It is not a co-incidence that the same UK & US Iraq War criminals and their Russian apologists are using Brexit to ridiculously try and re-brand themselves as ‘revolutionary’ as they continue to use terror to try and end the freedom of the European Union.

The fact UK & US Iraq War criminals and their Russian apologists are now openly opposed to the freedom of 500 million law abiding civilians living in peace and harmony across a huge array of inspiring traditions and cultures in the European Union they want to end, tells anyone all they need to know.


... et si...

There is nothing but open hostility towards all things European and the European Union from UK & US Iraq War criminals and their Russian apologists whose only response to a terror attack in Europe is we should all be surrender monkeys and end the European Union.

Their only mob rule mantra is everything to do with the European Union is bad, bad, bad.

This is nothing but war propaganda from a few of the same old, same old politicians and the echo chambers of their media barons and ‘alt’ media spin-off multipliers.

Only the most gullible ‘believe’ Westminster’s Blair invented the sisyphean Article 50 in 2007 that Cameron called a fraudulent referendum over without planning the outcome.


The only canard they have to play is to illegally trigger Article 50 to try and ROB !! law abiding civilians of the freedom of their private right of European citizenship.

The only propaganda you hear from the Brexit mob rule mantra is the old lie that anyone can vote to do whatever they want to anyone else, which all reasonable and rational law abiding civilians know is completely untrue.


This overt fascism is conflated with democracy.

There are so many Iraq War criminals who voted for the Iraq War in Westminster and Washington, not forgetting their apologists that the problem lies in the reality it will take a long time before they pass through the system, because there has been such a widespread breakdown in the fundamental rule of law.

If they had any shame at all they would at least resign and push off.

Blair who was only forced to resign in 2007, because of what he did to our Parliament Square Peace Campaign still has the nerve to hang around being given a public platform by apologists for the Iraq War.

The politicians and propagandists purposefully ’gloss’ over Blair invented Article 50 in 2007, because that just shines the spotlight on what Westminster are really doing in what really is the biggest mis-selling fraud since the Iraq War.

Only liars ignore the US did not have a free and fair election when both Republicans and Democrats sold an election to the highest corporate Brexit bidder Renaissance Technologies hedge funds who jumped on the bandwagon to control both phoney ‘sides’.

All that lurks behind the Trump ‘brand’ is the same old Iraq War criminals still pimping it for Big Oil & Co.

It’s hardly original that the same old just re-brand themselves as ‘revolutionary’ despite there being no ‘new’ public support for any of the same old political classes in the UK or US.

It is just truly shameful that hate filled Brexit’s UK & US Iraq War criminals and their Russian apologists are continuing to use terror to demand law abiding civilians in the European Union hand over the freedom of their European Union citizenship to politicians and end the European Union.

All these members of the two-faced UN Security Council weapons supply line of mass disinformation who waged Two World Wars, the Cold War and now the War on Terror are making clear they want, is endless corporate war to line their own self-serving pockets.

Brexit’s hate filled ‘nationalist’ canard and their ‘fake news’ psyop don’t really have traction anywhere in the real world in people’s every day lives because their lies only exist in and through those who do not hide they are the same UK and US Iraq War criminals and their Russian apologists.

It doesn’t work to fob people off with the soft soap of ridiculously re-framing lies as ‘post-truth’ because everyone can see they are the same liars repeating their same lies.

The war mongering MSM and their ’alt’ media spin-offs tell ridiculously tall tales about spying in the UK where Westminster, Washington and the Russian governments hyperbole of hearsay pretends that war mongering Westminster spied on everyone but the real peaceniks in Parliament Square.


It's impossible for war mongers and their apologists to have any credibility trying to claim the only people Westminster didn't spy on were the real peaceniks in Parliament Square in Central London.

Our High Court jury lawsuit that Westminster have gone to more than extraordinary lengths to try and avoid obviously shows otherwise.

And this is what is really interesting.

The a) war mongering Guardian’s ASIO Assange Wiki woo waffle was parachuted into London along with b) the MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ in 2010 to cover up that c) we real peaceniks were loudly complaining about Westminster torturing and attempting to murder us.

