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Mr Icke worked his way up in the establishment BBC [page 21 Human Race Get Off Your Knees, published April 2010] being taught the unscrupulous ‘tricks of the trade’ about how to make money out of manipulating unsuspecting members of the public.


... the bbc 'insider' who never changed...

It is more likely than not that Icke is still a paid agent of the state because when he left the BBC he certainly did not become the ‘outsider’ he claims to be, but instead carried on using the same old dirty BBC ‘tricks of the trade’.


[N.B. We did not purchase Icke’s book that was given to us. It is probably put together by a ghost writer and is hardly original in mostly repeating and cobbling together odds and sods including from other disinfo agents anyway. There is zip, zero, nada, zilch real analysis of anything]

Mr Icke is not as ‘clever’ as he would like any unwitting disciples to ‘believe’ when he falsely portrays himself as ‘knowledgeable’ because what he is doing is bog standard gas-lighting etc like the rest of the MSM etc, to supplement his BBC pension.

Icke LIES about the rule of law to hide corporate legislation can be repealed for the benefit of everyone because it is mutually exclusive with the rule of law.

Instead the deviant Icke tries to sell the dangerous legal woo of the ‘freeman’/FOTL/‘lawful rebellion’ psyop, [pages 507-511 Human Race Get Off Your Knees published April 2010] which the snake oil salesman sure doesn’t practice in his own various business enterprises.


I lost track of the truckloads of schmucks who passed through Parliament Sq. in Central London trying to sell us that disingenuous spin over the years, that gained 'notoriety' in the UK after around late 2007, early 2008.


The mind-controlled chose to be deaf, dumb and blind to the reality of our being violently unlawfully arrested because they didn't want to know and tried to cover up we were trying to force the actual repeal of fraudulent corporate legislation for the benefit of everyone.

It is self evident the freeman or lawful rebellion legal woo is not any kind of 'defence' going anywhere constructive, let alone for the benefit of everyone.

The legal woo instead serves as a distraction, pointlessly arguing over things like your birth certificate...

... or whether some ‘judge’ is standing on his oath or not, that Mr Plod and Mr Crown Prosecution Service could easily argue is not something you could have known anyway when they unlawfully arrested and prosecuted you.


Several 'practitioners' of this 'theoretical' legal woo had no problem just letting plod walk off with all our campaign property in August 2011 they could lay their hands on, rather than 'risk' arrest themselves while I was illegally imprisoned without legal representation or trial in Holloway, leaving the rest of us to pick up the pieces.


It is a no brainer that it only takes by contrast, honesty to say your purpose is to repeal fraudulent corporate legislation for the benefit of everyone, regardless of the multiple layers of deceit, including politicians, ‘news’ media, academics, spooks, police, lawyers, prosecutors and judges and any number of ‘serious procedural irregularities’.

In the real world Mr Icke does not have the ‘plausible deniability’ to claim he does not know exactly what he is doing.






In fact Mr Icke and his sidekick Sean ADL-Tabatabai ripped off the public to the tune of around half a million pounds setting up their ‘People’s Voice’ before pretending they had a falling out, at the same time the not inconsiderable sum of money raised ‘evaporated’.



Of course people cannot complain about how their money [if it was not just government money] was spent but it is indicative of deliberate recklessness.


Icke was presumably just trying to keep collecting on 9/11 while he still could, because he has only been an apologist for the Iraq War in terms of seeing Westminster face any legal accountability.


That is inevitable from those like Icke, who have no respect for the rule of law themselves.


Mr Icke whose own apologia for setting up TPV typically only portrayed his own needs as paramount, because he never was trying to build the People’s Voice into any kind of movement of people that could only quickly eclipse him.


Icke blithely settled an alleged £117k legal bill in 2015 over another book rather than make any effort to defend his own 'work' so he never comes anywhere even close to practicing anything he preaches.


Icke's sidekick Adl-Tabatabai is a real con-artist too, with everything he does:


... adl tabatabai click bait... no shame inventing this story...


Everyone knows that con-artists rely on those they have conned staying silent etc because people don’t always like to admit they have been conned.


