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The Brexit Farage-arama where Westminster’s City of London “Angel Nigel” is paid per grinning mug shot, is very reminiscent of another Angel Nigel who was a provocateur too, with a very long rap sheet for drunken and disorderly harassment.


... brexit britain... westminster's original "angel nigel" provocateur...


The UKIP Faragarama is very obviously the provocateur running interference for and providing plausible deniability for the Tories, Labour and Lib Dems pushing Brexit through.




The original Angel Nigel provocateur [above] would go down a treat as Brexit's poster boy and get along famously with Farage and the sexual predator Trump.


The whole Faragarama is very much being imposed on the public by all the media barons, where of course Farage is only a parrot for LBC Radio and Murdoch too.


Labour’s 7/7 Livingstone used the original “Angel Nigel” as an agent provocateur to try and get Brian “bailed out of Parliament Square”.

He came along early one morning drunkenly waving his cricket bat around, not long after 7/7 Livingstone’s thug had viciously punched me in the head, and Livingstone had got the police to disappear that thug. It was when they had their little caged area for us in 2007 which did leave us vulnerable.


[It was before the Milo look-alike incident, below. I remember a really nice transvestite in Westminster, where all sorts goes on, telling me they did a roaring trade with the Royal Marines, which was eye-opening and too much information.]



When Brian restrained Angel Nigel because he was drunk and disorderly waving his cricket bat round, the provocateur inevitably went and made a complaint to the ‘police’.


The records show the provocateur had been talking to police in Westminster Abbey who suggested he “visit” Brian, while the police also had some difficulty actually getting any kind of coherent witness statement from their Angel Nigel because he was so completely incapacitated by alcohol.


A reasonable person would know that an incoherent drunken freak-show waving around a cricket bat by them was a danger, even more so, if like the police they knew he had a very long rap sheet.

It was just ridiculous and all the more so, because of course the police did know about his illustrious rap sheet too, that they couldn't hide forever.

Undeterred the MET police sent "Angel Nigel"... back for round Two when it all continued like a trip down the old proverbial rabbit hole.

There’s an obvious lack of logic in someone making a complaint against Brian then coming back to Brian to try and set him up... again.


It was all too obvious.


... no mr innocent...


I don't know anyone who wears lipstick like that.


"Angel Nigel" was no Mr innocent that was for sure:


... the MET "police" were certainly helping him along in his "career"...


On the second occasion the not very funny “comedian” Mark Thomas had just “happened” along and was talking to Brian who was pointing out to him how thrilled the MET Police were with “demos” Thomas had been running complying with and getting "permits" over legislation we forced the repeal of.


I confirmed to Mark Thomas, who incredibly made a “comedy show” that was put on in Leicester Square, about fraudulent legislation they were violently using against us [we forced the repeal of] that Superintendent Terry the Tosser had sung his praises at a meeting on July 7th 2006.


Thomas didn't care because he was just a parasite cynically using the legislation to make money for himself !! while we were being violently attacked by the state, because the legislation was invented to... target our Parliament Sq. Peace Campaign.


We forced it's repeal for the benefit of everyone.


There were a lot of rats using the fraudulent legislation to try and attach themselves to us in one way or another to further their own careers and make money for themselves.


[The con-'artist' Mark Wallinger was another who it turned out took over £90,000 + from Labour to do his rip-off 'State Britain' lies with the Tate Britain that won the 'Turner Prize' etc etc that was used as a massive distraction.


The Wallinger fraud was particularly serious because it turned out he was also doing it as a means to try and steal 'copyright' from our campaign really for his own and Westminster's commercial ab'use'.


Wallinger used the 'State Britain' rip-off as a commercial vehicle for Westminster and himself to misrepresent our campaign and spread government disinformation.


There was a real bust-up with Wallinger over what he did, which was unconscionable.


When he first came along and spoke with both Brian and I, he had really lied big time to both of us.]


... westminster's "angel nigel" freakshow....


On the second occasion, Brian just shuffled Angel Nigel who wouldn’t leave us all alone and was carrying on, further along the pavement, which led to him making his second complaint against Brian to the police, for which Mark Thomas became a ‘witness’.

I think when the freakshow tried it on the third time I just got out the loudspeaker warning him off because he was a sick pervert.

Of course around six months later, the police brought a malicious prosecution... against Brian.


... the freakshow is a police "event" all on his own ...

Then a woman called Zia Trench who I don’t actually recall ever meeting came forward by “happenstance” via the London “activist” scene. She claimed she had been at a bus-stop when she just happened to get talking to Angel Nigel and they just happened to get talking about Brian.

This Zia Trench gave a witness statement to lawyers saying the freakshow Angel Nigel had told her that Bill & Ben from the Palace of Westminster ‘Police’ [who were tasked with coordinating Palace of Westminster 'police' efforts to try and get rid of us] had told him he had done more to help them try and get rid of Brian than they had managed to do themselves in years.


The bizarre thing was Angel Nigel’s own witness statement said pretty much the same thing, anyway, which he never really hid.


He wasn't really shy about saying he was trying to help the police because he hated us.


It also turned out that by “happenstance” this Zia Trench who has also worked for the BBC, SKY et al just happened to be writing a script for a play about Brian.


We didn't know her at all.


... "based on the life of"... it's actually pretty weird somebody writing a play they claim is based on the life of at that time a living person, they don't even know at all... [she never spent any time in parliament sq. etc ever]


There was a lot of theatrics about the whole set-up.


Trench made some excuse or other about running late in a taxi when it came to not turning up to the whole show trial.


... one of those "freelancers" for bbc, itn and sky...


In legal terms, Trench's witness statement really only served to muddy the waters anyway, in the sense it was giving the police some "plausible deniability" over taking such a ridiculous witness statement from... Angel Nigel where he admitted pretty much the same thing himself.

Angel Nigel most probably worked for the police in return for having charges dropped against him, because he really did have a very long rap sheet, and not because he was protesting.

The whole business dragged on for years.


Despite the spectacle of Angel Nigel having to be removed from the court for being drunk and disorderly while giving evidence ffs !!!! Brian was of course duly found guilty of common assault I think, by District Judge Caroline Tubbs at the Maggots [Magistrates] Court.

The ‘sentence’ was some ridiculous nonsense they had to put a stay on, while it was appealed, that was supposed to be about where Brian was “allowed” to be in Parliament Sq. where they only really confounded themselves.

They only have their dirtiest and most corrupt judges at their Westminster Magistrates [which was previously Horseferry & Bow Street] because that is their primary political court. It really beggars belief what goes on in those courts in their War On Terror.

The appeal was endlessly delayed too, so it was never heard before Brian died, because they were never going to be able to launder it through the Crown Court where proceedings are formally recorded on audio.


Only the incoherence of any judge who even entertained such a malicious prosecution involving Westminster's provocateur would be recorded on audio at the Crown Court.


... i don't know why the 'news' media among their very many lies persisted in dishonestly claiming brian died in berlin because i was with him when he died in the hospital in bremen, germany as a result of complications... from an operation...


Bremen is not Berlin:


... klinikum bremen ost is not berlin....


Nigel Farage is a very typical drunken provocateur too, just like Westminster's original "Angel Nigel".

His role is to wildly grin and guffaw to camera etc with beer in hand, pretending that as a City banker he is a man of the people.


The contrasting real world reality is Brits exercising their freedoms have been totally excluded from any political or legal representation in the Brexit referendum that could not then possibly be called anything to do with democracy.  

The Faragarama is really just running interference for all of the self-serving political parties in Westminster who don't care about Brits or Johnny Foreigner.

27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!