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Brexit’s Team Trump Tower of Babel is very much a ‘re-branding’ arm in the global war propaganda racket.


It now fashions those most people know are Iraq war criminals, as a traveling circus of self-proclaimed ‘revolutionaries’ of all sorts, including their apologists.


... the in'glorious revolution'... brexit's team trump's tower of babel and their babble-y-on...


Brexit's Mercer hedge fund Renaissance Technologies who use algorithms to rig the connected media, elections and money markets ran both 'sides' in the U.S election and work with the likes of Rupert Murdoch's Fox News who always worked with the BBC's former Director General Mark Thompson in the UK, who then became CEO of the NY Times, so crony 'capitalism' continue to control all 'sides'.


Everyone in the UK knows both Murdoch and the BBC are rotten eggs.


The use of algorithms is obviously being developed to try and widen the scope of their disinformation, which is why Trump promotes Twitter.


Twitter is a preferred platform for spook-dom to just add their link and click among themselves, which gives a very false impression of their real reach among their imaginary friends from the likes of the 77th online brigade.

Their Brexitarama rather reminds me of visiting the casbahs filled with people smoking hookahs in Cairo, before falling asleep counting mongoose, a very many years ago.


I love Egypt which is such a rich cultural crossroads between the Middle East and African savannas [similar in some respects I suppose to Turkey being a crossroads of sorts between Europe and the Middle East. The most unfortunate aspect being both Egypt and Turkey have the same revolving doors of no difference between the military junta's 'or' the Muslim Brotherhood]

We were a large group of young people from all over Europe and America who had gone along to explore an old casbah before returning to various pensions we would be staying in.

Several of us slumbered on wooden box benches in the lobby of ours, that it became apparent were really the homes of a number of mongoose who would suddenly dart out over us to go and do whatever mongoose do.

We giggled it was slightly surreal, literally counting mongoose, who by contrast to corporate online algorithms, didn't intend anyone any harm.

At that time there was for some reason no travel between Egypt and Israel.


However Egyptian border guards in the Sinai Peninsula did let people through for a small donation, if they ripped the offending visa page showing they had been in Israel out of their passports.


What they obviously weren't doing was stamping people's passports upon entry into Egypt.

So then hotels etc which have to register humans were sending people along to the local police chief, who would stamp young people’s passport, without asking questions about any missing pages and visas.

We had got as far as the pension directing us to the local police chief to get a stamp before we could be properly booked into the pension, which is why we had ended up counting mongoose, rather like us, in the lobby.

The perfunctory bureaucratic sophistry was all done quite openly really with queues of young people outside the local police chief’s office.


No mongoose were spotted queuing outside the police chief's office.

This was because whatever the travel ban was supposedly about was pretty much just for public consumption, just like everyone knows any human can buy a passport to anywhere these days if they have enough money.


Indeed Trump Towers biggest sponsor is the Chinese government's bank.


[I have had similar travails happen when leaving Indonesia after the government had some falling out with the Australian government, where I was the only one in our family curiously stopped leaving, despite my eldest son who was very young at that time traveling on an Australian passport too. In fact many of the people on the waiting plane must have been Australians, so I was singled out, but not because of who I am. In any event someone made a donation to de-escalate the situation and further 'diplomatic embarrassment' was avoided all round and I was able to re-join my family and the flight.


I've also been stuck in Belgrade trying to find a way out with two young children when Communism was collapsing. I didn't speak the local lingo, and I already had my hands full with two tired young children to look after, one of whom was ill, while of course no-one knew for sure what was going to happen. A doctor had to be called out to treat my eldest son, and I remember later having to do a rendition of I'm a little teapot to try and explain I needed boiling water for the youngest son's babies bottles, in among much else. We got there in the end, muddling along as ordinary people do.


Our family was later in Los Angeles when they had the Rodney King riots and we had to find a way to the airport despite a curfew, which we did, so the traveling public are often well versed in suddenly finding themselves caught up in governments changing much, that often doesn't take into consideration many practical realities. In that situation there was a curfew on movement at certain times, yet the airport was still open and operating in the midst of that, so you just had to find a way to get to the airport. A taxi driver who obviously had a radio so he knew where to avoid [unlike an innocent truck driver who had been pulled from his vehicle] offered to take us and he didn't stop at any red lights on the way, although he obviously checked for traffic of which there wasn't really any. I just remember seeing the curious sight of funnel-like plumes of smoke rising into the sky all over etc etc etc.


In the UK, as previously shown, if you are a peacenik you are ridiculously on Westminster's witch-hunt 'watch-list' traveling in and out of the UK. In 2011 I was ridiculously stopped and held without actually being asked any questions, which also happened briefly in 2013.


I know the U.S. 'visa' system is a joke because many years ago when I had one of those multiple entry visas I had the man at the airport berate me that I couldn't possibly be in the country because there was, through no fault of my own, no stamp showing my entry. I pointed out that yet there I was miraculously standing before him, in the country, now... leaving. He was so pathetic, because I had a multiple entry visa anyway. It happened in reverse too, with border guards saying there was no evidence of me leaving, when I clearly obviously had. I have to say the U.S border staff are some of the unfriendliest and rudest humorless pedants I have ever come across, and this was long before 9/11 and as a white person from a country/ies who is/are supposedly an ally/ies. They obviously suffer from the whole I've got a badge so I must be a big tough guy who is terribly important syndrome]

When you reflect on it, our human species has arguably not yet evolved as far as other species in a number of respects.

It was surprising how much we learned in Egypt by contrast, from riding camels around the pyramids in Cairo to riding a bicycle up to the remarkable tombs in the Valley of the Kings, just outside Luxor.

It was certainly uphill going following the deceptive gradient to the Valley of Kings by bicycle, but you didn’t have to peddle at all on the way down when you could really feel the wind beneath your wings.


The most inspiring beauty in life is freedom and all that goes with that.

We marveled at the graceful beauty of feluccas in Aswan and saw many wonders elsewhere in a memorable trip down the Nile that was very much not done going first class in any way.

Indeed it was the first time we had dysentary upon emerging from otherwise sheltered lives.

There was barely a penny any of us had between us, but that never changed the most marvelous life experience that could not have been improved upon.


Around every corner there are always so many new things to learn about from people and their lives and a wealth of history of all sorts.

Many people would exchange the few pennies they had on the black market in places like Egypt which might mean another small donation to any border ‘guard’ asking for strange things like exchange bureau receipts when people left the country.

I could only show the man at the airport a receipt for my short flight to Turkey on a plane with several rubber bands for engines, which was the next stop on a trail of young adventure, where you learned all sorts along the way, that you wouldn't expect to have to keep all sorts of bureaucratic receipts etc for.

People had the basics of valid identification of for example a passport.

The Brexitarama is really a showdown too with British nationals over the EU Charter of Fundamental Freedoms, with politicians and their repeaters falsely claiming they can just arbitrarily vote to do whatever they like to change other people’s entire lives so they can make money for themselves.

The most malicious comment people hear from the money grabbing Brexit repeaters is that they cannot be ‘ignored’, while we have already proved such ‘will of the people’ political woo is legally meaningless.


The Brexit brigade know it is possible to acknowledge freedoms that cannot then be arbitrarily removed.

27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!