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The Frexitarama is the latest examplar of how 'politics' is still only manipulated by the two-faced UN Security Council’s weapons supply line of mass disinformation, not the peace and harmony of the rule of law.


... french presidential candidate benoit hamon takes an off the beaten track trip to the socialist heartlands of la roche-derrien, brittany...


The reliance of politics on a weapons supply line is evidenced by President Assad’s eagerness to back Francois Fillon !! who helped kick off the ‘Arab Spring’ which murdered Gaddafi and laid waste to Libya too.


President Assad in Syria belongs to Westminster, Washington and Moscow’s old school of divide and rule where after all the civilians have been slaughtered, the weapons supply line of politicians all kiss and make up.

In fact President Assad isn’t alone in, and indeed is in very good company, in not wanting anyone to look too closely at the reasons for the Syria vote in Westminster in 2013, in the willingness of many to now gloss over the realities behind the ‘Arab Spring’ that was planned in 2010.

President Assad will obviously dance whatever face saving Brexit routine the weapons supply line demands, because old school ‘politics’ is not remotely interested in restoring the rule of law to save civilian lives.

He is not resistance to Westminster, Washington and Moscow’s old weapons supply line of divide and rule used against entire... civilian populations.


Of course neither were all the foreign backed mercenaries slaughtering defenceless civilians because they could not overthrow the Syrian government.


... the corporate markets illuminatingly don't view le pen as their 'worst case scenario' [benoit hamon has also said he would legalize and tax marijuana]...

NATO’s undeclared War on Syria has further highlighted how it should have always been mandatory for all countries to belong to the International Criminal Court because governments really do have whole armies of lawyers.

The Frexitarama also throws up the further ‘Presidential’ farce of two candidates who have never been elected in France and are unlikely to be able to govern because they don’t as yet, have anywhere close to enough politicians.





Haircut Hollande who was by his own admission a massive fan of Fillon’s ‘Arab Spring’ like all French politicians and ‘Presidential’ candidates who have all profited from it, has presided over a controlled demolition of the Socialist party that has primarily benefited Pussy Le Pen, Emmanuel Macron and indeed Fillon.


... the current state of play...

However many ’socialist’ party voters are less likely to want to follow Macron who was part of the Hollande problem, which poses a ‘dilemma’ for ‘socialist’ politicians wanting to jump ship, because they would really be deserting... voters to try and push for... more of the same.

The media lies that spin ’socialism’ as finished in France hides that it is not the public who gave up on socialism but instead all the corporate algorithms.


It's the same as elsewhere, where the former U.S.S.R for example spun straight from crony communism to crony capitalism.


Indeed it is curious that while 'universal income' is talked about and being trialed elsewhere, it is a dirty word [okay two words] in all the foreign MSM & 'alt' media when mentioned by Hamon in France, as though he was the first person to have ever mentioned it.



Westminster, Washington and Moscow’s crony capitalist propaganda hides that the failure of the ’Socialist’ Party in France is not in any way connected to the failure of ‘socialism’ but has been because they refused to do socialism, for whatever reason.  

Jean-Luc Melenchon is a complete Stake-knife Corbyn, who would pull France from the European Union, while Hamon has been left holding the baby and going into an alliance with essentially ’Greenpeace’ who don’t have anything to do with peace anymore and have just become a vehicle for big oil really.

Hamon is not anti-war so it is as usual a mixed bag of at best complete ’inconsistency’ on the political landscape because if he is not anti-war then he is in essence backing Fillon’s ‘Arab Spring’ too, which conflates protest with bought and paid for armed mercenaries.    


... hamon with a press gaggle in tow...

History is littered with many armchair ‘socialists’ most often peddling some version of Russian propaganda as ‘opposition’ which looks seriously outdated given the self-evident crony capitalism in Moscow too.


One of the most bizarre contortions of phoney 'socialists' algorithms who have never been any kind of visible resistance to crony capitalism, is about the 'Russian' and ... 'Turkish'... 'peace deal'/'cease-fire':


... oil deals... who is the turkish government if not a paid up member of nato and who is the russian government but an echo chamber of brexit westminster ?


There's a few oil deals in... Iraq splashing around in the background hidden by multiple layers of war propaganda.


The unusual media pre-occupation in selling Le Pen and Macron who are unlikely to be able to govern in France, where real power to govern in France would lie with a Prime Minister really highlights their real potential ‘Presidential’ use is most likely to further the ambitions of Brexit Westminster.

Of course it is entirely possible that there may be the extraordinary situation of a President [in an unusual co-habitation] and Prime Minister having no real power along with a hung parliament of all sorts of backroom deals.

While Le Pen and Macron would be unlikely to be able to govern in France in a government of cohabitation, either would as ‘President’ still be able to serve Brexit Westminster’s agenda [as indeed Fillon obviously would too]


The question is whose agenda does the Frexitarama really serve ?

In the current circumstances the answer can only be Brexit Westminster.

Le Pen claims the Front Nationale will be able to govern with a majority but this is from a person with the longest of histories in ‘politics’ who is a failed ‘nationalist’ fascist who has relied on a) public money from... Brussels !! b) ‘War on Terror’ war propaganda to have any kind of public platform, having never been elected as an MP in France herself.


Pussy Le Pen also claims she would resign if she could not push through a Frexit so her electoral platform is all and only about doing Westminster's bidding in a Frexit, because it is the same old politicians in Westminster spinning the Brexit fascist "will of the people" woo too.


The Tories selective use of the political language of "will of the people" was happily ignored in another of their own election 'pledges' to not raise taxes, despite claiming the UK economy is so strong.


What is abundantly clear is that it is foreign press giving a French politician with a life-time of failure in French politics the public platform Front Nationale would not otherwise have.


This includes the most incredible dissembling:


... extraordinary dissembling by another brexit westminster echo chamber who is trying to ... copy westminster...


'Economic patriotism' and 'intelligent protectionism' ??


Sounds more like colonial apartheid of all sorts for all.


Westminster have long tried to disguise their links with the likes of Front Nationale in the same way they pretend the City of London banker Farage who had to borrow his one Tory MP in U...KIP is not Tory.


Thatcher and Front Nationale:


... thatcher's conservative party conference invited Jean-Marie Le Pen to it's 'fringe' events...


Of course anyone who ever campaigned in Westminster always knew the Tommy Robinson EDL etc were a Home Office invention completely protected by Westminster.


Le Pen cannot even pretend the French election is anything like the phoney Trump 'revolution' because that was trading places between the revolving doors of the same two major political parties in the United States, who just recruited a 'brand', in what isn't legally part of the European Union anyway.


Emmanuel Macron is a completely unknown quantity in terms of what he is really trying to do, except that he was recently publicly welcomed by Number Ten.


...a very odd negative 'campaign platform'...


Haircut Hollande first recruited Macron who was a Rothschild banker [who was never elected]:


... blair was behind article 50 and has just switched roles with stake-knife corbyn in the whole phoney 'opposition' to war and brexit...

The true dangers of the beast called ‘democracy’ which is such an easy conduit for what is really fascism are on full show with Brexit, where Le Pen could stand in the British Parliament and not sound remotely different from any other politician.


Those who claim anyone can vote for whatever they like are merely foul apologists for fascism.

The Brexitarama has an uphill battle trying to push though a Frexit, which is not the same as saying they are not trying.



The great unspoken silence from all politicians inevitably remains about civilians having freedom from national 'politics' through the peace and harmony of the rule of law in the European Union.

27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!