... this is not really argentina is it ?...


Some people who have been conned prefer to cling to and live in a state of denial with any old if, but or maybe, which in the real world really is redundant when the underlying fraud is to incite and encourage people to ignore the rule of law that really does exist.





Only those living in Icke's state of denial would claim Icke is trying to share information to help anyone with him sitting comfortably smug collecting paychecks, while anyone on any front line anywhere takes the real flak.

Icke epitomizes an enemy within posing as an establishment ‘outsider’ whose only real purpose is to try and undermine any real resistance to corporate Westminster.

It is notable that the BBC were only too happy to help him sell his phoney ‘outsider’ woo, because of course there was no real difference between Wogan or Icke.

What is really Icke's ‘defence’ of the unelected ‘British’ Queen is that she is a liz... ard, while he claims the ills of mankind are solely attributable to the Rothschild Zionists who he claims no-one could ever stand up to.

Of course we proved that even a small group of law abiding civilians could force the repeal of [any] fraudulent multi-billion dollar corporate legislation if they are really serious about what they are doing.

It is trademark Westminster et al to try and play all sorts of variations of everything is the fault of the ‘Jewish cabal’ to keep trying to encourage people to move to their military garrison called Israel.


The propaganda suits both Westminster and Tel Aviv because it is hypocrisy and worse to claim Westminster have no free will in anything.


Westminster propaganda is always pointing the finger anywhere else like the line about being puppets of Washington which is really only all about trying to maintain Westminster as a responsibility free zone.

Of course anyone can become Jewish on any given day of the week because it is a religion, and religion does not have a DNA, unlike for example Arabic people.


What is really being avoided is that if there was one election across what is called Israel/Occupied Palestine that would expose that like elsewhere there is no ‘difference’ between the political ’sides’ such as Netanyahu, Abbas and Meshaal.

The only person who has tried to make a real difference in the Middle East in recent history was Saleem al-Saqqa from Gaza who ‘embarrassed’ everyone into Palestine joining the International Criminal Court to try and save and protect civilian lives.

Meanwhile mass hypnotists like Icke only ask the gullible to part with their money to pretend he is an ‘outsider’ when he is only like so many, selling anything but the rule of law.

It is no surprise that Mr Icke concedes 9/11 and the Iraq War helped his... business [page 43 & 321 ] where really he was not at all 'awake' himself because most people know and knew the government lie, despite MSM not saying so. In fact although Mr Icke tries to frame it differently, his 'thinking' on 9/11 and the Iraq War was no different from that of most people, who he just wants to use.


Most people know 9/11 was an inside job and opposed the Iraq War.






Mr Icke who is a BBC 'insider' is however alone in being factually incorrect in claiming that Dr Kelly was murdered in the run up to the Iraq War [page 131 “Dr David Kelly... was murdered in the run up to the Iraq War to remove his potential to demolish the lies that were justifying the invasion...”]


... icke 'fixes the facts' to suit his own narrative too, falsely claiming kelly spoke out before the invasion of iraq...


Icke's 'historical revisionism' hides millions upon millions of civilians knew there were no weapons of mass destruction BEFORE the Iraq War invasion.


Everyone knew the WMD distraction was being used because there were no legal grounds to invade Iraq.


It is a matter of fact Westminster did not 'reasonably believe' UN Security Council resolution 1441 authorized war.


... dr kelly did not die... "in the run up to the war"...

In fact the Iraq invasion during which Dr Kelly was silent started on March 20th 2003 before Dr Kelly allegedly died on July 17th 2003. The whole Dr Kelly media spin stinks more of another BBC psyop because Dr Kelly who was no civilian, did know exactly what the BBC do, where Andrew Gilligan is only a well known go to for Westminster's dirty corporate spin]


The whole BBC Dr Kelly story AFTER the Iraq War began in 2003 was actually as Icke would know, pretty typical Whitehall spin really, trying to suggest the BBC !!!! war propaganda machine was not wholly complicit in the illegal war.


Dr Kelly would never have 'believed' the BBC !! let alone Gilligan of all people, were people he could speak to anonymously etc.


