about what turned out over time to be all his lies, where he never told us he was being sponsored by the British government all along.


Of course now we can see that Wallinger was part of covering up that the dirty lawyers didn't go to the High Court with a lawsuit over 23 May 2006 when the police couldn't find anything to charge me with, when I was unlawfully arrested.


That was why Wallinger really came along just after 23 May 2006, and wanted my 'approval' because everyone was trying to get rid of me and or stop my High Court jury lawsuit, with the malicious prosecution of Brian just for public consumption.


If my High Court jury lawsuit over 23 May 2006, had immediately gone ahead as it should have in 2006 !! there a) would never have been any prosecution of Brian and b) the legislation would have been repealed a very many years earlier, so c) I would never have been subjected to so many unlawful arrests etc etc etc.


You can imagine how I feel about a low-life like Wallinger making over a £100k doing his bit to try and stop my High Court jury lawsuit that would have prevented all our very real suffering.


Brian and I had huge arguments with Ian MacDonald the head of Garden Court Chambers because we were absolutely right in saying it was all an abuse of process, where he knew he could never put Brian and I on the witness stand in their Magistrates Court production for public consumption.


I was so abused by everyone trying to cover that up and when the police tried to murder me over it all in September 2009 and then Mike Schwartz the partner from Bindmans had the nerve to come and try and spin bullshit to us, instead of just getting the CCTV, Brian just fired him for being such a complete and utter unconscionable bastard.


It doesn't get worse than your own supposed lawyers actually being complicit in the police trying to murder you.


That's how dirty it was.


Of course both Bindmans and the Metropolitan Police had the same 'motive' of trying to cover up 23 May 2006 etc.


The bullying of us that went on is quite incredible and is this whole macabre cycle of the mob mentality, where everyone was just cashing in on our suffering, while many were all too often -gloating- to us, about doing it !!


Anyway, Brian had clicked early on to Wallinger coming along way back in 2006 to claim he wanted to speak to both of us, while really trying to airbrush me out of everything, so unbeknown to me Brian had made Wallinger do copies of several of my banners, which were really awful rip-offs that are just horrible.


Then when they had their 'private viewing' they were so brazenly rude, they didn't invite me, so Brian just told them straight he wasn't going if I wasn't invited.


They were always very, very unfriendly and nasty to me, because all they originally wanted was my approval, to get their foot in the door.


I was so busy with our real campaigning, I just thought they were a bunch of stuck up tossers, which obviously they are, albeit far worse than we originally realized.


There was no connection because we didn't have anything in common with the 'State Britain' poseurs, because everything they did was so fake.


There's many very pleasant real artists in the world, but Wallinger is not one of them.


The whole 'State Britain' psyop was completely run by MI5, who are pretty much next door to the Tate Britain.


They timed their 'State Britain' opening in January 2007 when they knew they were going to lose in courts and wanted a massive distraction, which included a) not giving us the original display back while b) they used Wallinger's rip-off to talk bullshit about everything.


Their idea was to essentially try and hijack us through Wallinger who was given loads of publicity to really spin government propaganda that was all disinformation about the legislation they were trying to stop us repealing.


In 2007, while Wallinger was wafting on about his 'State Britain' rip-off, really, really terrible things were happening to us during that whole year, because they didn't want us to win in court on December 13 2007 which we did on the same day they signed the Article 50, Lisbon Treaty.


By the time it got around to 13 December 2007 and we won, a whole gaggle of lawyers had all run by then, because they were up to their ears in their own corruption.


The whole of 2007 we were literally either in courts or police cells.


In 2007, what was going on was so bad and so violent, it was really shocking, so I have a very, very low opinion of Wallinger, cashing in on our very real suffering too.


We won on December 13 2006 in the Magistrates Court [which was really a repeat of the 14 September 2006 'void ab initio'] before we won big time at Southwark Crown Court on December 13 2007.


So I really do know that Wallinger is lying when he claims to oppose Brexit, because he was part and parcel of that whole 2007 'Lisbon Treaty' package, where there is no dispute he was working with Blair, who paid him !!