We then faced [for example] not one but TWO overlapping malicious High Court prosecutions to try and delay our lawsuit, undeniably brought against us illegally using the MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ of all sorts, where I was illegally denied the most basic right of legal representation.


There are very, very serious legal implications surrounding Westminster illegally using an entire MI5 'Democracy Village' of all sorts against us, of which there is no doubt they did.

By contrast the sum total of the ASIO Assange Wiki-woo waffle where he had the luxury of a whole entourage of lawyers, is that while he initially agreed to be and was interviewed over one set of straightforward allegations in Sweden, he then left Sweden with the agreement of the authorities before refusing to return to be further interviewed, which is of itself odd anyway.

The only possible inference is ASIO Assange who is another Brexit quitter is saying that if he thought anyone wanted to arrest him for anything he would hide behind immunity in an embassy, because if he had been in Sweden he would demonstrably have done exactly the same thing.


The 'issue' is not really about an EAW or indeed anything else, but the reality ASIO Assange is claiming diplomatic immunity over anything.

Whatever the ins and outs are of what happened which we cannot know, there was certainly no honey trap with not one, but two women, where ASIO Assange was demonstrably portrayed as a willing and predatory sleaze bag anyway.


Everything about his media manufactured persona lacks any kind of authenticity, including because he actually only really comes across as insipid and effeminate.

There is no credible possibility he could be extradited to the US because he claims he is a civilian who in any event only published what the MSM published in agreement with him too.


The paradox is the Swedish allegations have only been useful to ASIO Assange because that is what he was able to then use to invoke the diplomatic immunity canard to fuel the whole hyperbole over the possibility of being extradited to the US.


Whatever happened, he wanted to be spinning all his woo in London [where he was obviously just as likely to be extradited to the US because Westminster and Washington are like two peas in a pod]

There is no doubt that his fan club of the misogynist lying sleaze-bags like John Pilger and Craig Murray in the UK are spooks, whose job has included always covering up what was being done to real peaceniks in Parliament Square in Central London.


It's impossible to convincingly spin the whole Hollywood fiction that ASIO Assange was any kind of 'dissident' being 'pursued' by the state.


In the real world the war mongering Guardian are just another cog in the war machine who have not only never helped peaceniks in the UK but have instead openly lied and worked against them.

The Australian government were already involved in what was being done to our Parliament Square Peace Campaign before ASIO Assange arrived, for a multiplicity of reasons, including they wanted to hide what happened in London in September 2009 because all sorts of records show they knew.


The MSM and their 'alt' spin-offs only exist to filter and edit the truth to suit their own corporate model for their personal financial gain.


You would have never heard the Russian propagandists mention that Vitol Oil Alan Duncan who only moved his oil interests out of Russia earlier this year [for the Brexit roadshow] having previously had no problem with Russia being in Syria at all, maliciously targeted we peaceniks.


That's because Russia was never really opposed to the Iraq War, or indeed the War on Syria where they only very belatedly started grandstanding from a great height as a face saving exercise.


All of Westminster have really been huge pals with Moscow with each covering up for the other against real peaceniks in the UK.


Here is Vitol Oil Iraq War criminal Duncan stumbling over the rule of law, because Westminster cannot point the finger at Russia in Syria, while in the UK he had us unlawfully arrested etc when we publicly said he was a war criminal.


The Brexit roadshow means Westminster will most likely only be trying to pretend it is nothing to do with any planned Exxonmobil-Rosneft oil heist in Iraqi 'Kurdistan'.


Many governments have profited in all sorts of ways from the Iraq War, while Iraqis just keep getting ripped off


I remember some stupid woman from CNN bitterly complaining when we told her to get lost when a feeding frenzy of 'news' media were trying to set us up when the whole hassle over the 'Royal Wedding' descended in Westminster in 2011 too.


The right madam couldn't understand why we didn't want our ten minutes of edited 'fame' although most media were admitting even back then that most of the public didn't want anything to do with them any more, because they are such horrible vultures.


What calls itself 'journalism' really is right up there with 'politicians' when it comes to lowlife.