Gilligan is a big time Westminster career insider and liar.


It was Gilligan who unscrupulously illegally 'leaked' not at all anti-war 7/7 Livingstone's malicious lies about us in 2008, when Livingstone knew he had unlawfully arrested both Brian and I [we were not charged with anything] which led to his downfall. I declined to speak to Gilligan and I am not the woman he speaks about. There was never any 'difference' between Labour, Tories or Lib Dems who all maliciously targeted us.


What was really being avoided was why the UK did not withdraw from Iraq when [for example] no WMD were found, which really had nothing to do with Kelly by then/anything he said.


Kelly is more likely to be living under government sponsored 'witness protection'.

Such an obvious factual ‘error’ about Kelly's alleged death can be attributed to the fact Mr Icke a) did not of course really oppose the Iraq War himself and is b) trying to hide unprecedented public opposition to the Iraq War that was not controlled by the usual suspects like ‘politics’ and ‘news’.




The only reason that a con-artist like Mr Icke also promotes alternative medicine is to a) try and discredit it’s use and b) remind everyone that it is not the preserve of anyone but the rich who don’t share their own loot, all of which is not something he has ever campaigned to change.

Mr Icke has no track record of walking his own talk at all where the best waffle he can summon is his ’non-compliance dance’ which is just re-branding the same old state sponsored psyop of ‘civil disobedience’.

Icke's only best possible ‘outcome’ involves ultimately buying into the same old divide and rule of 'voting' for the political classes, pretending there are different sides.


He has always really been steering people back into the very system he falsely claims to oppose.

Indeed Mr Icke stands with Westminster falsely claiming the fascist Brexit is a ‘revolution’ brought to you by the same politicians and MSM who have only ever tried screwing everyone over before 'suddenly' changing their minds to give people a 'referendum'.


The BBC gremlin Icke has gone the full 360 to now claim all everyone really needed to do after all is to 'vote' to have the 'revolution' delivered via Murdoch & Co !!


The 'alt' media mask of those really working for the MSM et al has been slipping for a number of years now.

What is once again ‘hidden in full view’ by this fascist corporate state sponsored state of denial is all of Westminster and their media barons still trying to steal civilians freedom to give themselves even more arbitrary and unfettered power.


It is impossible to deny Brexit is a hostile fascist act against people everywhere that unconscionably intends to cause civilians serious identifiable harm.


Mr Icke has crossed the line with his overt fascism trying to sell Brexit.


Brexit needs to be called out as the fascism it really is, being dressed up as 'politics', 'news' and 'democracy'.

Icke really is no different from all ’politics’ and the MSM selling any old spin but the peace and harmony of the rule of law itself.

It is important to publicly denounce fifth columnists like Icke who are very dangerous people working with lawless Westminster.







MI6 Vitol Oil Alan Duncan, Daily Mail, Israel et al try and hide public documents prove they maliciously targeted... our Parliament Sq. Peace Campaign:


... mi6 vitol oil duncan, the daily mail and israel et al covering up targeting our ... parliament sq. peace campaign...


Mr Icke is an out and out repugnant fascist who supports the biggest oil trader in the world MI6 Vitol Oil Duncan who everyone knows work with the likes of Israel [and the fascist Brexit that is only all about stealing civilians freedom and lives for corporate profit]


... icke apologia for mi6 vitol oil duncan who works for the largest oil trader in the world with an annual turnover of £270 billion, comparable to exxon mobil but far more profitable because of fewer employees....


How 'surprising'... not that the BBC 'insider' Mr Icke is on the same page as the Daily Mail.


No-one who was really opposed to the Iraq War would try and hide that MI6 Vitol Oil Duncan illegally works with Israel et al.


 ... mi6 vitol oil et al's collaboration with israel is obviously not 'infiltration'... icke covering up mi6 vitol oil duncan was always targeting our parliament sq. peace campaign....


In a world no human made it is only the rich people who pretend they are all sorts, who don’t want civilians having freedom in the European Union, whose ‘unique’ selling point is 500 million law abiding civilians living in peace and harmony across a huge array of inspiring traditions and cultures.

27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!