The upcoming French Presidential election in April-May followed by parliamentary elections in June could produce any number of unusual outcomes of all sorts.


The most unusual outside possibility is that the French elections result in a President in an unusual co-habitation with a Prime Minister presiding over a hung parliament with no-one having any real power, so horse-trading of all sorts goes on like never before.


... If Pussy Le Pen stood up in the British Parliament no-one would be able to tell the difference between her and Theresa May in these Brexit days, while Jean Luc Melenchon is a carbon copy of Stake-knife Corbyn who everyone in the UK knows is no different from any other British politician either...


This could in theory happen because there are two Presidential candidates, Pussy Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron who could get elected but don't as yet have many politicians, so the election of either would produce quite an unusual parliamentary co-habitation of all sorts in government anyway.


Belgium memorably did without government for 541 days,  which would certainly add to the Brexit mix if anything like that happened in France.

So while Pussy Le Pen could win the French Presidential election, where the President retains power over foreign policy and defense, it is difficult, if not almost impossible to understand how the Front Nationale with only two MP's could push a Frexit through.

Both the Front Nationale’s Pussy Le Pen and La France Insoumise’s Jean Luc Melenchon are gung-ho anti-EU, with Fillon being wobbly on Schengen.


It is an affront to the public in the European Union that the failed fascist 'nationalist' MEP Le Pen relies on civilians in the European Union to pay for what is her only public platform... in France.


The 'Socialist' Party has been pretty gutted by Haircut Hollande, but perhaps they could still possibly win if they can get their voters out, because Hamon is at least promising to not go any further down Hollande's road.


The fake jobs scandal means Fillon's Republicains are in some trouble, though it is too early to say how that could affect them.


The Republicains have to take around 100 seats from the Socialists, so they need to take seats away from both the Socialist's Hamon, and potentially Emmanuel Macron who split off from the Socialists to 'go his own way' with En Marche, which is an unknown quantity.



All the politicians are maneuvering in so many ways all over the place, there are still a very many ways the elections could spin.


It's anyone's guess which way Emmanuel Macron could swing.


If Emmanuel Macron were President, would he end up with Benoit Hamon as Prime Minister in a re-branding of the Socialists with his own En Marche ?


Can Fillon's Republicains swing an outright win despite the jobs scandals, or will they be finished for this election because of it ?


The unpredictability of alliances and other unusual factors at this point make any outcome impossible to yet even guess really.

All we do know is that Pussy Le Pen’s Front Nationale totally rely on spinning War on Terror propaganda which the foreign MSM and alt ‘news’ media in Westminster, Washington and Moscow obviously lap up with the Frexit, Frexit and more Frexit mantra.


Pussy Le Pen could stand up in the British Parliament and no-one would be able to tell the difference between her and Theresa May.


All 'news' media seriously misrepresent just how awful all the politicians in Westminster really are, by showcasing Le Pen, Wilders and Trump, which 'overlooks' it was Westminster and their massive media machine who rolled it all out with the Faragarama.


Farage and Le Pen are doing a real dis-service to civilians as MEP's in the European Parliament because all they are doing is using their positions as a platform to spread disinformation.

Brexit has really exposed how the self-serving revolving doors of ‘national’ politics have nothing whatsoever to do with ‘democracy’ because Brits in France too, exercising their freedoms who were already excluded from political or legal representation in Brexit could potentially face the same all over again in France.

The Article 50 fraud highlights a gaping chasm with ‘national’ politicians able to use public office to scapegoat law abiding civilians exercising their freedoms just getting on with their lives in the European Union, because there are no political repercussions in terms of votes for politicians.


This is because the only people immediately affected are civilians exercising their freedoms who are excluded from political or legal representation in the referendums.


It's a major 'flaw' in Article 50.

The reality is ’national’ politicians are lying about being anti-Brussels because they are really targeting civilians exercising their freedoms instead, to hide that the European Union institutions are primarily administrative, trying to unite numerous governments under the rule of law.

I don’t know what you would call a Brexit combined with a Frexit except maybe F...... B......., which I guess you can work out for yourself what that means ;)


It is unlikely EU referendums will happen in the Netherlands or Germany.

What Brexit shows politicians really oppose is that the European Union is a wonderful opportunity for law abiding civilians to exercise normal human freedom that is not contingent on the self-serving revolving doors of the ’national’ politics of divide and rule.

All too many politicians are really opposed to over and over again is civilians freedom.


What is particularly good about France is that it is actually considered completely normal by most of French society to protest so people do go out and protest quite a lot, which sometimes works and sometimes doesn't but people really keep on trying anyway.


That is unlikely to change regardless of who is elected, which is very healthy, because that is a real ongoing check and balance by the people.