The corporate fascists 'will of the people' woo about voting for whatever rich folk might happen to 'allow' we mere plebs to vote for is the complete opposite of the real democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law that exists for the benefit of everyone.


... the peace and harmony of the rule of law is entirely natural...


What the nationalists, globalists, patriots and every other fake going don’t dare admit is law abiding civilians can repeal their multi-billion dollar corporate frauds with the peace and harmony of the rule of law, without voting for any self-serving 'sides' of phoney 'politicians' and their opinion treadmill of 'news' media.


It was entirely foreseeable that the sisyphean deceit of 'Article 50' would only ever be used by fascists and their appeasers.


The third man Guy Verhofstadt cynically 'sidesteps' the reality that rather than Brexit being just a Tory cat-fight that got 'out of control' Stake-knife Corbyn and the unions et al oppose civilians freedom in the European Union just as vehemently too, meaning that just like everything else, they are completely in lock-step.


In fact, the entirety of lawless Westminster has been violently 'out of control' for rather a long time now, cheered on by their propagandists.


Westminster totally spun 'out of control' at their State Opening in 2010.


Blair, 7/7 Livingstone and Brown had all been forced out, like Cameron then was, because they had all become a legal liability.


The 'gang of five' who primarily protected/worked with them, Theresa May, Boris Johnson, Alan Duncan, Stake-knife Corbyn and Kier Starmer are still there holding the Brexit reins.


It very much suits them all to get their Brexit 'election' out of the way now, with very little risk of losing key seats on either 'side' because they can still continue telling any old lie they like, promising all sorts, to the beating drums of the Brexit 'news' media 'opinion' machine.


Brexit is just Westminster's latest and most overt manifestation of their irrational fascism, because they are completely detached from any rational reality.


The whole set piece is without any doubt being very carefully choreographed 'behind the scenes' by the likes of Lynton Crosby et al with their data sets and subsets of algorithms of all sorts etc.


All the 'politicians' and 'news' media do nothing but talk at and over law abiding civilians lecturing us how we should live our lives to line their self-serving pockets.


The lawless Westminster, which is the CCTV capital of and the largest 'surveillance' Stasi state in the European Union, has been rubber-stamping fraudulent violent corporate legislation at a great old rate for a very many years now.


There can only be real democracy when there are the checks and balances of the peace and harmony of the rule of law which exists for the benefit of everyone.