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The Brexit spin is an illustrative example of how fascism uses referendums, like they do any election, to target any... civilian opposition.

The whole point of democracy is that it is supposed to uphold the peace and harmony of the rule of law which has primacy and includes protecting minorities of all sorts, all of which Brexit demonstrably does not do.


 ... 'two veterans' ... the sum total of the MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ malicious prosecution against Brian and I, that we were literally a ‘Royal Eyesore’ showed considerable pre-meditation to produce this headline and a corrupt Judiciary who entertained such an obvious claim that had no merit...


Brexit builds a false divide and rule reinforced by re-framing the chosen outcome of a government and media run vote as revolutionary, despite the common sense reality that a system of electoral voting inevitably produces a majority.

The inner wheel of Westminster is then spouting off in all directions in an open season against any and all minorities to project attention away from it’s own criminality.


The Mad Dog Mayniac's Tory party conference speech was a venomous fascist diatribe.


A glimpse of the true face of the worst nasty Little Englanders in Westminster is being unmasked on the international stage in a way that has never happened before.

Brexit is the classic MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ of all sorts trying to ‘hide’ anyone defending the EU Charter of Fundamental Freedoms.


You only have to remember who became the MI5 'Home Office' Secretary in May 2010 spending their whole time cursing any human rights through the Daily Mail, treating any law with complete contempt.


The purpose of their original MI5 'Democracy Village' which is pretty much the same as Brexit now, is to try and 'take back control' of the narrative which they lost when unprecedented public opposition to the Iraq War was not led by the political classes or news media.


The swivel-eyed loon 'five eyes' Murdoch didn't blink baring his terror teeth towards civilians in the European Union only a week after a terror attack in Westminster, with his disgusting threat "your money or your lives".


He was the Chief war propagandist for the Iraq War with the most despicable headline then too.


The opposition to the Iraq War defines politics in the UK to this day which triggered far wider public disgust etc in all politics that saw Westminster's curtain twitchers fury unleashed on us because we are the 'Clapham Omnibus' they had never come across before in the manner in which we have done things.







The politicians and news media repeatedly tried to 'join' us with their original MI5 'Democracy Village' which was legally speaking a completely busted flush on May 25th 2010.


The London Evening Standard [for example] published a disgraceful five page spread [while we were detained] for the 'State Opening' of Westminster's MI5 'Democracy Village' deceit.



 ... MI5 'Democracy Village' are a busted flush and get [your camera] out of my face... [oh and btw carriage gates in background are open as usual in what has always really been the westminster fortress]...


... 'the frou-frou free zone of simple chic'... you make me sick and btw you are a busted flush [incl. Blair's Stake-knife Corbyn's UK Stop the War Coalition who had been running around trying to steal our tents since 2007]...


All sorts of MSM 'news' media were posing as 'protesters' too:


... synchronized video evidence proves the BBC illegally edited and maliciously published audio given to them by the MET police [all while we were 'detained' for 36 hours] to hide the MI5 'Democracy Village' of all sorts [including Russia Today and the Daily Mail] was legally speaking a completely busted flush...


[The gremlins in the Kremlin are false opposition, who in turn spawn their own false opposition like many governments do]


A disclosure in September 2010 proves Blair's Stake-knife Corbyn et al @ the UK Stop the War Coalition had been running around [with the Tories et al] since 2007 trying to steal our tents etc:


... in march 2007 Stake-knife Corbyn's UK Stop the War Coalition and 7/7 Mayor of London Livingstone [that became Momentum] sees their same Simon Fletcher et al running around in what was still the time of Blair behind our backs, working with the MET police to try and steal our tents...


After Blair was forced to resign, 7/7 Livingstone then openly attacked us in August & October 2007, where at all times incl. between 2010-2012 the malicious actions of the UK Stop the War Coalition towards our Parliament Sq. Peace Campaign were seriously, seriously illegal. 


The reality is the UK Stop the War Coalition has always publicly portrayed themselves as opposed to war while really attacking our Parliament Sq. Peace Campaign. It is impossible for them to deny what they have been illegally doing to try and stop visible real opposition.


[Now Blair and Stake-knife Corbyn have just switched positions pretending they are 'opposed' to war or Brexit]


Westminster sought to avoid a two-pronged approach at the same time of a) Brian standing for the London Mayoralty after winning the Channel Four public vote for most politically inspiring person in February 2007, and b) my holding our ground in Parliament Sq.


There was a huge flap over the 'scenario' of Brian leading London on a [real] anti-war Mayoral platform, with our Parliament Square Peace Campaign outside the Houses of Parliament too.


We had been duly 'summoned' by the armchair 'activist' luvvies [from down the road at MI5 really] who had got wind of general discussions they were apoplectic over. When we left what was their 'meeting' haranguing us where we hadn't really been able to get a word in, we just looked at each other rather bemused over what planet their freakshow was living on. It was a real eye-opener on the enemy within. Not long after the enemy within came and beseeched me to persuade Brian to not stand which I obviously refused to do, because I pointed out I would support whatever decision Brian made. The timing of all sorts would have made it difficult to realistically mount a real challenge until 2012.


Brian and I had a brilliant friendship where we naturally clicked despite the difficult circumstances.


He was an extraordinary and exceptional human who outshone any and all politicians in every way.


The axis of evil in Westminster politics is much smaller than many people realize [because they are really all one and the same] and we had really been storming the Westminster political classes legally challenging them.


The original MI5 'Democracy Village' Matryoshka of all sorts was the accumulation of all evil.




Despite Brexit demagoguery spending billions doing nothing but quite literally lying they could only scrape together [if they can be believed] 17 million like minded fascists out of a population of 65 million people buying into their 'will of the people' can vote to do anything they want to someone else woo.


There is no plausible reason to actually believe Westminster would not stuff a ballot box if they needed to, because they do not even make as a starting point any pretense of any respect for the basics like the EU Charter of Fundamental Freedoms.


They are the only ones who have oversight of their corrupt system.


... people's real lives are not a joke... people are through putting up with the vile war propaganda that calls itself 'stand-up comedy' recklessly mocking real people's lives and their freedoms as though they are for sale to any fascist who happens along jumping on the ba[n]dwagon to profit from the vulgar 'opinion' mill...


I can tell you there was nothing remotely funny about being maliciously called a 'Serious Organized Criminal' so the corporate state could relentlessly violently attack we peaceniks, which we proved was illegal.


The simple truth 'hidden' in full view is that the EU Charter of Fundamental Freedoms encompassing the peace and harmony of the rule of law has primacy over their Brexit 'will of the people' woo.



... an example of some of the brexit rip-off brigade...


The important distinction is a referendum which is not of itself legally binding, or an election for politicians which is up to a point, can be won or lost based on money and lies.


In contrast a High Court jury has to use the peace and harmony of the rule of law which has checks and balances and safeguards, to reach a reasonable and rational conclusion based on facts and evidence.

It is self evident to any sentient human being that Brexit lacks any legitimacy in not even beginning to pass any sniff test of any honesty of any kind.

27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!