Blair originally did his show trial of me on 22 February 2006 in London [which he ultimately lost] on the same date Nazi Germany had the show trials and executed the White Rose peaceniks in Munich on 22 February 1943.


It was impossible to show more extreme malice and prejudice.


Article 50 is an Enabling Act.


Britain was the first to have the Edicts of Expulsion in 1290, that spread through France in 1306 and then Spain and onwards in 1492, before here we are again with the Brexit bullies looking to expel those they don't like by 2019.


The Brexit bullies like people to 'forget' the re-branded 'Windsors' were Hitler's biggest fans.


Most governments are incredibly dishonest about their true collaboration with Hitler, because they -all- wanted 'influence' in the British governments military garrison called Israel in the Middle East that they wanted to populate with... Europeans.


Blair's 'State Britain' rip-off didn't translate well into the Duveen Gallery because it just flaccidly hung there without the real world energy of the wind and our real campaigning in Parliament Square.


It was only a rip-off of one element of our Parliament Square Peace Campaign where by contrast we were the real deal because we were real people, really challenging the government, in real time, with everything that goes with that.


The real truth is Wallinger was like a rat down a drainpipe too about the legislation being repealed !! because of course I forced the repeal of the legislation, despite the liar pretending I didn't exist after Brian died !!


It is a marvelous 'irony' the woman Wallinger pretended didn't exist forced the repeal of the legislation he lied about !!


It's a huge disappointment for the misogynist creep that I forced the repeal -despite- his very best efforts to avoid that, with all his disinformation.


What we really did, shows up the shallow and feeble nature of his very expensive 'State Britain' rip-off.


While he was paid loads of money by the government to do all the bull-shitting squawking to camera in the news media, which was really cringe-worthy, because he is not a campaigner, while also picking up his 'award' for disinformation, we did the real deal while being violently attacked, to actually lawfully force the repeal.


It just looked stupid and fake having a con-'artist'- talking about something he wasn't doing !! or a part of in any way, because he is just a real fake.


Genocide is not 'Art'.


It would be marvelously real for the real campaigner to take down the cojone-free con-artist's rip-off !!


The fraud would have one helluva time trying to find anything to prosecute me over, where he wouldn't want me having a jury.


What Wallinger did was just so absolutely despicable it really is unforgiveable.


Of course then there is the connected 'debacle' when I slapped everyone with the 17 August 2011 High Court jury lawsuit, that they all knew they had lost the minute they got it.


So then the MET police came and stole what they didn't get on 23 May 2006, so they had it all then, before they ended up sticking the original in the Museum of London !!!! ffs so we still couldn't use it. They stole the last of what they didn't get on 23 May 2006, on 31 August 2011, because they knew once the legislation was repealed they had no excuse not to give it all back.


It's all so incredible it just beggars belief, and shows the lengths what are nothing more than horrible bullies will go to.


There's the British government's Wallinger 'State Britain' shit hidden away in the Tate Britain -and- the British governments theft of the original display stolen on 23 May 2006 and 31 August 2011, hidden away in the Museum of London to still stop our campaigning with it.


It is very, very nasty because it is really, really horrible bullying that is all about British government bullies falling all over themselves to try and deny what Brian and I did together with what is their quite evil historical revisionism of making up any old shit they like.


The bullying only escalated when Brian died because since then it's just been a completely open season on me, with bullies just telling me they can do whatever they want, that they wouldn't have dared even say if Brian was alive.


An arsehole from the Museum of London who is a complete stranger even had the nerve to contact me as though he had some rights he doesn't over -access- to our Parliament Square Peace Campaign property, to do whatever he wants too !! all as though I wasn't the person he stole campaign property from.


Any normal person would wonder what such a bully who is a complete stranger thinks they are playing at ?


The whole lot of them are truly evil thieving bullies, where it really is their bullying that is the underlying problem.


Wallinger really is not standing up for anyone with Brexit because he only works for the British government bullies brigade that is deeply misogynist too.


The UK could not possibly be called a democracy by any stretch of the imagination.




27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!