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BARNET'S London Assembly member has won a pledge from the Mayor of London peace protesters will be cleared from Parliament Square ahead of next year's Royal Wedding.

Councillor Brian Coleman asked Boris Johnson for reassurance anti-war protesters Brian Haw and Barbara Tucker would be moved on ahead of Prince William's nuptials to Kate Middleton at Westminster Abbey on April 29.

In his answer Mr Johnson said: “Legal action, through the High Court, is also in progress to seek to recover possession of the part of Parliament Square currently occupied by Brian Haw and Barbara Tucker.

“The GLA will work with Westminster City Council and provide any assistance that it is able to support the pavement area being cleared in time for the Royal Wedding.

"Mr Haw has been protesting against the war in Iraq in Parliament Square, opposite the church and Houses of Parliament, since June 2001.

Cllr Coleman said: "I am pleased the Mayor and the Authority will do all they can to ensure that this important national occasion is not disrupted by a group of protesters who have made an industry out of blighting one of our historic districts with their tents and cardboard placards.

“I will be monitoring the progress of this issue as we move towards April 29."

The above comments by politicians who are indifferent to the value of all human life, only serve to remind us why it is necessary that we do what we do, in our 24/7 campaign.

What are they planning to do ? Make it an arrestable trespass if anyone is in a public space not waving a union jack on the day of the Royal Wedding ?

These politicians really need to grow up and join the serious world.

We are campaigning for justice for everyone, and we are not interested in the self serving "politics" of big business.

NOT POLITICS" is what it is really all about.

Babs Tucker xx

27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!