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The ridiculous Brexit war propaganda which lives in the bubble of it’s own lawless echo chamber ‘hides’ Westminster is not trying to ‘negotiate’ anything, by trying to steal civilians freedom.

... brexit... the dangerous dogs act of the badge and label 'permit' brigade and all that...


It is legally impossible to ‘negotiate’ over something which is absolutely unlawful to do so the propaganda that there is going to be any lawful ’negotiation’ of any kind in Brexit is a complete lie.

All Westminster are really trying to do is re-build an economic union for big business, because it was the rule of law, not the political classes that gave civilians freedom of movement in the European Union.


The big Brexit scam that was always planned is a win-win for all the political classes in Westminster who have absolutely nothing to lose themselves while playing the same old divide and rule as they continue to really only work for big business.

The British bulldog has always been the biggest bully on the block while hiding away in the ‘off-shore’ safety of Whitehall.


The facade of 'government' propaganda hides it is always 'business as usual' for big business behind the scenes.


Big business who go wherever they like, don't want any kind of level playing field with civilian populations.


The legal reality remains there are no legal grounds that are necessary and proportionate and in a democratic society to trigger Article 50.


Who would want to support Westminster stealing civilians... freedom ?


Only the Brexit bubble is an obsequious box of bland conformity.


The sisyphean plot just involves Westminster trying to get as many people as possible to go around paying to 'apply' or 'register' for all sorts of bureaucratic bull, to cover up their lie is only about stealing civilians freedom, so the complete and utter bastards in Westminster can try and avoid as many lawsuits as possible:


... a case where it is said... the uk government destroyed relevant records...


Sometimes the British government have been known to maliciously destroy relevant records they hold on people they don't like, where the only thing they cannot destroy is your own and other relevant birth certificates, sometimes going back centuries ;



... war mongering lawless westminster just serve no justifiable democratic purpose whatsoever...


The inevitably nasty apologists for Westminster only want to punish law abiding civilians...


... the true legal reality is the whole brexit lie is a legal impossibility...


The apologists for Westminster are very much mistaken in thinking there are any legal grounds for making anyone change their entire lives according to arbitrary whims which is what fascism is, and is what Westminster is overtly encouraging people to support:







Who would want to support Westminster stealing civilians freedom ?

27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!