The lying fascists are often confused little bunnies, eager to find any excuse to fly their kites.

Westminster’s fascists ‘forget’ their unelected ‘British’ Queen is not so British, which is why the German House of Saxe Coburg changed their name to ‘Windsor’ while they still, like their Express are apologists for fascists of any shade.


 ... 'british' queens of all sorts... the real osama bin liner... that's your 9/11 'saudi' head-chopper...


Westminster's done the whole pre-planned Brexit from Dunkirk before.


This was followed by the performance of their echo chambers in Washington and Moscow later marching on Berlin to avoid any 'embarrassment' for the unelected clones on the 'British' throne.


... it's the same old corporate 'alliances'...


There is no pretense now that Westminster, Washington and Moscow who have woven their web of deceit are openly hostile to ... civilians... freedom in the European Union.


The online disinformation machine sees the same liars playing different 'sides':


... westminster's russian oligarchy giving oxygen to the 77th online troll brigade...


The sum total of Westminster's phoney ‘revolution’ consists of the 77th brigade online algorithms whose great claim to fame is ridiculously hiding behind You-Tube cheering on their free-speech hero Tommy Robinson. This has obviously not translated into a ‘new wave’ of Tory, Labour or indeed UKIP voters at... any election.


It is however untrue for anyone to claim that the 77th brigade are not directly involved in state violence, because they incite, support and try and hide years of vicious state sponsored violence from the likes of Robinson's EDL, who attacked us in Parliament Sq. too.


All the government street gangs who exist on the phoney 'left' and 'right' do is shift between different monikers, to try and distance themselves from all sorts.


When the cesspit of Westminster call on their Queen to take you to court, which they did with our Parliament Sq. Peace Campaign, you really have seen it all.


That one came with a whole MI5 'Democracy Village' of all sorts 'hidden' in full view in Central London for two years, until they were slapped with our High Court jury lawsuit.





The evidence is it was all planned by both the Tories and Labour in mid July 2009.

Cameron’s first "policy" announcement on July 19th 2009 [which of course seemed very odd to us at the time] was that if he was elected PM he would ‘remove’ us.


This was really an admission they had no legal grounds to do anything of the kind, and is not something politicians are legally allowed to say in public office about law abiding members of the public. It was a very strange thing to say.

Labour who were already completely legally compromised then tortured and tried to murder me in Belgravia Police Station in Central London in September 2009 but Brian heard something happening and was therefore a witness so they failed.

You can bet I was then blowing the whistle big time about the illegal use of state agents against us, to try and save our lives.


It all certainly put me off ever voting in any political election, to put it mildly.

[Blair had to resign over the original torture case in 2006, which led to the second time I was tortured in 2007 all of which led to our massive win against Westminster on December 13th 2007 just before Brown signed Article 50]

What Westminster did in the 2010 election, was rig the election by splitting the vote with the Lib Dem 'student fees' lie.

They needed to produce a hung parliament, to be sure they had the opportunity to install the government they wanted, so they could run their really massive undercover operation against us which needed the public perception of a “change” in government, because Labour was so legally compromised.


Both Labour and Tory are legally responsible for MI5 'Democracy Village' that started on May 1st 2010, because it straddled both 'administrations'.


When Brown left office and so the road was closed off to traffic he literally came kerb-crawling slowly by in Parliament Sq. on his way out, [I had passed on going to the Downing Street theatre in all the circumstances] so I just looked up and gave him the finger and carried on reading a book.

The election was just a passing of the relay baton really because there is no real difference between the political parties. Of course the Tories who knew Labour had tortured us, didn’t care what they then did.



In fact Westminster is spending billions spinning their latest Brexit lie, that the Tories and Labour still working together with all the media barons to scrape together an alleged 52% of a public vote, is now a "people's revolution".


It is not the kind of typical 'trial by media' deceit that would stand up to any legal scrutiny.




There is a very clear trail of far from legal corporate deceit.


Only a complete tool would go to a Nuremberg military rally in the UK, led by the rich draft dodging latest apologist for the House of 'Windsor' Saudi 9/11 mercenaries, all baying yet again for the destruction of defenceless civilians in... the European Union.

There are only those who live very sheltered little lives indeed who “believe” there is a “difference” between the likes of Farage and Bercow etc who get paid to “follow orders”.


Of course the preposterous idea that Stake-knife Corbyn & 7/7 Livingstone & Co are 'opposition' in the one party UK fascist state only lives in the minds of befuddled fascists.


... "following orders"... another queen and draft dodger who paid to avoid going to war himself, not because he opposes corporate war...


Washington's sexual predator won't be getting rid of the 'British' Queen & Phil the Greek's Saudi 9/11 mercenaries who have always worked alongside the British military, anytime soon.


The only real evolution is resistance to knuckle-dragging fascism.


No-one in Westminster ever dared call us 'snowflakes' [although they did call us many other things] because of course we carried on without shelter they repeatedly stole, while they were sitting comfortably smug in their errr... absolute cowardice.