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The Sturgeon’s latest call for independence will be nothing more than part of the whole Brexit theatre, which only puts politicians and multi-billion dollar corporate war propaganda centre-stage.


... pot-black... any old kettle...


However the paid per smirk puff-piece below exemplifies just how far Westminster’s Little Englander’s in the revolving door of their self-serving corporate trough of ’national’ politics and news media, are up their own arses, in terms of their seriously hyper-inflated view of their own importance.

Brexit Westminster want to destroy civilians freedom so they can impose a corporate 'trade union' that solely benefits big business.


Anyone who has only even briefly observed Westminster knows their endless wars and economic meltdown have not been designed to benefit any civilians anywhere.


... the unelected british monarchy are really waging war on law abiding british nationals in the european union over the eu charter of fundamental freedoms...


Little Englanders: “In a bold move commensurate with someone far taller, the Ginger Dwarf from the North has declared there will be a second once-in-a-lifetime referendum.

Not only that, but this second once-in-a-lifetime referendum even has a date: between autumn 2018 and spring 2019, once the Scots have had a chance to see exactly what the post-Brexit apocalypse looks like.

By then, according to the prophesying powers of our wise son-of-a-bus-driver mayor, Sadiq Khan from Londonistan, we will surely all be languishing in a bloodied, repentant mess on the rocks, having leapt in our ignorance over the edge of the cliff of doom.

If you wondered how or why the little GDFTN is managing to move her little ginger legs so fast, it is because of one huge thing which is entirely disproportionate to her polly-pocket stature: her ego.

Nicola Sturgeon knows this is her last chance. Her last desperate bid for any kind of relevance in a political landscape where things are changing fast and her voice is not being heard.

She demanded special treatment for Scotland in the Brexit negotiations. She was ignored.

She demanded Scotland remain in the EU single market even if the rest of the UK leaves (which would involve the devolution of nearly every policy area except defence and the macro-economy). No one listened to that, either.

She even tried to get an amendment through the House of Commons for the triggering of Article 50 to be delayed for at least a month until the devolved nations agreed a UK-wide approach to Britain's exit.

Her Brexit amendment wasn't just defeated — it was crucified. By 332 votes to 62. A majority of 270 told the SNP exactly how much authority it has over Brexit. And how much power Nicola Sturgeon has. And frankly, my AAA batteries from Aldi have more.

Nicola Sturgeon reminds me of a small child desperate for attention at any cost, writes Katie Hopkins

Her minister for Brexit, Mike Russell, even instructed party MPs to vote down Brexit because by voting in support of leaving the European Union they would be endorsing Prime Minister Theresa May’s vision of an ‘isolationist’ Britain.

And they were proved to be an irrelevant group of motor-mouths in that vote, too.

The idea that the Sturgeon voted against the will of the British people for fear of seeming isolationist, only to call for a second referendum to become an independent nation of only five million people that use Irn Bru caps for currency is laughable. Even an American would get the irony.

Even if the Scots who voted for Independence and also voted Remain did follow the GDFTN down her suicidal path to Haggis Hell, she would still need to convince the largest group — the anti-independence, pro-EU voters — to vote against the status quo.

And that's more than just a big ask. She would have to win over these pro-union Remain voters at the same time so as not to alienate Brexit voters that already side with the SNP.

Given she is about as popular as Blair, and is blinkered by separatist ambitions, I don't fancy her chances.

I would be tempted to give her a name badge with her job title on it as a handy reminder. First Minister for Scotland. Quite different to First Minister for Separatist Sturgeon, on whose behalf she seems to speak.

She reminds me of a small child desperate for attention at any cost. Even if that means taking a poop in a pot and using it to paint a thistle by numbers.

And all this whilst she tries really, really hard to ignore the huge mammoth in the room.

Jacqueline Minor, the European Commission’s Head of Representation in the UK, said Scotland would need to formally apply for EU membership after leaving the UK.

And Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the Commission, has said he did not want to see any more enlargement of the EU beyond its current 28 members during his term of office. There are already four countries on the waiting list. Scotland is not one of them.

Yet, despite all this, the GDFTN has called a second once-in-a-lifetime referendum. Because she knows it is her last chance.

She knows the European Union is collapsing in on itself. Much like my first marriage, I give it a year.

There is a reason she wants a her second referendum before our two year Brexit negotiations are complete in March 2019.

Her biggest fear, and the new project fear for Remain voters, is that Brexit will be a spectacular success and they will all have been proven horribly wrong.

The second Indy referendum smacks of desperation. And the GDFTN is the reason why.”




Crikey, the Brexit referendum has been nothing but desperation !!

Of course Hopkins concept of 'free speech' extends to the very limited hangout of being paid to repeat whatever Lord Rot orders pass under her by-line.


The sheer nastiness of Brexit Westminster's responsibility free-zone shows they do just want to do everything they can to try and destroy the European Union... for civilians.


[As I recall, all the politicians and news media violently opposed our repeal of their 'will of the people' multi-billion dollar fraudulent corporate legislative woo against us, because of course we peaceniks are just 'irrelevant' nobodies too]


Brexit Westminster do want to destroy civilians freedom so they can just have a trade union.


Of course Brexit Westminster and their hangers on are no more 'important' than anyone else.




... the very real 'secret' police state in the uk that is the largest stasi 'surveillance' police state in the european union...[april 10th 2013]


When a 'secret' police state resorts to sending out unknowns wearing the numbers 666 to kidnap civilians off the street because those civilians have been to the High Court, you know that is a lawless government that has 'no recognized defence in law' left.


It is a matter of fact lawless Westminster does not care about British nationals or Johnny Foreigner anywhere.

Westminster is waging corporate war on British nationals exercising their freedom to live in the peace and harmony of the rule of law in the European Union under the EU Charter of Fundamental Freedoms.

It is Westminster’s Little Englanders in politics and new media who do not have the slightest respect for the EU Charter of Fundamental Freedoms they consider an inconvenience, because it gets in the way of their corporate... bank balances.

Their divide and rule lie that everyone's entire freedom and lives should be dependent on the arbitrary vote of any other, engineered by a multi-billion dollar corporate war propaganda machine, is well past it's use-by date.

27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!