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It is worse than a complete lie that Stake-knife Corbyn or 7/7 Livingstone were ever anti-war.

The email below from their Simon Fletcher who has now quit is evidence they were sneaking around...  behind our backs !!!! working with Blair and MET Police in March 2007 perverting course of justice, to try and steal our tents etc.

... march 2007... ‘parliamentary questions’... the evidence tony blair, stake-knife corbyn and 7/7 livingstone working together against we real peaceniks while at that time, sneaking around... behind our backs... perverting course of justice...

It was a significant ‘conspiracy’ because a) they were all hiding they were really working together and b) were running around behind our backs without our knowledge working with MET police to try and cause us serious identifiable harm.


The email was illegally with-held by the Labour government in serious legal proceedings.


The evil old Tony Benn always hated me because I stood up to him after he gave Brian a copy of one of his 'diaries' of disinformation in which he insulted Brian. I told Benn to his face he was a rotten old bastard just using their UK Stop the War Coalition as a vehicle to cover up his son Hilary Benn was a war criminal in Blair's war cabinet, all of which was absolutely true.


Stake-knife Corbyn was actually lying to our face, when we were unlawfully arrested, before Livingstone tried doing the same, before overtly attacking us and ending up with a High Court jury lawsuit against him over his appalling behaviour.


... stake-knife corbyn jettisons fletcher...


In fact Stake-knife Corbyn & Co were pretending they were anti-war with their UK Stop the War Coalition while all the evidence shows that what they were really doing was using that as a front to HIDE they were working with the MET police to violently attack us.


It wasn't that the UK Stop the War Coalition was merely a separate campaign, but rather it is just a government front to attack real peaceniks which is seriously, seriously illegal.


I can't imagine Blair, Stake-knife Corbyn & 7/7 Livingstone trying to explain the email above to a High Court jury ffs !!

In particular considering everything else that was going on in 2007 and in particular in... March 2007.

The evidence is that after Livingstone did not succeed in stopping our having tents in August & October 2007 [after Blair was forced to resign] he did have a further briefing with the MET Commissioner who personally threatened us over our tents in December in 2007 [at the instigation of Livingstone & Co] so we slapped the MET Commissioner with a Judicial Review. This eventually became part of a wider High Court jury lawsuit because everyone had deliberately hidden the evidence of court recordings at Southwark Crown Court in 2007.


... Blair's Stake-knife Corbyn, John McDonnell and Labour Brexit MP and former DPP Kier Starmer !! who all colluded in torture of peaceniks too, really do need to resign...


They refused for well over two years to hand over the tape recording of proceedings at SCC which then impacted on and ‘intersected’ with the malicious prosecution brought by Tory Mayor of London Boris Johnson in 2010-2011.

The legal reality is the evidence of the court recording at Southwark Crown Court in 2007 was hidden by everyone so that it didn’t come out in the malicious Tory prosecution in 2010-2011 either.

The Tories disclosed the email above in their second attempt to maliciously prosecute us in High Court legal proceedings in September 2010-2011 to try and cover their own arses.


The former PM Cameron openly said he would 'remove' us in 2009.

[The failure of everyone to hand over the Southwark Crown Court recording for so long, was one of many reasons the Tory Mayor of London Boris Johnson failed to ‘recover’ costs against us in his ultimately failed malicious prosecutions. I pointed out on the court record in the High Court in March 2011, that the Tory Mayor of London had illegally 'overtaken' our High Court proceedings against the government.]


It is not acceptable the public are being lied to by Blair, Stake-knife Corbyn and Livingstone giving people the entirely false impression they don't work together while they really are working together to stop any real opposition of any kind in Westminster.







27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!