"Put Christ back into Christmas" says Christianity.

The writer dares to disagree saying "Liberate Christ from Christmas".

St Margaret's, Westminster.

Christ, Christself cannot be restricted so an explanation is needed.

The restriction Churchianity is placing on Christ relates to Christ's access to human beings. They place emphasis on certain periods like Lent, certain days like Christmas Day, Good Friday or Easter Day.

In fact the Church Calendar is littered with days and periods that are 'special' in some way.

Not satisfied with that, the church in varying degrees, attaches importance to its buildings, conveying the impression that Christ is more accessible in a 'church'.

This amounts to putting Christ in a series of ruts; Advent is one rut, Christmas another. Iin fact it is argued here that the Church Calendar is a series of ruts.

The impression conveyed that Christ is more accessible in a Church is another rut and the impression that within the Church the altar is greatly significant, yet another. Not content with that there are many churches which attract great importance to certain ceremonies - another sort of rut.

Of course, if challenged, the Church will admit that Christ is accessible, anywhere, anytime, but their practice belies that.

Since the writer is a tiny part of the Parliament Square Peace Campaign, it is to be expected that he promotes that Campaign in citing it as a genuine vehicle through which Christ can operate, but in no way is this a rut.

In one of his letters, Paul urged the readers to "share the sufferings of Christ".

By dedicating over nine years of his life to the Peace Campaign, Brian Haw has indeed shared such suffering and likewise Barbara Tucker dedicating almost five years of her life. During those periods there has been frequent harassment from police, drunks and people who come (maybe sent) purposely to annoy and time waste.

It could therefore be said that the Campaign is a demonstration of the Cross. A look at the front page of the Independent 26th May 2010 would bear this out, but the writer strongly and sternly resists any attempt to make this a rut. Brian Haw urges people to work out for themselves how they can promote Peace.

The writer would go further; work out for yourself what constructive (and it must be constructive) thing you wish to do and exactly how you wish to go about it. If it is genuinely constructive, opposition and harassment in some way from the Establishment will confirm that. You will be sharing the suffering of Christ.

In so doing, Christ will participate (as will other beings and human beings in heaven) in those endeavours. This is how we must liberate Christ from the ruts. Such ruts comply with the requirement of the Establishment, which relies on them, as in many other distractions, to keep people morally and mentally ossified.

Bunny Easton.