Westminster is demonstrably far more bothered about what they have ILLEGALLY done to real peaceniks in the UK over many years ever seeing the light of day before a High Court jury in our real lawsuit, than the waffle of the cojone-free sleaze-bag ASIO Assange over what he was by stark contrast a willing participant in for several days in Sweden.

The same war mongering Guardian’s lying follow up on spying with the CIA Snowden hoax is just as fraudulent with a spy pretending he speaks for those spied on which the lying MSM and their ’alt’ media repeat.


That is just the same old story of they spin any old lie to try and cover up the true narrative from real people and their first hand accounts in lawsuits in courts of law.

Then all the little Brexit propagandists are up in arms trying to pretend that the Russian government is a victim who never work with Westminster and Washington which is a complete lie in the real world.


That obvious propaganda runs counter to even the reality of Brexit Westminster and their echo chambers in Washington and Moscow who all oppose 500 million law abiding civilians living in peace and harmony in the European Union.

Westminster, Washington and Moscow are all singing from the same hate-filled Brexit song-sheet.

The likes of the Daily Mail would have folded long ago without the bogus War on Terror.

Of course the incontrovertible evidence is the Russian government did work with Westminster protecting their MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ that only began on May 1st 2010, knowing full well that it was being used against we real peaceniks.

It is absolutely impossible to deny that the Russian apologists for Iraq War criminals were trying to change the Iraq War narrative by Westminster and Moscow inventing their own phoney group of all sorts.

The governments in Westminster and Moscow are just hiding behind the false pretext of ‘journalism’ over what it would be impossible for Westminster to deny before a High Court jury.

Of course the Brexit club of Westminster, Washington and Moscow only try and pretend they don’t work together against real peaceniks because the truth they do, explains their weapons supply line is only all about corporate money.

All they have illuminatingly exposed is they are opposed to the rule of law because that is all we have ever done.

Even Westminster, Washington and Moscow trying to pretend that their ‘alt’ media is different is an abject failure because they all clearly link back to one of those three governments and their connected propaganda.

Anyone who chooses to really can see the MSM need their ‘alt’ media to be their echo chambers, while their ‘alt’ media need the MSM or they have no ‘news’ to repeat where all is based on the propaganda of either Westminster, Washington or Moscow who work together.


One common problem that MSM's phoney loop of 'alt' media have is the growth of the internet means they were mostly set up to bypass the reality the public opposed the Iraq War, let alone anyone like us who seriously challenged the illegal Iraq War, so they all have a gaping chasm of truth in their huge 'memory' holes that they cannot change.


The 'alt' media can only follow the historical revisionism of the MSM, to try and hide true public opposition to the Iraq War.

It nevertheless remains unprecedented public opposition to the Iraq War, that was not led or controlled by but instead transcends the political classes and their propagandists with the rule of law, saw a century of war propaganda collapse.  


All the MSM and 'alt' media are trying to still do is 'take back control' over the true narrative they lost long ago, which led to the real wider opposition to the political classes, where now the MSM and 'alt' media can only come across as entirely fake because they are.


It was public opposition to the Iraq War that united people from all walks of life in the UK against all the political classes.


It's not possible for the MSM and their 'alt' media's all singing dancing circuses of all sorts to hijack that truth and try and turn it into something else, which is what they are trying to do.

The predatory UN Security Council clearly needs to be reformed so that it cannot endlessly prey upon entire defenceless civilian populations all around the world with it’s duplicitous divide and rule.

Real peaceniks will continue to push for the rule of law that really unites humanity.

The UN Security Council cannot realistically claim they care about civilian populations anywhere until it is mandatory for the five permanent members to be subject to the same rule of law civilians live by, at the International Criminal Court.

The big Brexit scam has just exposed the current line-ups in Westminster [and Washington and Moscow who are not even members of the European Union they are trying to ILLEGALLY interfere in because trying to ROB !! law abiding civilians of their European citizenship is not lawful] are big time quitters when it comes to genuinely caring about any civilians anywhere.

The freedom of the European Union of 500 million law abiding civilians who live in peace and harmony across a huge array of inspiring traditions and cultures are obviously the biggest bulwark to the war mongering UN Security Council.